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You're right. Three times equals the charm, and that bastard better enjoy whatever life he has left, because he won't have another chance. [1]

Neutral_32.png Deathlius Loss'end


Thorn, The Main Event, Godvault Grandmaster, The Rook, Death's Demise, Lone Wolf, 12th Regiment's Wolf, Lord of the Deathpool Legion, The Champion of Kul, Grandmaster Tetsujin, Master Tetsujin, Lord of Deathrook, The Black Blade of Inxis, Rooklord, Lord of the Ravenscourt, The Endmaker, The Inxisjin




Half-human, Half-Valkyrion


World Guardian

Band of Heroes (former)

World Council (tentative)

Commander within the M.A.F. (former)

Overlord of the Deathpool Legion (defunct)

Overlord of Deathrook (current)

Overlord of the Blades of Inxis (current)


Travelling guardian, Overlord of both the Deathrook and Blades of Inxis factions, the "unmantled" Inxisjin


Various, see below


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Aldaron Loss'end (father)

Lamaria Val'kyra (mother)

Daedros Loss'end (brother)

Rose de Fleur (wife)

Shay Loss'end and Lucy Lossend (son and daughter)

Klausom and Tueor (missing nephews)

Fearless and Corva (companions)



Deathlius Loss'end is the lord of Death'kul, leader of his own mercenary army, and warlord of Outhria. He has been described as "the intellect of a mastermind, to the strength and dexterity of a warmonger."[2] Deathlius has had his soul torn by Grimmis, an Aspect of Death, during the Battle of Glaecings; on that day, he cheated death, something thought to be impossible to do, and overpowered Grimmis and won in a deadly battle.[3]

As the only mortal to ever cheated Death in such a way (by losing his soul and remaining alive), he was confronted by Death, in the form of a deal. Ones who lose their souls often die, but Deathlius ever dies again, Death claims him, forever until the End of all Things. Death has told Deathlius that he along with his family have "beared" a horrific curse and they must live through it. After recovering from Death'kul and the inundation of Esquire, Deathlius sets out with adventurers and comrades to fight against the wrong of the world, and bearing his hatred of the Shard of the Sun, the organization responsible for taking his family and for causing him his inner turmoil he feels towards the world itself. Deathlius later becomes a character that wishes to know more about the world, whether it be through combat or through soul searching.

Deathlius also has a reputation of breaking the fourth wall, a common factor in LL itself. Although he has a minor role in A Legend's Legacy, Deathlius came into a notable role of A Legend's Legacy: The War Reincarnated, and has been a major character throughout the entire LL universe. He has minor roles in A Legend's Legacy: Rise of Grimbane, where he defeats Esquire, and A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn, where his mission remains unseen. Deathlius' goal is to defeat the Shard of the Sun, no matter what it takes him. He serves as the main protagonist of A Legend's Legacy: Risen Sun, where he swears to defeat the Shardlord and the Shard once and for all.


Early Beginnings

Deathlius Loss'end was born to Aldaron Loss'end and Lamaria Val'kyra. His dad was a human, experimented on by his own father to save his life, and his mother was a fallen Valkyrion (Valkyrie). He is the second of two sons in his family. He had early aspirations to do well in combat training and excel in the three schools of the combat triangle (melee, magic, ranged). He went to Propagandra Combat School at a very early age, and was subject to mass bullying and torment by the older students. Over a report, one kid insulted his father, and Deathlius beat the kid with a large rock, almost to death. He was later expelled and sentenced to a small jail time. After being released, Deathlius completed his combat training at the school and graduated with flying colors.

After he finished, Aldaron taught him many other fighting styles, which Deathlius still to his day incorporates into his fighting style. His mom taught him the necessities such as how to steal and be agile. He became a full-fledged adventurer. Deathlius often used his thievery skills to steal high-value gems. These gems became his source of "antiheroism" and for his making of money. He however, resigned from his bad ways and instead fought for the form of morality. Over time, Deathlius fought precisely for what he believed was right, and developed many techniques into his lifestyle, eventually becoming a man of many talents, aspirations, and abilities.


