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The Dragon, Godvault Grandmaster, Master Tetsujin, Grandmaster, Grandmaster of Soltopia Academy, Un Gyda'r Cleddyf, Noble of Ultim Clama'kul, Savior of Outhesta, Champion of Outhesta, the Shardlord, the Vryllux, The Brightest Star, Lord of the Vryllon, Lord of Destiny, Sollord, Destiny's Majesty




Half-human, Half-Valkyrion


World Guardian

World Council (tentative)

Grandmaster of the Soltopia Academy (formerly)

Leader of the Shard of the Sun as the Shardlord (current)


Travelling guardian, leader of the Shard of the Sun faction, the "unmantled" Vryllux


Various, see below


See below


Aldaron Loss'end (father)

Lamaria Val'kyra (mother)

Deathlius Loss'end (brother)

Lucia (lover)

Shay Loss'end and Lucy Lossend (nephew and niece)

Klausom and Tueor (son and daughter)

Xej (companion)



Daedros Loss'end is the unmantled Vryllux, the former grandmaster of the Soltopia Academy, the sworn defender of Outhesta (along with Outhria, to an extent), and the former leader of the underground organization known as the Peacekeepers, which has become the legendary Shard of the Sun, acting as their Shardlord. Throughout the course of history, Daedros' actions bear such significance that he is regarded as one of the most powerful beings that has ever existed, bearing epithets such as "The Chosen One" and the "Brightest Light of the World". His drive towards securing world unity began from his quest to study at Soltopia Academy and seemingly concluded with his final battle against his brother in Vryllon Citadel.

He is also the older brother of Deathlius Loss'end, the unmantled Inxisjin and the former leader of the Blades of Inxis, as well as his ideological counterpart, and the son of Aldaron Loss'end and Lamaria Val'kyra. Revered as both extraordinary and legendary from a young age, Daedros was born with an abnormal, anomalous quality - the Paradox Sense from birth, whereas other individuals come to learn of it or gain its power. From this, he mastered the Paradox Vision at age seven and then the Paradox Ability at ten. During his travels, Daedros established himself as a being of impressive talents, including defeating Lucius Avaros, one of the greatest swordsmen alive, in a sword duel, re-discovering Solium, or Sol Energy, and how to harness it, discover ancient history surrounding the true makings of Outhria itself, becoming the grandmaster of the Soltopia Academy and thus reform its order, and begin events that would lead to a universe-wide liberation of several planets within the Almighty Expanse with the assistance of the Chronospatian Lucia, and the creation of the Peacekeepers that would unfold into the Shard of the Sun, where his grand design would be materialized.

During his tenure as the headmaster of Soltopia Academy, earning the role within three years of being there, and swore an oath to the Soltopia Seven that he would never let the academy, or [[[Soltopia]] itself, fall. On one dreadful day, the resurgence of the Ghosts of Iron, an extremist, evil-influenced organization assaulted the Academy, leaving destruction in their wake. Daedros himself challenged their leader, Ghost Iron to a duel that would be known as "two gods fighting". Despite his incredible power and capabilities, Daedros was forced to sacrifice himself to avert further destruction, as Ghost wielded powers that surpassed his at the time. Though he managed to save a great amount of Outhesta from being obliterated, his body was never found, and the Ghosts began a rapid campaign to secure the continent - the beginning of hope waning for its inhabitants as their greatest champion was defeated.

However, despite his apparent death, adventurers, Kaijin No Sai, and even his brother, Deathlius, discover that Daedros' body was never buried in the earth, leading to an allusion that he may be alive. During A Legend's Legacy: Risen Sun, players are led on a cat-and-mouse game to find him, due to Deathlius believing that his return could save the world against the Shard of the Sun. However, in the time between these events, Daedros was unleashing the next design of his plan which began his ascension to the Shardlord by stealing the Sigil of Sigillatica from the Kingdom of the New Sigil, and bearing live witness to the Primearch Rupturing, granting him a power regarded as the ultimate imperfection within the Paradox Equation - inexistence. However, in doing so, he attracted the attention of Xanados the Unmaker, wishing to use his capabilities to escape The Tear. Using this to his advantage, he sowed the seeds of the Shard and deployed God Artifacts such as The Source and the Aegis of Absolution to keep the Old Ones from interfering with his designs, resulting in being struck by the God Lock, forcing him into Destiny. From here, Daedros constructed the Vryllon Citadel and the Infinite Army of the Sun to defeat the Xanadian forces within the cosmos while he used the Equation to bleed through the celestial lock to return to Outhria where he began the War of the Risen Sun. The culmination of these events that followed bore him two enemies of commonality - the Blades of Inxis, led by Deathlius himself, and the Cult of Xan who worked to undermine his efforts for their own reasons. Eventually, Deathlius would then realize his most hated enemy and his brother were one and the same, and due to Daedros' efforts they dueled to the death to secure the fate of the universe, within Vryllon Citadel. After Daedros' defeat, Deathlius helps him seal The Tear containing Xanados, hindering his return for a period of time. In his final moments, Daedros declares Deathlius his superior and grateful his vision becoming a reality, by "doing all he could do". He imprints a glyph of Die on his head before they both die, and the Blades and the Infinite Army live on to carry both their respective and mutual legacies.

