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The R.B. The R.B. 5 August 2019


The Inferno fades, a moment of peace in an ever changing world. In a world such as this, ones work is never done, one must always be vigilant, lest those that would see the world thrust into ruin gain the upper hand; such is the price of freedom.

But for now, the world is open, nothing stands in the way of freeodm. The land of Ibeon is now free from the shadow of the Inferno, the storms and shadows that guard the world border fade; Ibeon can now claim its rightful place among the great lands of the material plane. There is more beyond the horizon than the lands of Ibeon; worlds never seen, and wonders beyond imagining.

In the worlds beyond, your troubles are worth nothing, and your accomplishments even less.

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 21 July 2019

The world will never be the same.

The world will never be the same. It has become a ghost of what it could have been. Reality has been compromised. A tear exists now in the sky containing malevolence so incomprehensible that your ideas of evil and malice would fold your own existence before your very eyes. And yet you stay here, huddling around your morals, your ethics, your constitutions of what is right, what is wrong, that you fail to see reality the way it is around you. What is around you should be common knowledge, but only the strongest can access this reality, seeing it as they wish to. It is your only solace, your only chance of survival, your only chance to see reality the way it absolutely is. But if you do not, you will never come to see what could be, what re…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 11 September 2017

LegendsCon V

LegendsCon V is the fifth LegendsCon held. Same.

  • 1 Discussions
    • 1.1 Patch X-27: Mysteries of the Deep
    • 1.2 Patch X-28: Shadows of the Fall
    • 1.3 Patch X-29: Wrath of Kromlord
    • 1.4 Patch X-30: As The World Turns
  • 2 Next Expansion

Patches X-27 through X-30 were discussed that would end the expansion of A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn. Players have discovered the Godgigum Chalice and have recovered the Godgigum Topaz, one of the five gems, and have reclaimed the said chalice in Val'dar.

In this patch, the raiders, with the assistance of Gaidra, find out one of the gems, the Godgigum Emerald, is located on the dangerous sancturary island known as Xesan Atoll. As raiders journey with Augustus and Ancieus Uredos, Ancieus gets plagued with an unknown illness from whic…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 12 May 2015

X-22 PTR Build 10801 Notes

This patch unearths the background content behind the X-22 patch.

  • A new raid, Fjellkarna, a large, colossal mountain expanse
    • Features 11 bosses, 8 prime boss encounters and 3 optional bosses
    • 10 mini bosses to be found around the mountain
    • Many rare elites and events such as a battlefield, gauntlet events and siege attacks
    • The raid is meant to be more explorative, featuring many events and mobs
    • Will be split into four zones for Raid queues (3,3,3,1)
    • Bosses:
      • Rak'mar
      • Ysgrad'gilas the High Hammer*
      • Wroth'gilas the Drakefire*
      • Saungor Arcknight
      • Wyriad'Moor
      • Angar'gilas
      • Myris'shai the Lord Spellbinder*
      • Kopakus
      • General Shivjaw
      • Arynor'Kylas
      • Sapellus
    • Mini Bosses (The Saungoth Champions)
      • Redscale
      • Durge the Boneripper
      • Onyxtooth
      • Iceblade the Blizzard
      • Rocktongue
      • The Crusher
      • Oreno …
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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 1 May 2015

X-22 PTR Build 10714 Notes

In this data build, there will be detailed items and mob names found in the X-22 raid. Only some are listed.

  • 1 Listed mobs
  • 2 Shared drop items
    • 2.1 Legendary items
    • 2.2 Godly items
    • 2.3 Fabled items

This contains some mob information.

  • Saunoth Savage
  • Daggertooth Defender
  • Daggertooth Patriarch
  • Daggertooth Malefist
  • Daggertooth Spineripper
  • Daggertooth Brute
  • Goldspine Daggertooth

All legendary items are iL 242, godlies are iL 254, and Fabled is iL 308 (Fabled item level is universal per expansion)

  • Gar's Limbripper (melee dagger)
  • Bite of Ravaging (magic dagger)
  • Arckon Icicle (throwing weapon)
  • Nothian Scimitar (ATK sword)
  • Cyanic Slasher (SP ATK sword)
  • Brain Pummeler (ATK mace)
  • Fist of the Blue Light (SP ATK mace)
  • Rockface (ATK hammer)
  • Magick's Wrath (SP ATK hammer)
  • Nordtear (ATK axe)
  • Drog…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 27 April 2015

X-22 PTR Build 10693 Notes

Here I'll feature some extra features included in X-22 which I hope to include. In addition, as I lost all my notes, I'm trying to remember every achievement I had on there.

