IconSmall_RaidSkull.png IconSmall_RaidCross.png Caelastiae


Dread Estate, Alnaphadra


Proxy, Vlich, Neverend, Dark elf

End boss

Alathazdrad (Tactics)



Advised Level


Player Limit

25 (Adventurer), 10-25 (Standard, Master, Hardcore), 20 (Rising)


Completion of the Alnaphadra questline


1 week



The Caelastiae is a raid introduced in A Legend's Legacy: Risen Sun, and serves as the pinnacle raid of Patch X-39: Realms Beyond Reality. Gaining access to the complex requires completing quests in Alnaphdra, ending with the defeat of Alathazdrad, one of the Seven Sols and forcing him into the dimension. After failing to recover the Paradox Orb from the Remnantia Complex, the Blades of Inxis seek to find answers in the Caelastiae, a tether of realms within a pocket dimension of both the Shardlord and Alathazdrad's making that may allow them to gain powers to discover the Shardlord's location. However, not all is as it seems...

Within the realms beyond, the Shardlord and Alathazdrad, among others, created a realm within the expanse which lies within the veil, that being named Caelastiae. Inside, Alathazdrad, secretly conspiring with the now hidden Xin No Sai, due to his defeat during Alnaphadra, houses and bolsters his own secret force for his own nefarious ends. The Blades of Inxis seek to find the secret worlds hidden within that may provide access to the Shardlord's undisclosed location to battle him once and for all, especially during Deathlius' revelation that "the real Shardlord" isn't on Outhesta, carrying an appearance unlike a Proxy. After saving many of his mother's kind, the Valkyrion led assistance as players chase down Alathazdrad, who has his own mysterious agendas to attend to.

The instance features twelve bosses and many secrets that lead to the game's story and progression, and further enhances the worlds they can explore. The raid itself is near the estate, but players can portal into the nexus to see the different worlds hidden within, revealed in the next patch in particular - the Paxtopia. Players may further progress on Salvator's Sacred Treasures questline here, and find multiple resources for new equipment. Dependent on the difficulty, players may enter based on item level and or requirements from quests and achievements. 

Attunement[edit | edit source]

To enter the raid, different requirements are needed:

  • Adventurer: Item level requirement.
  • Standard, Master, Hardened: Liberation of the Fallen: Complete the questline to liberate Alnaphadra and chase Alathazdrad to the final hiding place!
  • Rising: Prestige of the Caelastiae Raider: Complete all the non-Rising achievements inside the Caelastiae instance.

Adventurer difficulty can be queued after reaching a certain item level. To get into the three main difficulties, players must complete the intro questline to the raid. To unlock the Rising difficulty, players must obtain all of the non-Rising achievements, which includes achievements related to the overall raid, boss mechanics, and even surviving a fight flawlessly.

History[edit | edit source]

The very nature of Caelastiae is a mystery, but with the use of the Paradox Equation, a pocket dimension that can expand into other, smaller dimensions was created. The nexus was an invention of Alathazdrad's, though the Shardlord was said to perfect it, using the nexus to fastly transport troops of the Shard of the Sun. However, it is rumored that it was a secret discovery of the mysterious Daedros Loss'end, Deathlius' elder brother, and that it was uncovered by the Shard and used for their own ends. Alathazdrad isn't shy to stealing credit for what isn't rightfully is, as that was evidence of why Kaijin No Sai saw him as a failure of an apprentice.

Storyline[edit | edit source]


Layout[edit | edit source]


Encounters[edit | edit source]

The complex features twelve bosses across four sections.

Somnimortum[edit | edit source]

  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Nathalia the Fallen: A fallen member of the Valkyrion, an ancient, battle-tested race of winged beings, and Nathalia was one of their finest, corrupted by the dark magicks at Alathazdrad's disposal. Despite his defeat, he wasn't without reward. Using his vile sorceries, and her combination of battle mastery and weapon skills, Nathalia seeks to bring down any rebellion that stands in her master's way.
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Malakar and Malakaz: The twin apprentices of Alathazdrad, ever-so competitive for his attention and secrets. Using portal devices of their own, the two have access to minions from undisclosed worlds that know nothing but battle. Alathazdrad has gifted them as a "parting gift" of powerful runestones that both have coveted knowledge of, but no so much willing to share.
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Dare'garth: A crude devoured that has earned the ire of Alathazdrad at several key points, the Dare'garth seeks to consume the small worlds within the nexus one by one, though it knows that time isn't its ally. Now focused at the fresh meals the adventurers pose, Dare'garth has latched onto savoring the souls of his new foes before consuming the planet he lies on.
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Fujisaigon: Fujisaigon was once a draconic protector of the No Sai, gone missing for generations, and was known as one of the last living members of the Jade dragonflight. How he ended here in this infinite nexus remains a mystery, but with his dying breath, he may reveal his innermost kept secret.

