Death Hand

The Death Hand is an incredibly powerful and GM only weapon, the most powerful weapon in the game, that is non-unlockable by normal players. It is used for "The hard business" indicating for people breaking the rules.

It has the power to instantly kill a player, regardless of armor absorbance, damage reduction, and invincibility buffs.


It is a GM only weapon, meaning that players will not be able to look like it.

It has been stated that it will NEVER be available to players.


  • Even though it can kill a player in a single hit, it can't be used against any type of monster. This is help so you can't kill every single enemy in the game, receiving loot. There is a lock in the code for this weapon.
  • It lacks the skull icon used for GM weapons. Instead it has an image of the blade icon. However it still says "Requires GM Moderation."
  • It is a mixture of all seven black skulled weapons. It has Nick's blade look and color, Spetznaz's handle, Grimmok's extra teeth on the side of the blade, OMNI's mechanism gear in the middle of the hilt, Grimbane's skull on the lower part of the hilt, The Creator's stars flowing around it, and Oraclos' three orbs around the middle of the blade as well.
  • It's damage modifier says 999,999-LEET Damage, indicating that it is... awesome.
  • Some say it could be a Majestic item.