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"This world is now nothing but a ghost of what it can become."



24px-Logors.png A Legend's Legacy: Risen Sun

Release Date

September 2019





Made By

Nick and the R.B.

A Legend's Legacy: Risen Sun is the fifth expansion for A Legend's Legacy, serving as a sequel to A Legend's Legacy: Inferno, and is described as the end of the "consequential era beset by the Great Turnback".

The expansion centers on the events after Inferno, where the death of Hubnester ends the world's imminent destruction, and the rise of the Shard of the Sun in its prime from the shadows, where the seemingly underground organization is in reality, a full force meant to create the world's unity. The Shard is led by the Shardlord, a powerful, unknowable entity who is described as a living god. The story will focus on their creation, as well as the history of the ancient forces of Outhria, and even the beginning and end of the universe itself, and will serve as the end to Deathlius Loss'end's story, similar to how Inferno was the end of Tylious Dawnbane's. The game takes place several years later after the Inferno subsides. Because of this, it was widely considered to be the final expansion, before a confirmation arose stating that it wasn't, but that it will be the end of "something extremely significant".

Risen Sun brought about several new features, including an increase to level and skill cap to 150, which allows the player to have access to an "Almighty" talent which is dependent on their current specialization, and access to crafting Majestic-tier items that will greatly influence their overall power. New skills were added, such as Gemistry, allowing players to create socketed items and upgrades to armor and weapons, and Divination, allowing creation of divine items by the Old Ones themselves to serve as battle-items, or utility, such as mounts. Upgrades to raids and quests was also a dominant addition to the expansion, where two new difficulties were added to Raids, Adventurer and Rising, which replace the first and final tier difficulties of raiding. Questing added exceptional increases to Adventures, detailing new quest experiences where decisions can alter the end result. One of the end concepts of the game was to add "significantly more adventure" instead of making the game less-linear, and let the players focus on the main task at hand that the story allows, or by venturing elsewhere and doing tasks that are fundamental to discovering the world's history and reality. Lastly, two new classes were added to the game, the Sol Reaver, elite knights of the Shard of the Sun, and the Kul Reaper, warriors trained by Deathlius Loss'end, using ancient tactics from primordial times that he had unearthed over the previous three expansions.

The game was released in September 2019. Like Inferno, this expansion is mostly spearheaded by one of the admins; this time Shade.


The Risen Sun

After averting the world's destruction by the hands of Hubnester and resolving history and restoring balance to the world's continuums through Oraclos, Outhria has begun to see an era of peace and prosperity, two words being almost unheard of on the world. The Brotherhood and Confederacy have seemingly quelled their hostilities, and the ancient evils they have fought together have been unheard of, although at times, there does exist evil that wishes to reenact the former epochs of dismay.

But this is no time for peace, for now Outhria deals with the consequences of time and space being reset by the Great Turnback and creating events that wouldn't have originally happened. The Shardlord has returned to judge the world's fate, and the Shard of the Sun, an underground peacekeeping organization, has been unravelled to be an unstoppable army, bent on forcibly creating the world's unity, with an even greater threat from other worlds being present.

Adventurers of Outhria will find themselves become part of the battle of the Risen Sun, taking their might to the shores of Outhesta, after defending against the assault on Outhrend from the Shard, and of evil demons from which have unknown origins. Exploring Outhesta will lead players to finding several God Artifacts bent on quelling the Shard's abilities and destroying the invading evils that make themselves present on the planet. From defending against their new threats, they will experience all of the hidden histories that Outhesta's lands have kept buried, only to be brought to rise up again.

As part of this search and this ultimate fight, the Deathpool Legion under the leadership of Deathlius Loss'end has transitioned into a new banner, the Deathrook, and they aid the adventurers with their forces, and with their Kul Reapers, an elite group of playable soldiers trained by Deathlius himself. Sol Reaver outcasts from the Shardlord's armies will aid them as well, being told by the Shardlord himself to carve their own paths, leading to a revolution to stop his master plan from which they choose to disavow.

The expansion has been referred to as the end of "something extremely significant" and will focus on not only the villains of Outhria, but from other worlds as well.


For the intro teasers and cutscenes, see the novella Deathlius: Tetsujin, A Rook and Several KnightsThe Sun Rises, and A Rising Story. The novel <tbh> will also feature in the storyline.