This concerns a storyline associated with A Legend's Legacy novels.

When Deathlius (named Daedric at the time) was 18 years old, he was asked by his father, Aldaron Loss'end to attend a special event, called La Decorus, which was Ultim Clama'kul's signature event highlighting a festivity of fun and kindness with that of the other countries of the Kingdom of the New Sigil. Daedric participated in many events, such as the throwing knife competitions, debates on history, and even partook in several sporting events. During one of the events, Daedric's eye caught a glimpse, seeing an armored individual wearing armor resembling a crow, before the individual took off and hid. Alerting his father, Aldaron assured him he was just "seeing things" before ushering him to explore.

Daedric' brother, revealed to be named Daedros Loss'end, saw him, apologizing for being late. He came to tell him that he would be leaving in a week to a magical academy to continue his studies, but that he wanted to spend some time with him before departing. Leaving the city of Socia'kul, Daedric and Daedros went to the Bladetree Forest, having a spar just like old times. Daedric is defeated by Daedros; Daedros mockingly says he wishes to see improvement. Daedric points at him saying that "one day brother, you'll look at me and say that I am above you now", and Daedros admires his ability. Going back to Socia'kul, Daedric and Daedros walk in the Scarlet District, home of the markets and trees in Clama'kul, "admiring the sights", such as the women and aesthetic architecture. Daedros points to one lady, asking Daedric if he thinks she is beautiful. Daedric whistles in enjoyment, and Daedros beckons him to go talk to her. Hesitantly, Daedric talks to the lady, but fails, begging for a second chance, to which she smiles and says "maybe next time". The brothers walk across the rooftops and freerun all over the various districts of the city. Daedric then senses something is up, and tells his brother he will be right back. While Daedric departs, two individuals dressed in crow-like attire visit Daedros and offer small chat, before Daedros wishes them good fortune.

Daedric finds the same lady he tried to talk to earlier being teased by another man. The man realizes he cannot touch her (due to her protective magicks), but blasts her away with a spell. Daedric interrupts, saying that he isn't happy with what he saw. Daedric fights the evildoer, beating him until he flees. The woman approaches him, addressing herself as Rose de Fleur, saying Daedric has earned a second chance before leaving, telling him she unfortunately will be heading to Sigillatica. Daedric tells her that eventually he will find her.

The next day, Daedric is robbed by a thief, and Daedric chases the bandit across the rooftops, loses his footing, and crashes into a stall, damaging it and losing his money. He is chastised by the stall owner, before his father arrives and says he will pay for its reconstruction. Aldaron brings him to the Tevou Tower, telling him he cannot be reckless, since it would look bad on him more so than his family. Telling him how he got robbed, Aldaron tells him to talk to his mother on how he might be able to track him down.

Visiting his mother, Lamaria Val'kyra, Lamaria teaches Daedric how to steal; Daedric states it is wrong. She states "Welcome to Socia'kul, where the higher class rules" and that stealing from the higher-ups isn't a matter of wrongness, but a matter of fairness. She instructs him in pickpocketing before Daedric enters the Scarlet District again. He finds the same robber and goes after him, eventually tackling him and threatening to break his arm. The man pleas for release, offering the stolen money for his freedom. He introduces himself as Jerome Vankrist, and states he robbed Daedric because he needed money for food. Daedric tells him to keep it - Jerome declines, saying he only will if he can teach him something. Daedric accepts, and Jerome teaches him how to use string - in order to make throwing knives more efficient, and to steal from others, as he demonstrates on an aristocrat.

