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Warlord of Outhria, Warlord of the Ancient War, Ancient Warlord, King, God-King, Commander of Death, King of the World, King of Ancients






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I've been protecting this world before you even existed as a thought. And I still will, even when you stop thinking.

Ancieus Uredos is the lord of Eldjorn, leader of the World Council, and a warlord of Outhria, as well as a veteran of many wars, battles, and ages, and is seen as one of the monumental protectors of Outhria. His valiant efforts and prestigious knowledge of combat, strategy, and mastery have led himself and his battalions to several amazing victories and conquests. Ancieus was known as the "King of the World" during the end of the Ancient War due to his many victories and the fact he defeated every known form of evil (other than the Old Ones and other malefic and mysterious beings).

Raised by the progenitor race of gnomes, dwarves, and humans, known as the Nordians, Ancieus' family history belies him with a serious amount of strength and vigor. He wields this strength with him in his many deadly battles and conquests, and has led the Army of Ancieus and the modern-day Hammer of Ancieus organization. After the Ancient War, Ancieus' famous power decreased, but his will and strength never wavered. After drinking the Elixir of Forever Grace during the Ancient War, Ancieus has lived for years, still protecting his home of Outhria. Many of his battles are major victories that have preserved freedom and justice in Outhria. Nowadays with adventurers, Ancieus is found in The World's Sword, where he aids in defeating Chief Barakus, Krom'tesh, and the Goreon exiles in Gorgathar, ending their resurrection of Painius Sufferince, the Goreon war machine. He also shuts down the efforts of Draco Equiste and Shifujiro No Sai with their hidden tools of power, and is aiding the players in the Omegaheim raid. Ancieus cautiously awaits the return of war he saw before the Great Turnback.

During the events of A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn, Ancieus leads the Hammer of Ancieus once more, in an effort to reclaim the Godgigum Chalice and its five gems to enter the Worldgate and save Oraclos from Sinseid and the Archtitan. After completing missions on the War on the Black Crag and the Archcore, Ancieus leads legions to Val'dar, Xesan Atoll, Singarde and Kromford Warhold where he defeats Kromlord with the assistance of leaders of the Sai Dynasty. After completing the Trial of Worlds for the second time, Ancieus and his brother Aegis Uredos enter the Worldgate. Besting the entities guarding Oraclos' safety, Ancieus finds himself troubled by Sinseid's powers, and is unable to beat him. After witnessing the sacrifice of his brother Absentius Uredos after ruining his plans to resummon their family, Ancieus is reinvigorated and uses his blade to stop Sinseid's Sinful Void, absorbing it, while also destroying himself. As he looks at Aegis, he tells the adventurers and his last living brother that the world's safety is now in their hands.


Ancieus is a legend of history, evidenced in his many battles.

Early Ages

Ancieus was born alongside two brothers - Aegis Uredos and Absentius Uredos. He and his brother's birth was kept in secret as they were assaulted by the Maklavi Clan, a clan of vicious Goreon that saw the removal of the Nordian population as their ultimate goal. Their efforts had them leave Nordrasith, causing them to rest in the World's Sword.

After escaping their assailants, the Uredos triplets were told they would walk the three great paths - Ancieus walked the Path of the Champion, Aegis walked the Path of Unity, and Absentius walked the Path of Mystery.

Rise of the Legendary Commander


War on the Black Crag


Strike of the Archtitan


The Ancient War


King of the World


Maelstrom War


A Legend's Legacy

In the game, Ancieus appears in Eldjorn, a large fortress in The World's Sword.

During the events of The World's Sword, the adventurers are caught up in a battle with the Goreon empire of the lands; their plan to bring back Painius Sufferince, their ancient "war machine" that participated in the Ancient War. Ancieus, realizing the adventurer could be of both help and significance, tasks them with destroying the empire's strongholds and planning an assault on Gorgathar to which he accompanies you on.

At the end of the events, the adventurers eventually defeat Painius, and Ancieus appears to ensure he is "well buried" and impales the savage Goreon with Censura. Using a large portion of his strength, Ancieus completely overheats Painius' body, causing it to melt, as his essence drips within the thunderous earth of Gorgathar.

Later on, to ensure that Outhria is "well protected in his absence", he invites the adventurers to "The Great Trial" (otherwise known as the Trial of Champion) in which he has his champions test them in mortal combat. Ancieus relishes in their battles, seeing as they remind him of the old days. Eventually, he challenges them himself, displaying that despite his age, he wields magnificent power that could even rival the Two Kings. After his defeat in combat, Ancieus pledges that he will still continue to protect the world, and that the adventurers are "true champions".

Elementia Reborn


Revenge of the Zodiac


Pinnacle of Achievement

After the adventurer records their achievements on the Pinnacle of Achievement, and have completed numerous challenges and achievements, he tells them he has talked to either Nikk Shadius or Spetzraiz Resurrecion (dependent on their player's faction) and that through all the evil they have fought to preserve the world, that even their leader wishes to challenge them in combat. Players either head to The End or The Beginning to engage in combat with either of them.

The War Reincarnated

Ancieus appeared during the pre-expansion event, helping adventurers assault Mael Isle. After the invasion was held off, he lended a hand in rebuilding the Sigil Portal so that the Kingdom of the New Sigil could be accessed.

