The Audita Complex is one of the three pre-patch raids coming to A Legend's Legacy: Rise of Grimbane. It will have shared iL loot of 330 with Death'Mras, above the iL 312 loot of Nordheim. It will have some defenders of the complex, and some forces of Grimbane's.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Electrifying: Defeat the following four bosses of the Audita Complex (Conduitis, Arch-Paletrix, Chief Goretac, Spirit of the Complex)
    • To the Source: Activate all five of the conduits within the first minute of encountering Conduitis.
      • Where it Arcs: While under the effects of Antagonizing Arc, land three critical hits on Arch-Paletrix.
        • Goreless: Defeat Chief Goretac without anyone taking damage from Blood Explosion.
        • A Distaste for Haste: Defeat Chief Goretac without being under the effects of any abilities that grant movement speed or Attack speed.
          • So Complex: Defeat the Spirit of the Complex after reconfiguring its adds five times.
  • Assembly of the Complex: Defeat the four bosses of the Assembly. (Puten Ragefiend, The Administrator, Gulem Netherrager, Yot Tz'Korth)
    • Raging Rampage: Defeat Puten Ragefiend in less than 8 minutes without anyone suffering the effects of Rage Smash.
      • Admin Commands: Turn the Administrator off during the fight, ending the encounter prematurely.
        • Nether Nether Nether: Defeat Gulem Netherrager without anyone being teleported by him.
          • Hot as Hell: In the Yot Tz'Korth encounter, gain 40 stacks of Burning Intensity.
          • Fresh Smell of Obsidian: Claim five Obsidian Sod from Yot Tz'Korth and use it to stall his most powerful attack before his defeat.
  • Trial in the Chamber: Defeat Elys the Frostborne and Elegyas the Auditor, the final two encounters of the Complex.
    • Stay Frosty: Defeat Elys the Frostborne while under the effects of Harsh Winter, Frost Fingers, and Icy Intuition.
    • Who Wants a Cold One?: Detonate a Zero Ice Bomb only once under Elys without detonating any other bombs and finishing the encounter.
      • Wardwalking: Complete Elegyas' trial after walking the real world and the spark circle only once in the encounter.
      • The Darkness There: During the entire Elegyas encounter, no one takes any damage from Pitch Blast.
      • So I'll Never See the Sparks: Defeat Elegyas without anyone dying during the fight.
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