"A word to resonate across all of time and space. Of all creation. Inferno."[1]




A Legend's Legacy: Inferno is the fourth expansion for A Legend's Legacy, serving as the direct sequel to A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn, set three years later in 157 XD.

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Release Date

February 3rd, 2018





Made By

Nick and the R.B.

After the world's imbalancing, resulting in the destablilization of Oraclos the Worldholder by the magicks of Sinseid and the Fallen Sun, new evils arise. The effects of the Great Turnback conclude, and new timelines begin to merge, take shape, and change Outhria and its inhabitants forever, but nothing is as good as it seems.

With the world's barriers broken, multiple sleeping evils from within Outhria and its dimensions outside have awoken. One of them, known as the "Inferno", the All-Father, the creator of the Outer Old Ones, seeks to destroy all of creation, to reshape it in his image, his desire, unhappy with how it has come to be, and Outhria stands in his path.

The expansion includes an increase to the skill and level cap, up to 140, as players journey onto the otherworldly continent of Ibeon, the "World Beyond the Horizon". As adventurers seek to stop the forces of the Inferno, they will conquer new dungeons and raids, complete perilous adventures and quests, solve great mysteries, ultimately learning of the Outer Old Ones, their ambitions and paths, and the meaning of the Inferno itself. 

A Legend's Legacy: Inferno was released on February 3rd, 2018, after being briefly mentioned by Sinseid[2] in the Worldgate and through unlocking the powers of Reliquiae, the Unknown Gift. [3] Unlike the previous expansions, in which they were co-developed by both leaders, this expansion is mainly spearheaded by The R.B.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

A world lost to time, the land of Ibeon was once upon a time a trial land for the gods to practice their crafts; strange creatures never before seen stalk the surface, as most mortal races dwell is a few underground holds, the last bastions of safety on a primal land.

An ancient evil has begun to stir deep beneath the land, the essence of his malevolent being seeping into the beings that stalk the surface, transforming them into lumbering behemoths. The players now must turn the tide of the behemoth threat, and help the people of Ibeon reclaim the surface world for themselves, before pushing deep into the depths of the world to face the great Inferno, and end the old gods threat, once and for all.

Adventurers begin their quest of the expansion with the questline known as The World Beyond the Horizon.

Notable Characters[edit | edit source]

Content[edit | edit source]

New Areas[edit | edit source]

Players will journey to the wide, dimensional expanse of Ibeon. The zones start at Level 130.

Ibeon[edit | edit source]

  • Ibeon consists of seven zones. However, unlike traditional zones, the areas of Ibeon require no minimum or maximum level, allowing players to freely explore the zones as they will. Ibeon has a more free form overarching story, as opposed to zone specific story lines. There are no defined borders between zones; the desert of Azar Khin freely transforms into the grassland barrens of the Fringe, or the rich plains of the Hilt of the World.

Dungeons and Raids[edit | edit source]

There are several dungeons and a raid within the mountain of An'uldyr. One raid was added with the release of the expansion, as well as several dungeons. There are a few repeatable scenarios for adventurers as well.

  • One raid was planned for the beginning of the expansion.
    • There will be eleven dungeons to start the expansion.
    • Maw of Gak'hran: An experimental, underground facility situating forces of the mysterious Inferno, and once ruled by Bluten'furimmer, one of the expansions' world bosses.

Majestic Items[edit | edit source]

Several majestic items are planned.

Patches[edit | edit source]

A Legend's Legacy: Inferno, has five content patches, similar to the previous two expansions.

  • Patch X-31: Road to the Most Holy
  • Patch X-32: Legends of the Earth
    • Features 4 raids of similar size
      • Flaming Aerie (2 bosses)
  • Patch X-33: Incursion
    • Unnamed raid set in the city of the Shell.
  • Patch X-34: Grave of the First Behemoths
  • Patch X-35: Onwards to Eternity
    • Features the majestic staff, and Hubnester as the final boss

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