Italicized topics happen before the game begins.

Deathlius: Tetsujin

Deathlius began a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and battle since the loss of his friend, Tylious Dawnbane, whom he wishes could've fought alongside, but remembered he couldn't, as it would disavow one of his final wishes. With some guidance from Dromar, Salvator Leonus, and his wife, Rose de Fleur, Deathlius met with the monks of Jadewind Beach, who wished to teach them their secrets, leading him upon a journey to Tetsuqahon, home of Kaijin No Sai, a member of the Sai Dynasty and one of its oldest members who has apparently longevity, cunning, and wisdom. During this novella, Deathlius learns how to weave Solium, an energy used by the Shard of the Sun, the techniques of the Tetsujin, and more about his brother, Daedros Loss'end, who Kaijin speculates may be alive on Outhesta, though possibly under their control. The novel escalates where Deathlius determines himself and strengthens his willpower, fully accessing his inner powers of being a Kul Reaper, something he has come to learn has been in his family for generations, locked away from his oldest ancestors. The end, Kaijin and Deathlius duel, where Deathlius defeats him by decision.

A Rook and Several Knights

This served as one of the story trailers.

Deathlius investigates an apparent Shard of the Sun investigation in Majestic's Rein, seeking to put a stop to it. He is then attacked by members of the Seven Sols, the paragons of the Shard of the Sun and the Shardlord's right hands - Vice Iron, Primo Valquaz, Kallan Diestrom, Verona Nova, Alathazdrad, and Solus Deathlich specifically. After they fail and Deathlius escapes, their last member, Shadrien, asks if they found him, to Vice's displeasure. Holding a Paradox Orb, Shadrien signifies that the time has come to summon their master, the Shardlord. They proceed to an unknown location, activating the conduits, and a golden beam casts into the heavens.

The Sun Rises

This served as one of the story trailers.

The Shardlord monologues about how the world is a ghost of what it could become, and it shows a village being murdered by masked individuals, the Ghosts of Iron. The Shardlord saves a panicked mother and child, extending his hand, stopping an assassin effortlessly while he does. He then finds the apparent leader, who charges at him, who he seemingly and effortlessly obliterates. It then cuts to the present, showing the Seven Sols, kneeling before him at the summoning site. As the Shardlord expresses his happiness for his faithful, he says the time for unity is nigh and that the world is running out of time to prove themselves capable. Using what appears to be Solium energy, the Shardlord makes a platform out of mid-air that floats over the sea, leading towards Outhrend. With his soldiers at his side, the Shardlord opens portals with Sol Reavers inside, and tells them to prepare for battle, and to see "what the Brotherhood and Confederacy" are made of.

A Rising Story

This served as one of the story trailers.

Deathlius and Kaijin discuss while after one of his teachings, about the legend of the Inxisjin, one of the Seven Majestics, and how he or she would lead the world into peace, restoration, and fulfillment. Deathlius asks if the Shardlord is one of these figures - Kaijin explains how he is the mantle of the Vryllux, the Inxisjin's eternal opponent. While expressing his frustration for the Shard's continual existence, Kaijin warns Deathlius that if he wishes to protect those he loves, he must take care not to destroy them. He then asks why Deathlius fights, not only out of revenge, but to save his brother. Deathlius replies he will fulfill himself, and be the Inxisjin if that's what it takes.

Intro Experience

See Sol Reaver intro experience, Kul Reaper intro experience, Judgment of the Sun.

During the beginning of the expansion, the players as the remaining twelve classes will battle through the Judgment of the Sun intro experience, which showcases the Shard of the Sun's first assault, in which they will rally the Golden Oculus among others, to their cause. The players as Sol Reavers or Kul Reapers will have their intro experiences in their respective areas. All three of these storylines will merge and will end at roughly the same point when they land on Outhesta. Players must be Level 140 to begin the Judgment portion, whilst Reavers and Reapers must be at least Level 138, which they start as.