Being a vital character in A Legend's Legacy: Risen Sun, Daedros is the expansion's ultimate antagonist, though not was all it had seemed. His ultimate and grand design involved a battle with his brother that Xanados had also affected (Daedros with his inexistence qualities, and Deathlius bearing the Seed of Evil) to bear himself as the paragon of hatred so that when he dies, Xanados would lose something of prestigious value. His ideals and motives are ethically immoral, but logically sound, so that as much as Daedros is regarded as a tragic hero doing what he believed was absolutely necessary, even in his final moments.


Early Life

Daedros was born to Aldaron Loss'end and Lamaria Val'kyra; he is the eldest of two sons. In his youth, he was seen by his family, and others alike, as a human of unbelievable potential. The younger parts of his life he was said to have spent more time away from home, and was barely seen during the day. This eventually earned familial concern to which Daedros stayed only to see his parents smile. He would fight Deathlius in little spars to train him; Deathlius would state that one day, Daedros would say that he is above him, much to his chagrin. Once Daedros turned seven years old, he woke up and realized he could see the Paradox Equation. He began levitating and even changing the matter in his room. Keeping this a secret from his parents, Daedros began training his powers in secret. He was successful, though at times Deathlius did catch him, notably, once levitating a tree with his abilities. Once Daedros finished schooling, he confessed that he wished to be a teacher, and to be the most powerful warrior alive. Aldaron states that if Daedros did become the most powerful warrior alive, he would earn Endbane as a gift, which drew Deathlius' resentment into the mix, as he had desired to be the one who carries the blade. Deathlius says he fights more than Daedros; Daedros states that a true warrior never seeks trouble, he only answers its call.

When Daedros turned thirteen, he went off to Maelis Point, where the world's greatest magisters meet to discuss the upcoming talent. Daedros was seen as such an elite, that he was recommended to attend Soltopia Academy. When he reached the academy, Daedros was already seen as a master student within a month, being able to even defeat the teachers in magical combat, thanks to his prowess with the Paradox Vision. It wasn't long until even the Soltopia Seven (called the Six at the time) asked him to go under their wing, but Daedros wished to see his brother become a young man before he departed. As such, he studied under his parents, and one of the Soltopia Six - Verastus would teach him from time to time. Daedros wouldn't leave the Kingdoms until he was at least twenty-one years old, eight years after besting the teachers and earning Soltopia's recognition.

During the mix between these periods, Daedros began to learn the arts of several classes, such as warriors, mages, rangers, until he became notably sufficient at all of them. He departed to several areas of the Kingdom of the New Sigil and studied rather seriously, though he kept his affinity for magic, and would return to Ultim Clama'kul should he be summoned. Daedros understood the house struggle his family was in, being a member of Death'kul (or House Loss'end) within Clama'kul, and the Cramoria Remnants. He became disillusioned with the ideals of nobility and aristocracy over the years, wanting to heavily pursue his studies, as he felt "empty" without them.


Right before Deathlius turned 18, Aldaron asked the two sons to attend La Decorus, a spectacle of significance detailing Clama'kul's relations with the other kingdoms. While Deathlius participated in several of the festivity's events, Daedros went to mingling with several of the locals, keeping an eye on the events around there. It was at this time as well he had decided to journey to Outhesta and Soltopia, learning as well as he could over eight years, voicing the news to Deathlius as they planned to meet later that evening. During his excursion through Clama'kul's streets, he became further disillusioned with the centric surrounding nobility and status. While his family didn't bear significant ties to it as other houses, he despised the outlook of life the kingdom possessed.

