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"Now is no time for peace... the hands that hold this world together will come undone once again."



A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn is the third expansion for A Legend's Legacy, serving as a direct sequel to A Legend's Legacy: Rise of Grimbane

24px-Logoinf.png A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn

Release Date

October 17th, 2016





Made By

Nick and the R.B.

Following the defeat of Grimbane, the expansion settles on the remaining "time and space" changed as a result of the Great Turnback, and finally its conclusion and alluding to the consequences that follow. Before the Maelstrom War and the rise of Grimbane came the Ancient War, one of Outhria's most deadly conflicts, which was known for the legend of Ancieus Uredos and the mysterious Godgigum Chalice, which was known to open the Worldgate, the "prison" of the draconic titan known as Oraclos.

Some of the features in the expansion include an increase to both the level and skill cap, up to 130 respectively, and new continents made up of belts of islands and landmasses, known as The World's Edge, Drychwal, and Krom's Belt, as well as several new races, quests, and raids. For raiding specifically, there was notable upgrades to the item leveled gear one would receive themselves. Exploration-wise, there is known to be a "greater" abundance of unique mobs, and more discovery-related achievements, as during the Ancient War it was the pinnacle of explorative ability. Players, in order to explore to the fullest, gain a new skill to train - Sailing which is used in conjunction with "personal" skills such as Breeding and Construction to make ships, train crews, and engage in battles to discover these new islands which by other means aren't accessible. There are over 30 different islands - some small, uncharted, or big, that players get to access through the Sailing skill and through beating the story.

The game was released in Alpha in October 17th, 2016, being nearly two years since the release of the previous expansion.


For the individual storylines encountered in the zones, see the following below.

As the World Begins to Turn[]

After the defeat of Grimbane, the heroes of Outhria proclaimed that peace was finally a truth. However, the Golden Oculus completing their research, discover that the time-space continuum warped by the Paradox Orb during the Great Turnback reaches to the start of the Ancient War, and the world now lies on the brink of what happens next. 

The Ancient War is now upon us, the ultimate competition for who shall rule the world. There were few wars that have ever rivalled it; one was the Third War between the Brotherhood and Confederacy. Ancieus Uredos, a protector of the world, finds that with the Great Turnback, some of his strength is restored, and must lead his "unstoppable army" to defeat the evils stemming from the war once again. The Godgigum Chalice, a powerful God Artifact, lies for the taking, in the hands of the Archtitan, as it has before. If time serves to be of no fault, Ancieus will undoubtedly win this war, secure the Chalice, and restore peace to the unstable power granted to Oraclos the Worldholder. However, one man, thought dead as it was before - Sinseid, has returned, having survived his previous fate of being killed by the Archtitan, and now seeks the Chalice for himself to disrupt the world's balance.

Notable Characters[]

At World's Turn features characters who will play both minor and major roles in the expansion.

  • Ancieus Uredos: The once "King of the World" and the ultimate conqueror and champion of the Ancient War. Ancieus remarks that if time serves him right, the war will be an echo of what it once was, and that with the information that Sinseid is alive, he will have to prepare to be the world's greatest commander once again.
  • Aegis Uredos: Aegis' will takes him to reform the Church of Unity, in the hopes that all faith can be restored after the loss of it in the wake of evil during the Ancient War. He will be leading the Unity's Clutch - a collective of eternalist priests.
  • Absentius Uredos: The long lost brother of the Uredos clan. Absentius sought to be a warlock in the hopes he can both combat and control the evil demons present in Outhria's lands. However, in the Ancient War he mysteriously disappeared, rumours surround that he became lost in his quest for endless demonic power.
  • Ancieus' "band" of merry adventurers.
  • Archtitan: The malefactor and ultimately the one who started the Ancient War. He holds a contest for the Godgigum Chalice, testing the mights of the factions within the War itself.
  • Banerein: A mechanical entity in servitude to the Archtitan, but also has a hidden agenda regarding the Black Crag.
  • Lowir'Ayn Darfael: The leader of the Kalen Cult, a sect of elvish people obsessed with ancient magicks and ultimately corruption of "lesser" races.
  • Equiste: The leader of the Draconic Glaive, a sect of Drakkin priests who are bent on controlling all faith and the elements. Equiste is what would eventually become Draco Equiste in Elementia.
  • Jazarolos:
  • A leader of the Serpent people.
  • A leader of the Myr'mjir.
  • Shifujiro No Sai: After being defeated by Ancieus Uredos during the Ancient War, Shifujiro was sealed in the Jade Zodiac warning that he would return to exact revenge. However, in these dire circumstances, Shifujiro may be an ally, believing that his people are more important than the power he can obtain.
  • Gaidra: The leader of the Tyrgarde, the "ancient protectors". Gaidra acts as the missing link in order for the adventurers to recover the gems of the Godgigum Chalice.
  • Augustas: The acting leader of the Tyrgarde in Gaidra's absence.
  • Sinseid: Sinseid is leader of the Fallen Sun, a remnant of the Shard of the Sun bent on destruction, and of the Legion of the Scarred. Having survived his previous fate, Sinseid seeks to disrupt the balance of the world.
  • Oraclos: The Worldholder who keeps the world in balance.