The adventurers, along with the heroes of Outhria, make way throughout the reaches of Outhesta. They manage to defeat the Soliath located on Luxor Reach, at the cost of several of the Golden Oculus' secrets being compromised. After establishing bases on both sides of the continent, they move upwards to Thestica, where they go on the hunt for Varo Bartholomew, eventually tracking him down and silencing him. The Skull-Lands poses further problems, as the Blackskull orcs wish to possess powers of that of the Ghosts of Iron. Within the Shardlord's Scar, the adventurers encounter the forces within the Ironhold, as well as a revelation between the Shardlord and one of his right-hand men. The forests of Pacemia see a war rage between that of nature and the fires that wish to destroy it in a plot to retrieve a powerful God Artifact. A deadly battle rages in the realms of the Tears of a Goddess Mountains and that of Sinstrath Peaks, where evil forces seek to conquer them, bearing the threat of extinction if they should be lost. Last but not least, adventurers that brave the surrounding areas may venture into the heart of the continent - Soltopia, where the history of how Daedros Loss'end fared against Ghost Iron, as well as the battles that waged there. This begins the plot of cat and mouse to see if Daedros is alive, and if his brother Deathlius can find him in time to best the Shard of the Sun.



Into the Abyss


Cry of Rain


Realms Beyond Reality




Notable Characters

Risen Sun has multiple notable characters.

  • Deathlius Loss'end: After the loss of his friends and over the years of self-reflection, Deathlius found himself finally at peace. When the Shard of the Sun active again, Deathlius sees it as an opportunity to defeat them once and for all, only to realize the supposed spy network is a seemingly unstoppable army. This expansion will drive him to his limits, and he will discover more and more about who he is actually is. He will lead the Deathrook organization before being one of the lead commanders of the combined offensive later on.
  • Daedros Loss'end: Deathlius' long lost brother who journeyed to Outhesta in his youth. Deathlius and Kaijin journey to find him to help defeat the Shard and to rescue him if necessary as Kaijin illustrates to Deathlius during his training that he was extremely adept.
  • The Shardlord: The leader of the Shard of the Sun, who is revered as a living god, and a highly powerful being. Kaijin states the Shardlord is the mantle of the Vryllux, one of the Seven Majestics. While the Shardlord is the archenemy of the expansion and the ultimate nemesis of Deathlius, his goals, though seemingly clandestine, are heroic in nature. The players, and characters, will come to realize that his one objective will come to be ethically horrendous, but logically sound.
  • The Seven Sols: The right hands of the Shardlord.
    • Shadrien: A Synstrad from the planet Syndra, and the most powerful of the Sols. It is rumored he has access to Kul Reaper powers, and will serve as a villain of the most "grandiose nature". While the Shardlord is more "Macchiavellian, charismatic, and cunning", Shadrien is more "ruthless and malevolent". Before he joined the Shard, he was a member of the Black Table on his home planet.
    • Vice Iron: A Synstrad from the planet Syndra. After his father, Ghost Iron fell to the Shardlord and grandfather fell to another unknown entity, Vice came to Outhria, leaving his planet behind and enlisted with the Noir Blades, an assassin network. While he was once allies with Salvator Leonus, he took a hit to kill him though failed, and eventually defeated the entirety of the network to cash in, take its reserves, and become powerful within the Shard. He will serve as Salvator's ultimate nemesis and target for vengeance.
    • Solus Deathlich: The Reborn creator of the Sol Reaver initiative, who works on mastering their powers and creating whatever he desires. He serves as the villain of the Sol Reaver intro experience, when his true ambitions come revealed, though they may not have been his, after all. He has the powers of five liches, hence his last name.
    • Kallan Diestrom: An elven fanatic of the Shard, who uses powerful elvish technology and deceit to win his battles. He seeks to find the God Artifacts for his own ends, and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.
    • Verona Nova: A human engineer, top scientist, and weapons expert who was the former pursuit of Golden Oculus scientists Andro Mikael and Varo Bartholomew. Since joining the Shard, she has designed numerous weapons in their arsenal, specifically the Soliath.
    • Alathazdrad: A former dark elven apprentice of Kaijin No Sai, who is adept and highly skilled in portal magicks. He found the Paradox Orb within Val'dar used to summon the Shardlord. Over time though, Alathazdrad has controlled small villages and factions and may or may not have hidden agendas of his own.
    • Primo Valquaz: A Drakkin executioner, strategist, and warleader. Primo wields an axe dark as night which he has defeated powerful demons, dragons, and aberrations with, and ultimately wants the heads of all who oppose the Shard. He carries more scars on his body then he knows what to do with. Before he joined the Shard, he was a member of the Volim drakkin.