Later that night, Daedros, late, because of his excursion met with Deathlius in Bladetree Forest, sparring like old times. After about an hour, Daedros finished again with the upper hand, defeating his younger sibling. Annoyed at his lack of ability, Deathlius points at Daedros, saying one day he'll address him as the better combatant, earning his respect. As they make their way back to Socia'kul, Daedros notifies Deathlius the time for him had come to depart to Outhesta to continue the next step of his journey. As they enter the Scarlet District, Deathlius attempts to reiterate to Daedros what he'll be missing once he leaves, to which Daedros states he'll have a bunch of "new experiences". He then points out a lady wearing a violet dress to Deathlius, asking if he finds her beautiful, to which Deathlius illustrates positivity. Daedros then beckons him to go talk to her, saying he's never seen Deathlius try such an idea. After laughing at his brother's failure, he witnesses him ask for a second chance, which only earns her smile and "a next time". The two then begin freerunning across the rooftops, navigating across the various structures throughout the city with an elegance in freedom. Deathlius then senses something is up, and tells Daedros he needs to check on something. Using his vision, Daedros witnesses Deathlius' first, unknown use of the Paradox Sense, sensing Rose is in danger. After Deathlius departs, two individuals in crow-like attire (Thanika and Roy Graddon) visit Daedros, discussing his grandfather, Rafael Loss'end's movements, as well as Aldaron's, indicating they're taking a leap in their spy missions. Daedros ushers them good fortune before checking on Deathlius, seeing that his senses did not fail him and he had earned Rose's respect, forming a smile across his face.

In the final week before departing for Outhesta, Daedros sat isolated within the Death'kul estate, reading through the Paradox Equation to try and locate Rafael to inquire on his plans. Seeing his growing concerns with the Ancient War in the equation, Daedros manifested crow-esque attire of his own, making his way to Drumgore, where Thanika and Roy stated a spy mission were to proceed. Hidden behind the scenes, Daedros saw Rafael amongst his colleagues, and even his own father in attendance. Investigating, Rafael revealed they will journey to Perdiditum City as the next part of their mission. Before departing, a ceremony was conducted in which Rafael stated it will be his last mission, entrusting Aldaron with Endbane, the family's heirloom sword. Aldaron stated he deserves no such thing; Rafael ushers he must protect Clama'kul at all costs. After learning of this, Daedros departs, meeting Aldaron at home. Daedros asks if everything is alright, and Aldaron feigns that it is. He then asks if Rafael passed down the sword finally, instead of jokingly, and Aldaron refused to acknowledge the matter. Seeing in his mind nothing but doubt and sadness, Daedros used the Paradox Ability to erase Aldaron's memory of the event, and instead put in a memory that he had passed of old age, which Aldaron would later echo to Deathlius.

As the final day came, Daedros wished farewell to his family, thanking them for everything he had been given, and that he will return as soon as he can, but also expressing how serious he will take the next chapter of his life. He then tells Deathlius, poking his head in addition, that the next time they meet, he better have earned the right to bear Endbane's blade. As he went on the ship to take him there, Daedros was overcome by emotions - he had a growing, dire suspicion that it would be the last time he would see his family together.

Studies in Soltopia

"Did you know then?"

"I knew he was capable of great things. But... what he was capable of was seemingly limitless."

- Deathlius Loss'end and Kaijin No Sai discussing the former's brother

Daedros arrived at Luxor Reach with Verastus, excited for the next step into his journey. After an excursion of the Reach, they travelled to Soltopia's gates, walking amongst the several other invitees to the Academy. He regarded Soltopia as the most beautiful city he had ever seen, even more than the "upper" districts of Clama'kul, citing some areas as their polar opposite. All the while, he noticed several practitioners of combat filled the streets. Stepping aside for a brief moment, he noticed one student bragging to his colleagues about the ferocity of his flames, before he unknowingly started setting a nearby structure on fire. Manifesting a wave of energy, Daedros contained the flame and then quickly used his Ability to restore the home to its unburnt state. His spectators were shocked, finding it odd how it wasn't burnt at all, and Daedros replied with that it must've been some good water magic he used, shuffling his shoulders in concern that he would jeopardize his secret.

The Soltopia's introduction feast began in which Daedros took part, and was greeted by the Soltopia Seven (Six, at the time). Before their speeches began, Daedros noticed a group of women attempting to get his attention, to which he didn't return their affections, sighing in that it would be a distraction, though it would be an inevitability. Before he left, he pondered on how much he would use the Vision whilst undertaking his studies, before shifting to wonder how many others had gifts similar to his - as one thing he realized is that through his brother, many can inherit the Sense, but beyond that he had no clue.