  • 1 Rewards from Questline
  • 2 Achievements related to X-22
  • 3 Some Mounts
  • 4 Data Mobs

Consists of a choice between three iL 262 weapons. To be on par with the majestic questline bow/staff.

  • Mocanum, Branch of the Nordian Trees
  • Florok, Spine of the Saunoth Overlord
  • Ragnas, Edge of the Arck Mountain

These achievements are a bit of exploration for the X-22 raid, which I hope to input.

  • Sawed-Off Champion: Defeat all the Saunoth champions in the X-22 raid.
  • I Remember You, from the Mountains: Activate all three Arck Stone focuses during the X-22 raid.
  • Journey That Bites: Prevent the Permafrost s…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 16 April 2015

X-22 PTR Build 10646 Notes

Hello folks. Felt like doing a data-mine thingy, anyways. Patch X-21 is nearly done, and I just compiled a few things that will be added in Patch X-22.

Possibly a reference to the Mjolnord tribe.

  1. Fetching the Kipper, The School of Magic, Bowing Down, Hammers of Thunder, Lightning's Call
  2. Trials of the Mjolnord
  3. A Land in the Mist
  4. Tower of Roars, Garden of Runes, Thanes Within Flames
  5. Frost War
  6. Blankets of Snow, Arcane Negotiations
  7. Looking Within the Glass
  8. Saw of the Saunoth, Mother of Woe, Father of Hate
  9. Race of Betrayal
  10. Scimitars of the Sand
  11. Tip of the Iceberge
  12. Stone of Arc, Down the Bearded Road
  13. Raining Blood
  14. Coldheart

Rewards for completing the entire questline include an iL 262 weapon to be on par with the Majestic questline weapon.

The questline continues!

  1. Kill ???
  2. R…

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The R.B. The R.B. 12 January 2015

Well Well Well 22

It's a new year, and a new year means new content!

There are big things coming friends, trust me. Nick and I have met to plan out the next expansion and subsequent patches, and I must say, I'm excited!

So what's coming up? I want to say, oh how I want to say! But alas, I wish to keep what is coming up a surprise. For the most part.

It was a content drought to end all content droughts! Honestly, I have no idea why Nick and I never updated, we have all the time in the world to do so!

But now we have a plan! So here's what I'm willing to tell you:

  • The first big raid you'll venture into is Glaecon, located on Glaecings. Now this isn't a secret, the beginnings have already been posted! But once everything is out will you realize the true might of th…

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The R.B. The R.B. 23 September 2014

Well Well Well 21

Greetings friends and enemies alike! It's been awhile since I've done one of these eh? February I do believe was the last one. Why has it been so long one might ask? Quite frankly I've been very busy, even more so now that I'm in school. But there in is something strange; I find myself with more work, while at the same time I have more free time because of it.

So what does that mean for me? Well hopefully I can actually get more work done and more frequently done here. Now I don't remember where we left off wokring on X-20, I don't know if Nick has progressed in any other way, but I will hopefuly progress more in my own way.

I have plans, oh do I have plans, I just have to regain my grasp of where we are in the story.

It's been awhile since I…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 17 February 2014

And On My End IX

Today I'm gonna be talking about stats, STATS. Not that terrible class people encounter in University due to their will, but rather stats in the game.

As such, we all know what follows. Stats are ATK, DEF, SP ATK, SP DEF. For more, see Item Stats.

Now, for getting items in game, as one goes from undistinguished (or artifact) to godly and majestic, the stat total improves a hell of a lot better. We added Amplification for old raiders and adventurers to have items up to par or better than ones found in TWR, for a price. There's a formula that follows to determine the best items, let's say, using legendaries and godlies.

Epic quest reward -> epic dungeon loot -> legendary quest reward -> legendary dungeon loot -> legendary raid loot -> godly que…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 23 January 2014

Summary of an Epic Evening

Hello! The RB and I have discussed the future of content.