There will be several "shuffles" of the Sols as the expansion continues on.

  • Ghost Iron: The leader of the Ghosts of Iron who sought revenge after their planet Syndra, saw "forced" unification when their king died. His father was the leader, and Vice is his son. While he dies before the expansion, his ideals and beliefs echo throughout. He led an assault on Soltopia.
  • Salvator Leonus: Deathlius' right hand man and right hand of the Deathrook organization. He will pursue hidden treasures and work towards his path to vengeance to destroy Vice Iron, who he recently heard "still crawls." He is, in the Kul Reapers, the Champion of Scythes.
  • Deathrook: Deathlius absolved the Deathpool Legion after the attack that killed many of its members, and having to force Raphael to make a dire decision. The remaining that live are called the Deathrook, and the right hands are known with certain epithets along with the "Ravenscourt".
    • Jerome Vankrist: A myrene individual who Deathlius knew as a child that taught him to use string attacks with his throwing knives. After his disappearance in Rooks, Jerome is rescued by Deathrook and becomes a Kul Reaper that represents Will, and the Horseman of Contagion.
    • Jase Tetsufury: A shade who wants to be the best reaper in Deathlius' eyes, incessantly looking to prove himself, no matter what. He is one of the Legion's longest members, and becomes a Kul Reaper that represents Fear, and the Horseman of Paucity.
    • Glaidra Crimsha: A bloodren who has an insatiable lust for combat and is of considerable experience in her endeavours. She becomes a Kul Reaper that represents Hope, and the Horseman of Strife.
    • Abel Strom: A human with a mysterious past which Deathrook rescues from prison, who is powerful with two handed weapons. he becomes the Champion of Ravens, and the Horsemen of Obsoletion. He is also Deathlius' apprentice.
    • Raphael Tutem: One of the Legion's longest recruits, Raphael is the Champion of Skulls, but he is forced to make choices he wishes to not heed to during the story.
    • Rose de Fleur: Deathlius' wife, and the Champion of Hearts. Despite his wishes, Rose becomes a Kul Reaper to be closer to him, and to blend her love of the magical arts with that of the reaper's devastating powers. She will learn the price to pay for being both a mother and a combatant of war.
  • The Reavers of Acheron: A powerful unit of Sol Reavers that sides with the Shardlord initially, only to be cast away to live their own desires, as the Shardlord believes they deserve a better fate after he hears of their disagreement with his grand scheme.
    • Claudrien: Also known as Rouge Noir, he is a Synstrad from Syndra, who used to be a member of the Black Table that has been defeated. He leads the Reavers into battle and into the new world when they side against the Shardlord.
    • Koltirus Bloodweaver: Claudrien's right hand.
    • Praxias: A scyborn member of the Reavers.
    • Leonidus: A leorein member of the Reavers.
    • Janki Moroda: A daemidar member of the Reavers.
  • Kaijin No Sai: A powerful member of the primordial Sai Dynasty, rumored to be the second in line to the ancient throne. He secluded himself along with his wife and soldiers on Tetsuqahon. Deathlius finds him and learns of the way of the Tetsujin from him, and he too wishes to defeat the Shardlord, as destiny demands it. His wife is Sakura Windstorm, and one of the most powerful Tetsujin alive.
  • Xin No Sai: A Tetsujin with a mysterious past, and Deathlius and Kaijin both speculate that he may not be a No Sai, but something else.
  • Uredo Leonus: The leader of the Nine Knights of No'maira, and Salvator's real father, after being fed lies during his youth.
  • Andro Mikael: The lead scientist of the Golden Oculus. While against war, Andro lends a hand when he understands that the time for redemption between him, Varo, and Verona can come to light.
  • Varo Bartholomew: A former scientist for the Oculus, and Andro's greatest enemy. While hidden and gone for several expansions, Varo will be on the run in Risen Sun.
  • Salmoneo Eus: One of the Shard's trickier henchmen, partially responsible for the burning of Death'kul in Deathlius' youth. He has run out of time to hide.
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: One of the Shard's trickier henchmen, partially responsible for the burning of Death'kul in Deathlius' youth. He has run out of time to hide, and is Rose's father.
  • Kirin: A celestial dragon that can nullify and locate God Artifacts.
  • Satannus: The general of the Sindian armies, looking to expand his influence, corrupt, and destroy. He is responsible for destroying the Goreon planet and enslaving their race, which led to the conflict with the Nordian people.
  • Vlaadtu: The "Unspeakable Evil" or The Sleeper. The malevolent entity who gave Grimmok and O.M.N.I. their powers.
  • Vlaadsin: The offspring of Vlaadtu. Vlaadsin wishes to expand the influence of his evil overlord, who wishes to consume all worlds.
  • Sha'kraqxa: A malevolent entity that lives within the abyss of the planet, and is speculated to be a Neverend, a powerful being with ties and powers similar to the Old Ones and Outer Old Ones.
  • Lady Nex: A former, elvish individual in Deathlius' life, who controls powerful medicines and is an expert with the bow of Rivenwood.
  • Tyr Rivenwood: An elf who is in cohorts with Lady Nex, he is an expert in puzzles.
  • Blackskull: The leader of the villainous black-skull Orcs of the Skull-Lands.
  • King Simbath: The leader of the Leorein, a new playable race.
  • Queen Sysra: The leader of the Scyborn, a new playable race.
  • Absol Rex: The leader of the now defunct Noir Blades, who is trying to escape the wrath of his former henchmen for hire.
  • The Absolutes: The primordial, extra-existential beings that form the Makers, the beings that created the Almighty Expanse. The Primearch is a member of these beings.