During the events of Castralia, uncovered through the battle on the Isle, Ancieus aided his brother, Aegis Uredos, in assaulting the ancient cathedral to recover the power of Aejisus. During the raid, Ancieus appears when Aegis and the adventurers challenge Aejisus to do a duel. Ancieus declines to participate, saying that the Trial of Unity that Aegis walked must be completed full circle, and that he must bind the good and evil together. After Aegis triumphs, Ancieus congratulates him, saying that he may be more powerful than him. Aegis takes his words in stride, and goes off to establish the unity he sought from the Trial.

Rise of Grimbane

Ancieus appears in Titan's Reign, reliving the battle of the Maklavi Clan and his kinsman before they were forced to leave because of the Goreon's sheer numbers. After the Titans came and established the land as their reign, Ancieus wished to return home before he became the commander he was today, is what he tells to eager adventurers. 

The player can visit several destroyed camps of the Maklavi Clan that Ancieus will pay homage to. He contemplates if the Goreon committed their savagery with their own intentions, or if they were forced by another type of being. He worries about the events of the Great Turnback, wondering if he will witness the war he fought in, but hopes not.

At World's Turn

Ancieus, wary about the Great Turnback, witnesses the return of the Ancient War in the form of the Second Ancient War. Seeing the lands of The World's Edge and Drychwal rise from their abyssal depths, Ancieus leads his forces into battle again, commanding the Hammer of Ancieus and with assistance of the Tyrgarde.

Upon journeying through Krom's Belt with an adventurer, they discover Gaidra, one of the protectors of the Godgigum Chalice, and determines that it is in the hands of the Archtitan yet again. He tasks the adventurer with leading battles to The World's Edge and/or Drychwal while he looks for his remaining comrades that he fought with in the Ancient War. In addition, he and Aegis Uredos go on a search for their long-lost brother, Absentius Uredos, noticing the quietness of demons on the islands. Because of the forces they encounter in Krom's Belt, Ancieus wonders if one of his ancient foes will return. In the mean time, he sets up a base of operations on Oracala, called Fort Uredo.

War on the Black Crag





Ancieus considers himself a "Nordian of honor". He is unafraid to let others know of his abilities, but he also has come to respect the various cultures, traditions, and codes that have stemmed on Outhria since the end of the Ancient War. He enjoys learning about them, especially when they pertain to the history and customs of his current and past life.

Combat, to Ancieus, is the "spirit of life" as he believes that everyone should have something to fight for. Unlike his brothers Aegis, who says combat is foolish, and Absentius, who says combat is "hilarious", Ancieus holds war with respect, noting that after each battle, and with the sacrifices of them, they teach the world something new.

Weapons and Armour

Ancieus has wielded many kinds of armour, each representing the series of missions and battles he went on, such as his Ancient armor (which is earned through the Eldjorn instance), Warlord armory, Nightfall armory, and his Kingly armor he wore as the King of the World.

For weaponry, Ancieus is skilled with magic, bowery, and swordsmanship. His most notable weapon is Censura, known today as the Archbane. Censura was crafted by the greatest of the Nordian blacksmiths as a reward for Ancieus after he defeated Equiste. The weapon earned it's moniker after slaying the Archtitan, one of the most powerful beings Outhria has ever seen. The fact that the sword slayed the monstrosity is enough for personnel to understand the power it could unleash.

Widely considered to be a Warrior, Ancieus believed in only the raw strength of a warrior beforehand, before he led the assault on the Archtitan. He started to use the ancient magicks of a Mage, and the dexterity of a Ranger to level himself. He was known as Ancieus the Commander during his "tenure" as a warrior.

Abilities and Powers

Ancieus has mastery over magic, ranged combat, and melee fighting. He is often credited with the invention of the Ancient Magics (that mages can use if they undergo training). He can lift several thousands of pounds, such as when he smashed Banerein against a wall. Not even his two brothers had the strength Ancieus had, and Ancieus was able to lift his two handed sword with one hand. He could hold a large boulder at the end of his hand and not waver.

Because of his strength, many people thought Ancieus was immortal, undying, and unobjectified towards senescence. His abilities created for him the title of "God-King", and many of his forces thought Ancieus as having abilities of the gods, such as superhuman stamina and destructive powers. His power comes from his brutal training and his powerful limits he set with giants.


A Legend's Legacy




  • All of Ancieus' "deceptions" during his encounter in Eldjorn are his greatest enemies he encountered in the Ancient War - the Archtitan was the main enemy and malefactor of the war who held the Godgiga Gauntlet, Banerein was his second-hand and the cause of unrest, Lowir'Ayn Darfeal was the leader of the Kalen elves, Equiste was the cruel priest and leader of the Draconic Glaive who assaulted Elementia, Jazarolos was a deathly siege bomber and saboteur, and Shifujiro No Sai was the last king of the Sai Dynasty.
  • Ancieus was the final uber boss added in the pre-patches, and was still considered to be the hardest and most challenging boss in the original A Legend's Legacy.
  • Ancieus drops his armor, weapon, and his two personal mounts, which include an armored horse and a large eagle.