Within his studies, Daedros exceeded several limits, even defying norms and staying at the top of his classes in every practical regard. This earned recognition, in the form of both respect, but also contempt, notably envy and greed. Many a time others would try to bully him, only to be temporarily coerced, or silenced by trivial defeat. During a class with Professor Alacharm, Daedros grew increasingly irate, as his magicks were becoming corrupt in part to his classmates, and in the end an undesirable product was created. Furious, Daedros uses his magicks to form barriers around those responsible, locking them in place. A similar incident occurred in Brayden the Mixologist's room, where Daedros made several student's cauldrons explode. While it did no damage to his colleagues, it destroyed the classroom. It wasn't until later where a group of students wanted to make Daedros pay for his "unspeakable crimes". Daedros effortlessly defeated them, telling them to stay the hell out of his way. In a last fit of anger, he used the Ability to subject them to nightmares for a month straight, with all but one of the students needing medical attention for their grief and misfortune.

One night he had overheard the Soltopia Seven discuss their "prodigious student", which, by using the Vision, Daedros learned they were referring to him. While they were discussing, Daedros noticed only five of their members were present - Sinseid appeared behind him, who was rather investigatory of his abilities and threatened to expel him should he dare intrude on any further conversations between the Six. Daedros used the Vision, which Sinseid noticed, and retorted, saying no secret can be hidden from him, shocking Daedros in that he met another with the same power. From that day forward, Daedros vowed to think of a way to get back at Sinseid, though he did it out of his sight, as to not let his thoughts be easily revealed.

Becoming bored with the studies at the academy, Daedros soon came to realize his knowledge, though increasing, was reaching a plateau. He would use the Ability to manipulate objects and the Vision to reveal what was hidden within the Paradox Equation, insofar as to learning about the Six. He noticed something off about Sinseid, something he would remember for the future. In addition, he became exhausted with the overbearing of studies, looking for something more than just his work; despite his earlier forewarnings to himself about distraction, he recognized the inevitability.

One day, Grandmaster Shadgarth Daillan had visitors come to the Academy, notably Archmagistrix Viola, Bera Drage, and Lucius Avaros from Nordrasith. Lucius was keen in seeing the capabilities of the students in particular, seeing their magicks left, right, and center, but was speculative of their capabilities if their magicks failed them. Drawing his sword, he asked if any were interested in a duel. Varius Blackthorne, who was trained as an assassin before his tenure as a mage, accepted the challenge, soundly being defeated, though not without Lucius' respect. Several students also tried, being bested in intervals seemingly shorter than the previous. Daedros looked at Lucius with suspicion, curious if he could do such a task in besting him, as Lucius at the time was defeated by only three others. Creating a rapier identical to the one he used in Ultim Clama'kul using his ability, he sheathed it, walking forward to Lucius. Shadgarth paused him for a moment, asking if he knew who he was - Daedros simply replied he was about to find out. Asking Lucius if he was interested, Lucius accepted, and both drew their weapons. Before any exchange of swords occurred, Daedros was curious in if he should use his Paradox Ability, not out of a matter of cheating, but rather to see what it could do for him; he decided not to as it would dissatisfy him out of honor and respect. As Daedros and Lucius dueled, for a while as it had been, it drew several spectators. Lucius got the upper hand several times, but Daedros never faltered, replying with techniques of his own. The battle ended with Daedros drawing his blade, feeling as if time had slowed, and he noticed a faint, golden glow occur at the tip of his rapier before he disarmed Lucius, knocking his weapon aside. Both he and Lucius were shocked. Lucius congratulated him, asking of his name, but Daedros ran, rapier in hand. Lucius' allies and servitors thought of his opponent as unproper, unfit, uncourteous to a future king, but Lucius dismissed it, stating it felt good to taste defeat for the first time in years. Sinseid watched the battle in the distance, and began trailing Daedros near his dormitory. Daedros submerged his likeness in water, worrying that others would discover his capabilities and that he would be deemed an anomaly. He then wondered about what power arose when he disarmed Lucius, as he believed it wasn't his own. Sinseid, who had used his Vision to analyze Daedros' thoughts, left, curious about him. Daedros felt a shift in his mind that he was being invaded, and because of his Ability, determined it was Sinseid, but believed this discovery was insufficient to putting him "in his place".