New Areas

The expansion includes a new continent that takes place on Northern Outhria, called Outhesta. Outhesta is the current "home base" of the Shard of the Sun, but that also was the seat of primordial kings, ancient warlords, and even mythical beasts. It is described as "the crown jewel of the historical, physical, and philosophical world". All of the zones feature "elite zones" that scale to a player's level, and new zones are added as the expansion progresses. Several areas can't be accessed until a previous one is completed, and there is progression between zones for alternate storylines. Each zone has a "huge story that plays a large role in the continent's life".

  • Luxor Reach (140-142)
  • Thestica (142-144)
  • Skull-Lands (144-146)
  • Shardlord's Scar (146-148)
  • Pacemia (146-148)
  • Tears of a Goddess Mountains (148-150)
  • Sinstrath Peaks (148-150)
  • Soltopia (150)
  • Impossia (150)
  • Alnaphadra (150)
  • Vryllas (150)

Dungeons and Raids

Risen Sun features several new raids and dungeons, including three epic dungeons and a majestic-class raid to start. Dungeons and raids also feature new difficulties for increased length, determination to succeed, and ultimately to provide a challenge.

Dungeons feature the classic difficulties of Standard and Master. They now include the Legend difficulty, which increases in difficulty, dependent on the modifier. Legend in itself is tougher than Master, but there is Legend+, where it increases in difficulty further, but also rewards better gear. As the game goes on, more Legend+ tiers are available that drop better gear. Only the most experienced adventurers can take on the toughest Legend+ difficulties.

  • An example of a boss, Soliath Engineer Ozark, has (tentative) 115m health on Standard, 172m health on Master, and 230m on Legend. Legend +1 has Ozark at 241m health, and Legend + 10 has 345m health.

Raids to accommodate both new and experienced raiders, feature the Adventurer and Rising difficulties. Adventurer difficulty features a "simplified" version of mechanics and can be queued for, provided raiders have significant gear and experience with an associated storyline. The gear rewarded is lower than Standard difficulty. Rising difficulty is designed for the most experienced raiders, and is meant as both a challenge, and end-game example. Bosses are said to feature more mechanics, amplifiers (pushing the Hardened difficulty to greater extents) and an additional phase if necessary. Unlocking Rising difficulty will have players completed great achievements or finish a storyline and will require great experience and expertise in combat, gear, and knowledge. Rising difficulty grants raiders the highest ever chance to see an Uber item.

All bosses will now scale to fit with 10-20 players. Adventurer and Rising mode are locked at 20 players.

Players can now collect Uber gems, with which they have enough, they can make into an uber item associated with a raid instance whenever they enter it. Every boss can drop them, and higher difficulties drop greater quantities. The final boss in each raid has a higher chance of doing so.

In addition, there are a similar version of Uber items, called Solforged items which are limited to classes, and some which are not, though they are mostly rings or trinkets. These can drop rarely around the world, or be crafted with the gems provided they are taken to a specific NPC.


