Concept of the Almighty Expanse.

The Almighty Expanse, otherwise known as The Expanse, The Reaches, or The Endless Expanse, is the null and void between worlds represented in A Legend's Legacy game series. It was the expanse formed from absolute nothingness, and emerged with the arrival of an omnipotent being, the Primearch.

To date, only Outhria, it's neighboring "moon" Skull Star, and the torn Kingdom of the New Sigil are the only planets within the expanse. However, there are several dimensions within the expanse, such as the domain of the Outer Old Ones, such as The Outer Regions. Many more dimensions and universes exist within the Almighty Expanse that are still to be discovered by the Golden Oculus.

The Almighty Expanse is the name given to the real "universe" within the game itself.

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