The nineteenth patch drop is imminent. Stay tuned for this wicked penultimate patch!

The last patch of the expansion. It's been nearly two years since TWR has rolled out! Remember the last continent of the map, the Kingdom of the New Sigil? You know, the one where you could see land, surrounded by a verdant force field that burned your souls? It's here, and it's called Wrulth'Danil. Wrulth'Danil is the final hub for players alike, being a Level 110 zone. Many tough quests will be here, this will be the first time a zone is released with a patch. Here are some features:

  • There will be two settlements, for the Brotherhood, their lies Ghost Hammer, and for the Confederacy, likes Sky Howl, two…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 22 January 2014

And On My End VIII

Hopefully the RB and myself can discuss the remainder of TWR (x-19 and X-20) and starting our next expansion perhaps. Can you believe TWR has been out for almost two years?

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 30 May 2013

And On My End VII

I lied about X-15 deets in this blog, but you got it all from the PTR beta.

As much as I loved X-15, it's final boss and bosses, lore, and characters, it's saddening enough that the patch eventually must come to an end, and on towards new frontiers!

Patch X-16 now has hit the shelves for download. Face the might of a brutal dragon, known as Obsidirain. He's insane, he was checked!

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 8 March 2013

And On My End VI

Welcome! This post is to be kept short and sweet.

This weekend The R.B. and I are to discuss X-15, which is to be one of the most epic patches to date. I would spoil what we have so far, but at the moment that wouldn't do. I recommend checking out and completing the Loss'end Questline. It may be just run and puzzle, but all will piece together, as Deathlius isn't completely finished yet.

Also for a bonus, you may or may not have heard of The R.B.'s Vision and the Voice story. So far it has over 10,000 words and is worth a read from my interpretation of his epicness. (I haven't read it yet, but you will know it is unbelievable)

In my next blog, And On My End VII, X-15 details will be exploited. For now, they are hidden.

Keep an eye out. That shie…

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The R.B. The R.B. 4 February 2013

Well Well Well 20

Patch X-14 is chugging along, if it is doing do nicely, I do not know, regardless, this is unrelated to the patch, or even future patches, no spoilers or sneak peeks for those who want them. Instead, this has to do with my writing. As we should all know from my previous entry, my work on the "Vision and the Voice" story is coming along nicely, but I have plans for future stories. 

Long ago I started writing a story for Old Polcro, not one that was merely what we see in the game, but everything to do with Old Polcro, everything from its founding to its fall. I might begin work on that again after I'm done with the Vision and the Voice. 

Next up, as seen on here, I have been working quite intently on the Legends of Old questline, so guess what…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 2 February 2013

And On My End V

Welcome to another exciting blog post. Today I'll be discussing plans for our second expansion and about my upcoming patches. Kind of a behind the scenes.

The R.B.'s Echoes is now live. Believe me, it's surrounding me with more mystery boss-wise than the rest of you players. I don't even know how many bosses exist in the instance yet, minus the ones he's revealed.

After what is said and done, Patch X-15 will be live. As much as I want to release X-16 soon as well, this one will probably be the most epic patch yet. It is a combo patch. Once X-14 is done, we'll be discussing the raid and it's bosses. I have a main idea for the background. It'll be like with Old Polcro in X-1 where we used R.B.'s characters. X-15 is sort of the "mirror" of X-15 …

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The R.B. The R.B. 30 January 2013

A Short Excerpt

As none of you may know, considering I've only told maybe two people about this, I have been working on a written story version of the "Vision and the Voice" questline. I may not be the best writter, but I believe my skill in creating literary works is fine. So I give you, a short excerpt from the story. Looking at the questline compared to the story, I'm writting in the area of the second quest (Deeper Into Converged Space).

“It was thanks to you that I was able to save my ancestral home.” he sheathed his axe again, before stepping out of the door. Tylious lived in the Valley, despite his hatred for the pureness of the City of the Sky. Thankfully he was able to build a small house on the other side of the Valley, near the second mountain r…

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The R.B. The R.B. 20 January 2013

Well Well Well 19

Greetings peoples, I have come bearing a message.