During the academy's break in lessons, Daedros wrote home, wishing his family well in his endeavors, especially to Deathlius Loss'end, hoping he had increased in strength. Going to the Outhesta Wilds (known today as the Shardlord's Scar), he used the Paradox Equation to figure out what power he had drew upon time ago to disarm Lucius, thinking of it as a grand discovery for both himself and the Academy. Unable to draw out an answer, partly due to his knowledge-so-far of the Equation, Daedros sought to thoughts of the Ancient War which was looming in continents beyond. Recalling the events of Drumgore with his grandfather Rafael Loss'end, Daedros used his abilities to try and figure out the situation, but couldn't as the range between them was too far and his abilities weren't sufficient. His thoughts were interrupted by a monk, hands in pockets, with a smile on his face, identified as Kaijin No Sai. Kaijin was curious to meet "the disarmer" who had bested Lucius, stating the fact as extraordinary. Daedros attemped to make his leave, though Kaijin was insistent he showed him how he did it. He refused, stating even he doesn't know how - Kaijin then asks to show him what he can do, and to not "use your eyes to learn of me", shocking Daedros. Daedros then used his magicks to duel Kaijin, who in turned used his at distance, switching to close combat. Daedros, while adaptable with close combat, saw himself bested with strikes by the monk. Understanding his drive to become nothing but the best, Kaijin offers to teach Daedros what he knows if he will show him around the Academy. Finding the trade-off somewhat of a robbery in his favour, Daedros acquiesced, but was debating on what he should provide in addition.

Ascension to Grandmaster

"I am proud of the fact I got to teach the brothers Loss'end my ways... and both of you bear the title of Master."

- Kaijin No Sai on training both Deathlius and Daedros in the ways of the Tetsujin

Kaijin would instruct Daedros on the ways of the Tetsujin to increase his martial prowess and fighting ability. Daedros took it in stride, saying it separates those who are refined versus those who do it out of brutality. Within the month of the break between his studies, Daedros was regarded as a revered Tetsujin, learning rather quickly. Though he believed it was because of his secret talents, Kaijin expressed it was his affinity as a natural leader that led him to these accomplishments.

At one point, Kaijin invited the Jadewind Monks to duel Daedros to exemplify his capabilities. Master Tetsujin in their own right, their duels led to victories, defeats, and stalemates. During these battles however, Daedros noticed the faint gold glows appearing in his strikes again. He initially believed it was an inner use of the Light, but felt it as much more. After meeting the monks, they departed to Jadewind Beach. Kaijin asked Daedros to continue his studies, lending him several scrolls, and became a known visitor of the academy. Several individuals were curious of Kaijin's presence, so they met in solitude several times.

Daedros became fully invested in the politics surrounding the academy on his return to the studies there. Over the course of several months, he initiated both concern and interest from his colleagues of expanding the Academy's borders of knowledge to that of more than just magic, such as close-quarters combat and hunting. Several professors dismissed these ideas, believing that the Academy was meant to be one representing affinities of magic. Daedros would retort stating that Soltopia being the paragon of knowledge to the known world would benefit and attract further attention if it expanded. His stance on these matters would earn a lot of ire from others, though several took his side, some in the chance he would teach them additonal abilities. In some demonstrations, Daedros taught students how to shapeshift, and even reanimate the dead, though the latter was meant to be kept "secret" in worry. He joked stating he should teach it during Halloween.

Despite his views on the Academy, Daedros was an individual of significant recognition. Archmagistrix Viola visited numerous times to invite him to her own magical academy, but Daedros declined, stating his business belonged to Soltopia. Though saddened at his choice, Viola would watch Daedros with great interest, stating she'd "gladly" allow him to be the leader of their order if he changed his mind. Verastus, his former instructor and the headmaster under the Six asked them to make Daedros an instructor, saying he has more than enough talent to do so. This was met with mixed thoughts, as while it would be of great benefit, some were concerned he would spread what Varius Blackthorne describes as "malevolent indoctrination" that threatens what Soltopia stands for, referring to magical supremacy. Verastus joked about this claim, saying Varius has become quite self-indoctrinated himself upon taking the seat within the Six; Verastus was reprimanded in speaking, but the Six stated by majority it was a sound decision; Varius and Sinseid were opposed to it - Sinseid only out of the matter of envy, which he kept to himself.

Ascending to the rank of Professor, Daedros expressed that his classes would teach the curriculum required of his administration, but expressed that during free periods, he would teach other forms of magic and combat, making it quite clear to the Academy that despite their views, he will do such actions, even if it cost him his position. He did make a clear point that it would all be within ethical values. While the Six understood this, Varius grew uneasy with Daedros' growing capabilities, and Sinseid was curious, though clandestine, in what he would perform. Daedros would teach abilities relating to warriors, rangers, hunters, assassins, druids, summoners, paladins, priests, and necrolytes. Sinseid, learning of Daedros' abilities with necromancy, intrigued him, to the point where he was wondering how much longer he could hide his darkest secret.