Enimmori[edit | edit source]

  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Animwrath: One of Alathazdrad's finest creations, the Animwrath, as it moves, absorbs the souls of the fallen as it walks among them, in the hopes that it may be unleashed upon Outhria. As a final excursion and training exercise, the Animwrath and its arsenal will test the mettle of the adventurers to see what is it truly capable of.
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Hope'rein: A mysterious visitor from a long-lost world, kept in captivity, and twisted by Alathazdrad's associates. No one, not even Alathazdrad, knows of its power, all that it was the most considerable ideal to keep it contained. A silent and malicious heart is all that is known of this creature, and that when freed, it will soon begin to consume.
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Varo Harmonizer: After Varo Bartholomew fell, hidden for years, his work for the Sun Harmonizer was considered vanished... but it remained in the hands of his associates. A device that contains mind-amplifying and corrupting powers, Alathazdrad, console commands in hand, wishes to see Varo's work materialized, even if his own associates fall to it.
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG X-1 Solvrynn: The Solvrynn are winged being-like constructs similar to that of angels or demons, armed with considerable firepower and Solium reserves. In a more recent construction, Alathazdrad managed to recover a prototype, using it for his own ends. Even he doesn't know its combat capabilities, but he does know one thing for sure - it being an invention of Nova's illustrates its vital use to the Shard of the Sun.

Consequmiseri[edit | edit source]

  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Aqri'ox: A vicious, malevolent being, known as Aqri'ox. scoured the universe for souls to destroy, feed on, and corrupt. The Shardlord once bested this vile aberration, leaving it to die on the planet of Salran, which was too late to save. How it appears in the Caelastiae is a mystery, but one may suspect Alathazdrad's "other" friends may have had a hand...
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Vlaadkar: An offspring of the vile Vlaadtu, the Unspeakable Evil and Vlaadra that survived the destruction of the eggs after the former's defeat in the Eye of Malevolence. Seeking to know answers about its kind, Alathazdrad raised his own, turning it into a weapon of war and destruction that fed on the souls of the worlds he opened links to. Vlaadkar is perhaps a suggestion that Alathazdrad may have possessed attachments.
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Jase Tetsufury: A shade born for power, strength, resilience, and one may have once called him a hero. The former Deathrook associate saw weakness in his former leader and went on a path to find his own answers, questioning the Kul Reaper's ways and disputing the Blades of Inxis quest for unity with that of the Shard of the Sun's. It all had led to this, and Jase deems himself beyond turning back, resolute in his ways to shatter the dream of unity the Blades desire.

Apocalypsis[edit | edit source]

  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Alathazdrad: One of the most secretive of the Seven Sols, and one of the most cunning, malicious, and powerful. Alathazdrad held powers that rivaled that of the Guardians of Soltopia, and remained one of the most sought after users of dark magic and portal spells. His years of study led him to an apprenticeship under Kaijin No Sai, considerable perfection within Soltopia Academy, and eventually, stature within the Shard of the Sun. However, Alathazdrad, like many warmongers he encountered and defeated, sought power. Absolute power, and within his own world, he may finally have his lifelong desire.

Resources and Loot[edit | edit source]


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Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Caelastiae
  • Master: Caelastiae
  • Hardened: Caelastiae
  • Rising: Caelastiae
    • Remember the Valkyrion: Defeat Nathalia on Standard or higher after destroying the Warmastery Banner.
    • Rule of Two: Defeat Malakar and Malakaz after they both consumed the energies of their runestones on Standard or higher.
    • Stomach Ache: Destroy Dare'garth on Standard or higher after eliminating the Spectral Elder on Standard or higher.
    • Rest in Pieces: Defeat Fujisaigon on Standard or higher with all players receiving the Blessing of Jin.
      • Soul-Searching: With all players finding a linked soul, complete the Animwrath battle on Standard or higher.
      • Hope'wane: Defeat Hope'rein on Standard or Higher after freeing ten Waning Souls on Standard or higher.
      • Malady Melody: Complete the Varo Harmonizer encounter on Standard or higher after reciting the secret ballad.
      • Going Supernova: Have two Supernova spheres link up and explode three times, then defeat the prototype Solvrynn on Standard or higher.
        • For Salran: Defeat Aqri'ox on Standard or higher after freeing the souls it had trapped.
        • Father and Son: Bring about the downfall on Vlaadkar on Standard or higher after defeating an Unspeakable Manifestation.
        • Face Your Fears: Defeat Jase Tetsufury on Standard or higher after all players are afflicted with Ominous Intent.
          • Friends in Weird Spaces: Defeat Alathazdrad on Standard or higher after conjuring a Wartorn Essence during the battle.

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