I have decided to change my format for my next patch. It will now come with only one 5-man dungeon, primarily to further the Legends of Old questline I'm working on. To compensate, I am going to expand on the raid, adding a few additional bosses. As an added note, I don't know how many bosses there will be, so instead of coming up with them all at once, I will post the first boss and the last boss, and fill in the rest as I go, stopping when I feel it's appropriate. It will add a little bit of mystery to it, so prepare for the unexpected.


The R.B.

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 16 October 2012

And On My End IV

Hello there! Today I'll be discussing a few things this month!

Yep, brace yourselves for the Halloween Event! To see what you can win, see List of Exclusive Items. It'll be creepy, scary, and maybe even some good spine chillers.

Later this month or the beginning of November, X-13 will be released! Hold onto your raid gear!

I've been delving in my mind and past books, and been wondering. Here are my main ideas.

  • Big questlines: Not like "kill 40 sheep". More like the Secret World questline.
  • Should there be a Titular Cape and Minigame Cape included in the Capes of Accomplishment?
  • New Skills: Should there be new skills added to the game?

As for the new skills, I've considered Sailing, and Astronomy. I'm not sure yet, if I created these skills they ha…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 8 September 2012

And On My End III

Welcome to another "And On My End". Here I'll be giving some tidbits about my upcoming patch, as well as bits and pieces I plan to finish this September.

  • Finish X-11. I suffered some demotivation and I've been busy I guess.
  • Add more images and loot tables.
  • Start some X-13 lore. It's probably (along with X-18) my biggest lore update so far.
  • Do the Secret World questline.

Oh yeah, those tidbits.

X-13's instance will take place in the Bloody Fjord, a continent so red, blood adds nothing to the wasteland. It will have a good questline which I'll be adding shortly. One five man will enter this patch, known as the Scarlet Forge. You'll be able to enter it from beating the fourth quest, and it has to be beaten, or else the new uber won't be available. …

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The R.B. The R.B. 24 July 2012

Well Well Well 18

So, with the go ahead from Nick, there is only one thing I have to say:


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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 24 July 2012

And On My End II

I apologize for the lack of content on the wiki I have made. I WAS supposed to have X-11's stuff all out by the end of June, but this isn't the case. Soon enough, X-12 will begin (as you know, our patches are always in game, it's just on the wiki where you can read about them is different) and I'll be finishing X-11. I may help with X-12 (probably, just icons and what not) but I have great plans for X-13.

Until next time.


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The R.B. The R.B. 30 June 2012

Well Well Well 17

Just a heads up for you guys.

Things here might slow down a bit for the next little while, I'm guessing things will pick up around late July to early August. The reason being that, as far as I have read and heard, Nick is going on vacation in Germany I think? Anyway, seeing as he is the one in-charge of X-11, and the being in Germany and all, he might not be able to edit. At least I think he might not be able to edit, I don't know if he has a reliable source for internet access. Also, as of July 5 - 15 I won't really have time to edit aswell, for as like last year, I am working at the Calgary Stampede. So things will be slow around here for a bit.

That is all for now!


The R.B.

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 13 June 2012

And On My End

Welcome to And On My End.

Like my good friend the R.B.'s blog post. I shall tell you some of mine, the synopsis you may.

As you know, I'm doing X-11. This gives everyone time to get together their thoughts and ideas. Here's the synopsis for the next patches.

  • 1 Patch X-13
  • 2 Patch X-15
  • 3 Patch X-16
  • 4 Patch X-18
  • 5 Patch X-20

A spark of Tyranix Salumos flickers. Just like from Scarlance. In this patch you'll find out more about it and have some hefty resources to boot. You'll be fighting the final boss known as K'ril Xarkoroth.

The first TWR combo patch. All I can really say is, Tylious will be back for it, and you'll meet someone new. Deathlius.

If you love incredibly psychotic figures, you'll enjoy the final boss of this uber raid, Obsidirain.

This patch is…

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The R.B. The R.B. 11 June 2012

Well Well Well 16

Greetings friends!

With Omegaheim nearing completion, (finally I might add), things on my end will slow down a bit. My good friend Shadius, as you all know, is taking care of patch X-11 aswell as the pre-patch additions. This gives me plenty of time to get working on my patches for TWR. In this blog post, I will give you a little bit of information on all of the patches I am releasing, nothing to major, just a little taste of whats to come from me.

