Deathbringer Van, also known as "The Bringer of Blood" is the second boss of the Generals of Tylious, and the eleventh in the Old Polcro instance. His attacks sap your blood, he can also use fire attacks to burn people.

Combat_32.gif Deathbringer Van






??? Boss


17,100,500 (Prodigy)

37,875,600 (Master)




The Generals of Tylious, Old Polcro





Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • 32px-Spell_deathknight_bloodtap.png Harvest Blood: Draws in 15,000 health from all players. Uses every 2 minutes.
  • 32px-Spell_deathknight_bloodboil.png Blood Rising: Enrage. Lasts for 10 seconds. Deals twice the damage.
  • 32px-Spell_shadow_deathpact.png Fist of the Bringer: Deals 113,664 to 128,001 damage to a enemy player. Splash damage.
  • 32px-Spell_deathknight_bladedarmor.png Ripper's Axe: Deals 87,552 to 91,304 damage to an enemy, while sapping a quarter of the damage for health.
  • 32px-Spell_deathknight_deathstrike.png Medicinal Strike: Deals 100,000 damage to a player. 100,000 hp will be given to Deathbringer Van.
  • 32px-Inv_misc_leatherscrap_11.png Lava Quake: Opens up a lava quake, burning players, dealing 56,113 to 67,224 damage.
  • 32px-Spell_shadow_felmending.png Bringer's Minions: Summons 5 Blood Brothers of Van. (1.2m health) They will draw health from an enemy.
  • 32px-Spell_fire_selfdestruct.png Fireblood Blast: Burns 15,000 health off the target, deals 23,554 to 49,002 damage.
  • 32px-Spell_fire_fireball.png Ignite Blood: If under a rend attack from Van, it deals 113,008 to 124,078 damage. Otherwise it deals 52,110 to 67,889 damage.

Preparation[edit | edit source]

Healing is key to Van's attacks. Be very wary, and have alot of armor to avoid taking high damage.

Tactics[edit | edit source]


Quotes[edit | edit source]


  • Mali has fallen yet again. Worthless fool and his worthless poetry.
  • I will show you true power! Behold the Deathbringer!


  • Let me drain you of your living fluids!

Blood Harvest

  • That tastes divine...

Fist of the Bringer

  • Taste the fury of the blood essence!

Killing a Player

  • Forward to the next salvage!
  • More blood awaits!


  • I need... a blood sacrifice....

Loot[edit | edit source]

Master Only[edit | edit source]

Wealth[edit | edit source]


Achievements[edit | edit source]


16px-A_Legend%27s_Legacy_Icon.png Old Polcro
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