  • Luxorforge
    • This dungeon is located in Luxor Reach. Players halt the progression of building "Soliath" prototypes, and in doing so, stopping the war efforts in the zone.
  • Ichia Catacombs
    • These catacombs were the source of dangerous evils in the past, and a malevolent violet mist that created vile creatures. These dangers were the reason why these tombs should never be reopened, but the problem is, they are. This zone is located in Thestica, and is pivotal in discovering the Mythical Beasts.
  • Lair of Rottorg
    • Rottorg, one of the most powerful Blackskull shamans, dwells in this lair surrounded by evil constructs and destructive elementals. His subjugation of the creatures will not last long before they are forced to succumb to their own insanity. The Skull-Lands houses this zone.
  • Empyreas
    • Empyreas is a small fortress in the sky, where beings of pure Sol energy, and their Xanadian overlords hide. Hoping to use it as a base to destroy the Scar, they must be stopped before the fortress crashes down itself. This dungeon is located in the Shardlord's Scar.
  • Grove of Asha'la
    • This grove has been twisted and destroyed from any source of purist natural view. Asha'la, an ancient spirit, guarded this area as one of the Mythical Beasts before taking to an eternal slumber. Safeguard the grove before Asha'la awakes as an evil spirit. This dungeon is located in Pacemia, and is required for more info on the Mythical Beasts.
  • Star's End Temple
    • The Star's End Temple is where Tetsujin took to learn of their connections with Jadus and the ancestral Tetsujin. However, vile aberrations have flooded the temple, and seek to unearth the relics the Tetsujin hold so dear. This dungeon is located in the Tears of a Goddess Mountains.
  • Fiendgjard
    • Fiendgjard is a blood-covered wasteland, where Fiends battle Sindians and Goreons to the death, and dangerous evils arise. The conflict can only stop once the four leaders of the rebellion have been vanquished. If players are daring and brave, they can discover this zone in Sinstrath Peaks. Its lore is required for more info on unearthing the Mythical Beasts.
  • Xin'kul
    • Xin'kul is a vile base overseen by Xin No Sai himself, who houses powers of all of Xanados' evils. Here, adventurers attempt to thwart his plans and find the God Artifact he has within. This is the first of the "epic" dungeons, and is found near the border of Sinstrath Peaks and Vryllas.
  • Deathhold
    • The Deathhold is the underground city of the Ghosts of Iron, where they host their plans to resurrect the beings there and carve their missions into the history of Outhesta. Discovering this hellish nightmare of a dystopia, adventurers seek to bury all the Ghosts of Iron in their home once and for all. This is found in deep Shardlord's Scar, and is the second of the "epic" dungeons.
  • Soltopia Academy (instance)
    • The Soltopia Academy is experienced through a flashback told by Kaijin No Sai, after players discover it in Soltopia itself throughout Soltopia City. Players, along with Deathlius Loss'end and Kaijin himself unravel the times of Daedros Loss'end as he becomes the grandmaster of the academy, before he faces the inevitable clash of Ghost Iron, empowered by the Xan magicks, and learning of the events that led to how Soltopia was today. It is the third "epic" dungeon.
  • Solium Hold (Unavailable until first patch, but present in game)
    • The Solium Hold is the finality of the Soltopia storyline, and the end reward is learning of Soltopia's "current stasis". This dungeon is in the game but is now inaccessible due to the devs saying "it is better to wait". Solium Hold is the fourth "epic" dungeon and requires completion of Soltopia's story to access, which in turn requires completion of the other zone's stories.
  • Rookcrypt (Unlockable)
    • A secret base within Death'kul, which house secrets of the Loss'end Clan. The unlock requirements are unknown at this time.
  • Escape from Omnusali Asylum (Unlockable)
    • Relive the memories of Deathlius' escape from Omnusali Asylum along with the five escapees... who didn't make it. The unlock requirements are unknown at this time.
  • Hour of Judgment (Unlockable)
    • Players take control of some of the Shardlord's strongest soldiers as they fight against the Ghosts of Iron. The unlock requirements are unknown at this time.