  • 1 Patch X-12
  • 2 Patch X-14
  • 3 Patch X-17
  • 4 Patch X-19

This patch is the one I have most prepared, and the one I am looking forward to the most. If you haven't already guessed, it involves the Old Ones, creatures like Tor'revar and Epsilar from Omegaheim. During those encounters you hear mention of a being n…

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The R.B. The R.B. 9 June 2012

Well Well Well 15

"I am sure you have many questions. That is to be expected after all you have done. How can we control the time waves and control the fabric of space, clearly this is the domain of Astrous and Voidlak?

The great being laughs.

Watch, and all will be explained. Open your mind, and all you've ever wanted to know, all you ever have and all you ever will know, shall be revealed!"


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The R.B. The R.B. 26 March 2012

Well Well Well 14

This is a quick post, about the Val'yler boss fight, and no, it is not about the mechanics, it's about the ending. Yes, I know this will release a new lore character, but I couldn't help myself, I have actually worked quite hard on this characters background, and couldn't help but continue her story. And besides, I've done it with Tylious, and how many very prominent female lore characters are there similer to Tylious? As far as I'm aware, none. So you can definately look forward to more of Val'yler in TWR, and considering I know her back story, it makes PERFECT sense.

Thats all for now, hope you enjoy her story:


The R.B.

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The R.B. The R.B. 21 March 2012

Well Well Well 13

With my WoW game time at an end, my wallet full of a whole lot of nothing, and almost nothing else to do in the meanwhile, you can expect me to at least try to get my stuff for X-10 up, considering I won't have very many distractions. That doesn't mean that I will get all of it up, I still have things I need to do, but it should at least be more frequent them usual. Now, as I sit here with my notebook in my lap I ask myself thus; "When will I get money!?"

Thats all for now!


The R.B.

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 10 March 2012


Greetings! After another blog post months ago, it is time.

How're you raiders enjoying Omegaheim? Truly an interesting, epic, and very powerful instance indeed. I can just wonder how many of you have already tried (and failed :D) on the last boss. We're not kidding with you, he is very hard.

This time around we were incredibly generous with the rewards. 5+ more mounts this patch? Yes. All because we think our fans are the greatest ever.

Anyways. Once Omegaheim is done (I HAVE NO IDEA WHEN) TWR is NEXT! Our first expansion will bring about tons of new stuff, but The R.B. and I must contine our hectic plans for it's everburning beginning. And then, rest assured, you will have what you want!

Just dropping off a few hints, but we added ONE MORE th…

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The R.B. The R.B. 10 February 2012

Well Well Well 12

Hello there ladies and gentlemen! After a few dissapointing months here at A Legends Legacy (at least in my opinion) we have finally started X10! A patch that should hopefully live up to the quality, and EPICNESS, as that of X1's Old Polcro. Instead of Rushing through it, we have talked, and have chosen NOT to choose a release date for the next patch, because that creates unwanted stress and reduces quality to reach said deadline (at least for me). Speaking of the next patches, Nick is incharge of X11 and I'm doing X12, and the idea of X12 is easy to spot, for it is forshadowed in Omegaheim boss encounters, and if your wondering what the name is, I suggest you go listen to the song "Magick" by The Klaxons, and see if you can pick it out.


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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 30 November 2011


Site now has chat and above toolbar.

Also, images and the searchbox seem to be fixed for now... thank the Wikia staff.

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 26 November 2011

New Loot Tables

Just showing the loot tables.

  • There will be no quantity, drop perc, or wealth assigned to it.
  • Just this:

The other drops and uber set will be available when applicable.

For mobs, simply will be just a list of loot.

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The R.B. The R.B. 23 November 2011




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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 11 November 2011

Need Help With A Patch?

Many adventurers out there haven't even beaten the towering Old Polcro or the sanctified Sacred Holme. Or haven't even begun their journeys into Patch raiding. Which is why I've decided to make a guides to:

  • I'm debating to do the whole of the patch, (maybe)
  • Uber instance guides!

These guides will have EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT. Wanna know how to dodge Tylious' shattering attack? Or Astrous and Voidlak's Clash of the Titans? Then here you go.

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 3 November 2011

X-7 Release, and our plans for X-8, X-9, and X-10

Hello everyone. You know me and blog posts.