New Areas[]

The expansion added two giant landmasses - The World's Edge and Drychwal. In addition, there is also a "calm belt", called Krom's Belt, containing many of the islands which are accessible through questing and Sailing. Unlike the previous expansion, the zone will start at Level 120 rather than a few levels lower to feel less immersive. Players begin by sailing either to one of the landmasses. The World's Edge and Drychwal are located at the bottom of the world, and Krom's Belt separates them. Not all of the zones are named but many have been.

The World's Edge[]

  • Glasslands (120-123): A flat land scorched by the flames of battle. While life begins to bloom again, it acts as a veil for a large amount of clandestine evils.
  • Lar'gal Basin (123-126): A vast jungle with large amounts of life. Lar'gal Basin's ecology sits in the balance of the Glasslands and the ever burning Blackwall, fraught with fear.
  • Blackwall (126-130): A large, darkened island covered with high fortifications and streams of volatile lava, serving as a large base of operations for the armies of Banerein, and of the other commanders fought in the War on the Black Crag


  • Myr'mjiron (120-123): An underwater kingdom, branched off from Death'mjir, or the Deathic Depths during the Ancient War. The two kaisers of the Myr'mjiron race are in a power clash over the rule of their kingdom, and whether or not they will perish, or return to their Outhrendian home.
  • Drychdiem (123-126): A beautiful reach of land echoing with invading portals, besieged by the might of the Drychwallian elves and the Drychbergian Earthborn.
  • Archfall (126-130): An island torn off the reaches of Drychwal, levitated by heinous amounts of energy and time-space warping. The Archtitan makes his base of operations here, animating golems and elementals to his bidding.

Krom's Belt[]

Krom's Belt features the majority of the islands the player uncovers through the Sailing skill, but will be a place where future patches will set their story.

  • Oracala (130): A conclave of bountiful and ancient lands, containing the Worldgate's entrance where Oraclos rests. Oracala is considered to be the most sacred land in all of the Belt, and is guarded by the Tyrgarde and subsequently, the Church of Unity.

Instances and Raids[]

Two raids came in the expansion's pre-release.

  • War on the Black Crag: One of the gems for the Godgigum Chalice is being fought over by several faction leaders on this dangerous and malevolent island. The winner of the battle claims the gem, but the price to obtain it requires a great amount of sacrifice.
  • Archcore: The self-imposed throne of the Archtitan, and his assistant Banerein. Here, the Godgigum Chalice rests in his hands; he awaits anyone daring or courageous enough to try and take it from him, as he steals the powers of those he does. The battle was known as one of Ancieus Uredos' best.


  • Hardcore difficulty was changed to Hardened.
  • Loot that drops from both dungeons and raids now is separated by iL instead of being imposed on a rule of higher chance. For example, the War on the Black Crag drops iL 372 loot on Standard, iL 380 loot on Master, and iL 388 on Hardened. All difficulties have a chance to drop an iL 396 Godly item; the higher the difficulty, the better the chance.
    • In this way it functions as a tier system: Godly is a rare drop, Fabled items are a significantly rarer drop (that also drop in the world) and then Uber Set items are even rarer, and like it was previously stated, having an Uber Set item works for the entire expansion.

Majestic Items[]

  • Several new items were added:
    • 16?cb=20080215154725 [Corvicus, the Word of Oraclos]A powerful tool of Oraclos the Worldholder, who uses this to establish a stand in his efforts to maintain the Worldgate.
    • 16?cb=20080710192521 [Eir'Censura, the Arch Champion]When Ancieus was at his prime, his blade once slew the Archtitan, his judgment executed in becoming the Archbane. After championing his cause and ending the war, the blade was one word that all would swear to - Champion.
    • 16?cb=20130917012434 [Sindral, the Evil Eyes of Sinseid]The many eyes of the evil Sinseid are carved into this singular and highly eldritch staff. What they see, many others would dream not to.
    • 16?cb=20070528024019 [Vigir, the Promise of Val'dar]Long before Val'dar became the restorative place for the Draconic Titans, those who stood guard to keep their masters at a time of rest wielded bows called Vigir. However, the Ancient War destroyed many of them, but one may remain...
    • 16?cb=20120803014134 [Reliquiae, the Unknown Gift]An unknown bulwark from a distant land, but who left the clues to find it, who wants you to forge it... or forget it...
    • 16?cb=20110730155849 [Blodmaw, Great Wolf of the King]Ancieus rode Blodmaw, a dangerous and extremely powerful wolf into battle. It can shrug off spells, blades, and bolts with its armor, and has been known to leave footprints of darkened blood in its wake.
    • 16?cb=20111202221834 [Augustas' Tyrgardian Vigil]The Tyrgarde are protectors... but their Vigils, their companions, they bring them to the heights from which they watch.
    • 16?cb=20130317113905&format=webp [Overreactive Core of the Fallen Titan]When the Archtitan fell, his core spread into multiple pieces throughout the world. While the whole assembled core provides power, it also causes the users to think of things which would drive them insane.
  • Majestic items now have increased stats for their iL, signifying them further.
  • They can now have one or more unique abilities, and always feature a special attack which requires some of your secondary resource, or Fortitude points.