  • Tears of Rain (Tier I)
    • The Tears of Rain is an instance located in the Tears of a Goddess Mountains. The adventurers, along with Kaijin No Sai, and Deathlius Loss'end enter to recover the Tears of Rain God Artifact, however, in order to access it, they must defeat the constructs that were reanimated as part of the security protocols.
  • Sinxus (Tier II)
    • The Sinxus is the flagship of Overlord Satannus, who seeks to expand his empire and destroy all of his enemies in the Sinstrath Peaks. Adventurers must progress with Rouge Noir and Goreon rebels to stop Satannus from becoming the Elemental King, and destroy his forces in the clash.
  • Osiris Nexus (Tier III)
    • The Osiris Nexus is a celestial body, opened by the "matter-fire" of the Sinxus, that lies where the evil Vlaadsin rules. With Uredo Leonus and the nine knights, players storm the Nexus and combat the evils within. Vlaadsin takes the Mirage Chain away at one point, and Uredo realizes why he has done so, since the Nexus structure houses an even worse evil.
  • Eye of Malevolence (Majestic)
    • The Eye of Malevolence is the heart of the Osiris Nexus, where Vlaadtu sleeps. His death is pivotal to the game's storyline. Vlaadsin stole the chain to amplify Vlaadtu's power. To access the Eye, players must find the randomly-generated portal to the area within the "Reach" room in the Nexus.
  • ??? (Patch X-35)
  • ??? (Patch X-36)
  • ??? (Patch X-37)
  • ??? (Patch X-37)
  • ??? (Patch X-38)
  • ??? (Patch X-39)
  • ??? (Patch X-40)
  • ??? (Patch X-40)

Shade has said there will be eight additional raids to accompany the expansion, two of them majestic-tier.

Majestic Items

Shade has stated there will be well over 20 majestic items in the expansion. Some of them will be made through skills, acquired through quests, and dropped from bosses. Despite the quantity of the items belying their rare nature, Shade has emphasized "they will be extremely hard" to obtain.

  • Four rings
    • Title text
    • Title text
    • Title text
    • Title text
  • Two cloaks
    • [Atlas Universum, the Celestial Shroud]
    • [Tristitia, Path of the Loss'ends]
  • [Word of the Universe]
  • [Inxistao, the Grandmaster's Ward]
  • [Akumu-Shisen, the Veiled Vision]: Necklace
  • [Luther's Eupnea]
  • [Kiss of Apochypra]
  • The Wrath of Vryllcrown weapons
    • Two-handed sword
    • Magic staff
    • Bow
    • Daggers
    • ??
  • Three mounts
    • [Mu's Nothingess]
    • [Fearless' Reins]
    • [Xej, the Shardlord's Messenger]
  • [La Lucille]:
  • [Crown of the Epochs]:
  • Vryllon Citadel Endgame weapons
    • [Los Dracones, Shardlord's Grandeur]
    • [Vryllion, the Course of Destiny]
    • [Sol-Kami, Grandscythe of Soltopia's Guardian]


  • Once players progress far into Luxor Reach, they can build a base of their own, setting up buildings wherever they like for their own needs. In turn with this, the buildings, while helpful, will not ruin the social aspect of the game. Players can send followers, which consist of over 100, on missions for gold, quest items, and rare items. Some followers are trickier to find, and are based off a rarity system from common - epic - legendary - godly - majestic.
  • There is a secret, underground base of bizarre proportions run by a mysterious, evil, well, maybe not so evil dragon, specifically, Obsidirain, who wishes to test the mettle of adventurer in the H.E.L.L. Labs. The labs can be fought for one to five players and have tiers from E to X.
  • Starting with a secret area within the Ichia Catacombs, players can unearth and discover the Mythical Beasts, dangerous, powerful entities who best ruled during Outhesta's old ages. In game, they serve as raid bosses, should players find them.
  • The expansion features as a "large history lesson" for players who have been digging for lore since the first game. Examples of previously unsearchable relics include matters on the Seven Majestics, the Absolutes, and the other celestial bodies surrounding Outhria. There is also a chart made by elder beings that reflect the Hierarchy of Beings.
  • During the expansion, players will get a ring, called the C.O.D.E.X. which can be upgraded twice. They can add members to call during the expansion, for some funny, and at times, serious dialogue.

Character Changes and Additions

Sol Reavers

Sol Reavers, elite knights and disciples of the Shardlord, uphold a powerful legacy that transcends the powers present on the world of Outhria that is both fulfilling and terrifying. They wield Solium, or sol energy, as a conduit in their attacks, harnessing the potencies present in Outhria itself to deliver the world's wrath onto their enemies, either purifying or destroying them.