I'm happy to announce that Patch X-7 will be hitting tonight, from between 10pm to 1am the next day! Download it now, and be happy!

For after X-7 is done (I'll try to be quick) X-8 and X-9, as said by Rory, are minimal compared to the others, and wants them done fast. As for when the Christmas season hits, Rory and I will be discussing X-10 for you players so we can make it the epicest of the epicest of patches, and to introduce to you guys, that endgame content (as least for the first game) is beyond amazing. As such, X-10 should be release just as December ends, or perhaps in January, or even later. X-8 and X-9 will be very quick patches indeed. Once X-10 has run it's course (we're finished all t…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 31 October 2011

X-7 Spoilers

Hello everyone, as it's a month from Christmas.

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The R.B. The R.B. 24 October 2011

Well Well Well 11

It's been awhile since I did one of these, but that is besides the point. All I want to say is that yes, lately my contributions have been few and far between, that is no need to worry however, as I worked out the next 5 bosses for The Desecrated Sanctuary, as well as the basics for my next to patches. You can expect the bosses to pop up over the next few days. That is all for now.


The R.B.

(SPOILERS! X8 will have to do with dwarves. As for X9, who knows, maybe the Skelden will make an appearance)

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 22 October 2011

Hello people, again.

Working on some box art for The War Reincarnated. The icon? Green. And black. It will be good, I promise you.

  • Coming along nicely. The R.B.'s Riven is quite epic.

  • I'm done everything. Wait till it goes up.

  • 1.6.1: Epicness.
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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 15 October 2011

The Broken Links Policy

I've started a broken links policy. You are free to join. Anyways, what it is is that if there is a unlinked link on a page, please make one, to keep it going. If you feel you have the know-how by all means edit it.

So if you see this:


Make it into an article, like this: Cats

That is all, have a nice day.

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 2 October 2011

Patch X-6 to X-11!

Hello everyone. Here are your deets on all upcoming patches (non-spoiler I remind you)

  • 1 Patch X-6: The Lost Lands of Desecration
  • 2 Patch X-7: Revenge of the Zodiac
  • 3 Patch X-8 and Patch X-9
  • 4 Patch X-10
  • 5 Patch X-11

Probably will start today.

  • This will be the R.B.'s greatest patch yet, filled with tons of lore, items, and some of the most epic bosses ever encountered.

Start soon enough.

  • My greatest patch yet. You'll see soon enough.

Unknown at the moment, however, it has been said they will not be as EPIC as X-6.

  • It will bring a world event to A Legend's Legacy. Get prepared for this endgame patch.

  • Already finished everything for it.
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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 28 September 2011

Our Next Two Releases

Hey everyone!

It has come to my attention the public know what LL is up to.

X-6 will be released by the end of this week. It will most likely last a month. So till the end of October. Then X-7 will hit the streets.

So keep your blades sharp, the Lord in X-6 awaits!

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The R.B. The R.B. 28 September 2011

well well well 10

well... my tenth "well well well" post. In honor of such a.... rare? Occasion, I will give you some news, that atleast I am happy about. It's about my D&D Module (You know, the one about Old Polcro) and my story (You know, the one about Old Polcro). Since I have recently come to obtain Microsoft Word, I can REALLY begin on working on these. Now, a bit about both.

Legends Legacy vs. D&D:

It's been a longtime coming, but now work can start rolling past the... Working in a note book stage. As you ALL should know, D&D books are divided into 2 columns per page, why? I don't know. But I have recently come into knowledge about how to divide pages into columns (Thanks Napoleon Bonaparte. Your memory LIVES ON!) So I can make it look as if it's an act…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 24 September 2011

Hello everyone. Just a wiki coding fix.

Hello everyone. Our color text system is now different... so here's the new coding for that:


Title text

[%[Example link target|Title text]]

Delete the % icon, and copy and paste. However, I can send you an email as well about the fix.

The left is the link part, so technically, it saves you 5 seconds.

That's all. Thanks.

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 23 September 2011

Indeed No. 1

I'll give you some stuff, stuff I said at LegendsCon, about X-7. Yes yes, go document it damnit.