In his free time away from teaching, Daedros practiced the ways of the Tetsujin further, showing Kaijin No Sai his improvements, and asking him if he reached the rank of Master if he would be allowed to instruct his students on the matter. Kaijin was grateful for the matter of respect he had for him, granting his blessing. Though after this, Daedros followed up, winking, that he would send them "his way".

Still concerned with the mysterious golden waves he saw at brief moments, Daedros sat in deep meditation, hiding in the Academy's clock tower, mentally reading into the Paradox Equation, trying to make it "tell" him about what it was. Unknown to him however, he was drawing in the power as he was doing it, almost as if the energy itself was sentient. Opening his Vision, he saw within the equation that the energy itself was natural, coming from the inner workings of the planet of Outhria itself, splitting into three strands. This abundance of information shocked him and made him have a sensory overload. Daedros understood now that it was called, in ancient times as the memories of the energy invaded and departed his mind in the same amount of time that it was called Solium, or Sol and divine energy. He quickly retreated to his dormitory with the discovery, keeping his notes in writing which he kept on his person. The thought of what it could become greatly excited Daedros.

Over time, Daedros became greatly empowered by the use of Solium, demonstrating it in secret on various forms of matter, and even creating objects out of it, sometimes even permanently. He managed to use all three strands of energy, based off resilience, power, and restoration, to great benefit. Daedros began a tome, charting all his notes and understandings of this power, which would later be his forefront power. After a month's continued progress, in which it was seen as tireless, he completed his tome, expressing interest to create more afterwards.

Forming the Peacekeepers

"The events we are about to unfold in Perdiditum could change the course of the war... and possibly the world. You're sure you want to do this?"

"I've seen what happens if it doesn't."

- Sinseid and Daedros debating launching Project Desire as members of the Peacekeepers

The Traveler's Plea

"It was her... Lucia... that gave me purpose in life."

- Daedros on his lover, Lucia, to Deathlius in Vryllon Citadel

The Vryllux's Crusade

"Countless worlds in the Almighty Expanse, he freed of malevolence of any volition, in the hunt for what was stolen from the Chronospatians but in turn to save them from the greatest enemy in the universe."

- The Chronospatian Paragons, about Daedros' crusade as the "unmantled" Vryllux

Attack of the Ghosts

"The one world he started his crusade didn't take his abilities lightly, but neither did they in regards to what was taken from them. The Ghosts paid a visit to the academy, and your brother paid the ultimate price."

- Kaiser Iron on Daedros to Deathlius after learning that Daedros had a brother

The Shard of the Sun

"For the longest time I had thought they were just a spy network, but they were always more than that. An army spanning of thousands, millions, and their stronghold was always on the other side of the goddamned planet."

- Deathlius on the Shard of the Sun

The Infinite Army

"Even though Majestus used the God Lock to "banish" the Shardlord from Outhria, he entered Destiny, where, with the abundance of solium, he began what was previously impossible - infinity, in the forms of our holy citadel, and the infinite legions he commands!

- Shadrien expressing the power that the Shardlord possesses

A Legend's Legacy: Risen Sun

"The world is nothing but a ghost of what it can become."


"If you don't believe, truly, that I want what's best, then this doesn't deserve to be yours."

- Daedros as the Shardlord to Vice Iron before "granting" him Doomasta Stronghold

Into the Abyss

"I'm glad to see that its not uncommon that friends remain at each other's sides. Now... we're even."

- The Shardlord to Kaijin No Sai after sealing up the majority of the Seed of Evil in Deathlius during the Battle of the Rain

Cry of Rain

"Make the most of your opportunity; you might not get another."

"Considering things so far, I like my chances."

- The Shardlord and Deathlius while they duel on top of the Remnantia Complex

Realms Beyond Reality

"My lord... HELP ME!"

"You did this to yourself once you sided with Xin."

- Alathazdrad begging for the Shardlord's assistance before being dismissed


"DO IT DEATHLIUS! Show me, finally after all these years... that you have finally surpassed me!"


- Daedros and Deathlius before the latter unleashes his finality in Vryllon Citadel


"I don't condone Daedros' actions, but were it not for him, I don't think we'd be commemorating the brothers Loss'end, let alone have a universe to exist in."

- Claudrien on Daedros.



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