Early art for the Sol Reaver. They don't use shields in the final version, but they can erect barriers with Solium energy.

Forgoing the most powerful of armor, Sol Reavers capitalize on defiance and harnessing their powers to enstrengthen them, and to damage their foes beyond comprehension. They can harness different kinds of Solium energy, bound eternally in their hearts, to either become an immovable object (tank), an unstoppable force (DPS), or a irresistible entity (DPS/healing). 

Sol Reavers, as a hero class, can be tanks, damage dealers, or healers. Their specializations are Matter (tank), Null (DPS), and Void (DPS/Healing). Players begin their questline through a unique experience guided by none other than the Shardlord. He leads them on a retaliation against hostile demons of unparallelable evil, and eventually discovering themselves. This results in the climax of the questline leading to the Shardlord affirming that they should carve their own paths, after witnessing truth, unity, and betrayal. 

Kul Reapers

Kul Reapers are powerful and masterful warriors of Deathlius Loss'end, whose powers were taught by ancient codexes. and harnessing the powers of Paradox Equation glyph-absolutes, and Kul Visage demons, who harness similar abilities. They can manipulate the emotions of their opponents, and even use the auras they pretense over their enemies to instill themselves with greater presences. The Senshin are dedicated to one purpose only - saving the world and freeing it from fear, though they are not afraid to scare those who get in their way.

Using any armor at their disposal, Senshins capitalize on quick assaults, unrivaled mobility, and unmatched recovery. They can use different kinds of glyphs, tattooed on their bodies and harnessed in their souls, to become highly resilient (tank), highly feared (DPS), or highly assistive (healing). 

Kul Reapers use blink movements, scythes, and powerful assortments of blades.

Being a hero class, they can be any of the tank, DPS, or healing specializations. They specialize in the ways of either Autem (tank), Metum (DPS), or Votum (healing). Players begin their questline through an experience directed through Deathlius Loss'end, which members of Deathpool Legion answer the call to become "something more" which involves channeling the powers of a Kul Visage demon, using the Paradox Equation to channel absolute power, and later leading battles against the Shard of the Sun in the form of a surprise attack, and fighting evil demons, bringing out the true test of emotion. The climax of this questline will test players on their true strength, and find what is worth fighting for.

New races

Players can choose from two new races, the Leorein, a lion-like humanoid race, or the Scyborn, a mantis-like humanoid race. They are led by Simbath and Sysra respectively. Their race was, according to the game's lore, liberated by the Shardlord from their evil oppressors on their home planets some time ago. Some of them have come to Outhria to become his Sol Reavers, or to forge their own paths as they build their own destinies. The Leorein start on the island of Valatos, located off the edge of Outhesta. The Scyborn start on the island of the Minervan Spires, located off the opposite end of Outhesta. Like the Myrene and Bloodren from A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn, they start at Level 20. At the end of their respective storylines, they join the Brotherhood and Confederacy, but unlike the aforementioned allies, they aren't direct allies, but rather "factional supporters". They have an assortment of classes and both can play the new classes of the Sol Reaver and Kul Reaper.

Skill Changes

Players can now master the Gemistry and Divination skills. All skills have been increased to Level 150. Flying will not be available until a secret questline within Vryllas is done.


There will be five patches for this expansion.

  • Patch X-36Doombringers
    • Loose Ends: End the long-reigning terror that once existed as the Noir Blades, before the release of X-37.
  • Patch X-37Into the Abyss
    • Battle of the Rain: Enter the Battle of the Rain, a vicious battle that leads up to X-38.
  • Patch X-38: Cry of Rain
    • Age of Primordius: Witness the events of past events such as the River of Sorrow and meet with Luther Die, before the release of X-39.
  • Patch X-39: Realms Beyond Reality
    • Verum Mortis: Witness the ringing of the Bell of Veros before the release of X-40.
  • Patch X-40Endgame
    • Worlds Beyond: ???








  • Shade has stated he has been with the idea of Risen Sun for "over seven years." Out of any expansion ever made for LL, this is the one he was the most pumped about releasing.
  • It has been said to not get attached to a lot of characters, because a lot of them will die.
  • Risen Sun has the most majestic items of any expansion.