  • Alright, there will be 18 bosses. Not as much as X-6, but it will be enough.
  • 12 of them, the main bosses, are revolved around the Chinese Zodiac. They are both representative of a symbol, however, this doesn't mean you'll be fighting a horse for the Horse part. However, that one does drop a mount!
  • 6 other ones can only be accessed after one exclusive item is obtained from completing the instance.
  • That exclusive item is a necklace, the other one is a cape.
  • Yes, there is a lore part to it, stay tuned for now.

Who knows, I might even release the names of the items soon enough.

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The R.B. The R.B. 16 September 2011

well well well 9

Alright I'm caving, a small spoiler for X6, not big, just something to look forward to. With the patch I am releasing 2, count em' 2, questlines. It may seem ridiculous, but they are INCREDIBLY story driven, I already have them worked out, and besides, one of them is quite short, not incredibly short, it will take you around a bit, but it is certaintly shorter than the other.

QUEST 1: Make something

QUEST 2: Get Somewhere

That is ALL, I will try not to cave again and release more.



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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 14 September 2011

Important Info You Should Know About

-This includes the R.B. (Well, one question)

  • 1 So what's up with the patches?
  • 2 Can you spoil anything for X-6?
  • 3 About X-7?
  • 4 X-10 is the last patch? :(
  • 5 X-11?

X-5, as said earlier, is our first combo patch. You can probably tell what is already making it up. As for X-6, the R.B. is making it. X-7 will be in my hands. For X-8 and X-9, R.B.'s, and X-10 is our second combo patch.

Certainly not. Well, not now. I already know what the uber weapon is and everything, even the final boss. But I'll leave that to the R.B. It's his patch anyways.

He did say something about engineer friends. But oh well what is that supposed to mean :)

Absolutely not. Except keep your free running skills. That's all you are GETTING.

Yes, X-10 is the final patch for A Legend's Lega…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 14 September 2011


Hello everyone. Welcome to yet another blog post. From me, that is.

The R.B. mentioned an idea to me about recreating popular instances in the game known as Minecraft. Therefore, MORE FLAT GROUND.

Anyways, we thought you should know, but Old Polcro comes first. Because it's X-1.

Have a nice day, as always.

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 10 September 2011

Ah... muffinsnappers!

It seems I can't remember where I put my pages for Me'khranax and the rest. There around here somewhere. This is the sort of crisis I hate to get in. Anyways... when I find them, be sure as hell to have Me'khranax up.

To hell with it, it's time you saw the uber weapon before the flames of Felrager rain upon yourselves.

  • [Krag'Vexra, Hand of Nightmares]

This son of a b*tch will be the prize of the X-5 raiders. It, along with the other two godly hammers dropped from Atru'Nexra will be some pretty powerful weapons.

  • The image file for it has already been created.
  • It's stat total is over 1,000.
  • It will cost over 340 and some to get it.
  • That's all you are getting for now.

As you are wondering, both of these are in the works. The R.B. has told me some stuff a…

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Nick Shadius Nick Shadius 29 August 2011

Introducing Hidden Updates

Hello everyone. It has come to my attention that while you wait for some new content, I shall release a bit of extra content to you, yourselves, truly. So here's Hidden Update 1 summed up for you:

Brand new mobs (or more or less related)

  • Valkyries . (Valkyrie , Kyrie Flier , Valkyrie Lance Strider , Gale Kyrie )
  • The all new Imp Jockey.
  • Tons of new spiders and scorpions. (Cobalt Spider , Titanium Spider , Lasertail Scorpion , Scorp Corp )
  • Perforation Dragon.

Skill Updates (minis, but good nonetheless)

  • Engineers at a Level of 75 can now make the all new Slider Cube .
  • Construction workers can now add a new variant of chest to their room, namely after jewels.
  • Herbalists are in luck, as they can now make two new potions, the Kyrie's Bloom and Despair Acid.

Some achievements (…

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The R.B. The R.B. 28 August 2011

well well well 8

X6! AUGHHH! SO MUCH LORE! IT'S GIVING ME SHIVERS! I want to reveal a lot of things about it, but I swore to release no spoilers.... Okay maybe one or two.

There are gonna be characters you are very familiar with, even, shall we say family names? Expect to be shocked.

Also, patch X6 will directly relate to 2 previous patches.

Thats all for now.


The R.B.

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