Jailer of the Damned

After a few notorious years (before fighting instead of stealing) Deathlius was eventually sentenced to one of the Kingdom of the New Sigil's highest prisons, known as Raven Down in the Bloody Fjord. This very event would spark the power of Deathlius' command. He wasn't the only one who wanted to escape Raven Down, as he was continously tortured, beaten and burned. Deathlius realized the unfairness and malice took a toll on him, to which he had enough. He discussed plans with the other prisoners. The plan of escape was very complex, Deathlius removed some stone from the top of his cavern (which was hidden from surveillance) and he and other members escaped in his cell. He used the same tactic to get many other prisoners out of their cells. He also knocked out a few guards (he upholded justice secondhandedly) instead of killing them, using a stunning technique taught to him by his mother.

Later on in his years, Deathlius became one of the most hunted heroes in the known world, having a bounty so high it can be paralleled (or almost paralleled) to the likes of Crudor Leviathas or K'ril Xarkoroth. At one point, he was to be hunted by the Noir Blade, an assassination program, but the assassination failed.

The Accursive Ploy

Right about when Deathlius reached adulthood, he would succumb to a haunting moment of his life that would change him forever. His parents were under targets of an assassination, by a group known as the Shard of the Sun. In Death'kul (named the Loss'end Mansion) at the time, his parents and him were there discussing the sorts of trouble in Ultim Clama'kul itself, shortly after a visit with Hawthorne de Diaum, who was one of Aldaron's acquaintances. When Deathlius left the room, he noticed figures walking around the mansion, and the smell of gunpowder. Seconds later, the mansion's fireplace detonated, causing several pieces of the infrastructure to collapse.

Marching back to the room, Deathlius went on a frantic search for his mother and father. Finding his father first, who had a broken leg, he stumbled to the back room looking for a weapon in a secret compartment. Aldaron told Deathlius that "they may be after this" and handed him their family ceremonial blade, known as Endbane. As they went to search for Lamaria, the house continued to burn, and Aldaron shoved Deathlius out of the way before being struck by a pillar coated in a specific curse flame known as the Flames of Xan Blood. Aldaron's body was melting before him as he tried to fight it. Deathlius attempted to lift the pillar, with Aldaron yelling at him saying to not touch the flames. Masked assassins broke into the back entrance, and Aldaron forcibly lifted the pillar and threw it at them, before succumbing to his injuries. He lastly told Deathlius to take the blade and use it, as he has earned it, and to find his mother before dying of his injuries.

Deathlius travelled through the rooms to find his mother in the living area under a pile of rubble. Deathlius removed the rubble and helped his mother, who asked about Aldaron, and Deathlius stated that he was dead, bringing Lamaria to tears as the mansion continued burning. A section of the wall exploded, and more assassins came in and aimed at Deathlius. Lamaria jumped in front and took the full impact, killing her. Deathlius yelled in rage as he held his mother. The assassins looked behind the table and found some of Deathlius' throwing knives, and began to throw them at him. In Lamaria's last breath, she yelled, putting a curse on Deathlius as the knives were thrown at him. To his benefit, the knives did not affect Deathlius at all, his mother protecting him as she dies. Deathlius then took Endbane and defeated the assassins in a blind fit of anger, loss, and emptiness. Shortly after, a beam above him struck his back, sending him to the ground. In the nick of time, Tyurak Riften, a Godborne, came to his aid and saved him, taking him out of the mansion.

As Tyurak takes Deathlius out, he questions his identity and why he has saved him. Tyurak states that only "those assassins of yours, they had something confidentially powerful". Deathlius believed the assassins were after his father's ceremonial blade. Tyurak stated this wasn't the case, a mercenary leader named Salmoneo Eus wanted his parents dead, as they both tried to assassinate each other, with Salmoneo unfortunately winning the battle. Tyurak also stated that Salmoneo is nowhere to be found, he is off the grid. Deathlius says that if he is found, he wants the sole honor of killing him. Tyurak agrees, and Deathlius later joins the Outhrend Full Military to hopefully reach a point where he can recruit troops with a military rank.

Lastly, Deathlius pledges to Tyurak that one day in the future, he will repay the favor.

Love's Labour Lost

The following information contains text from two different timelines within the game.

Old Timeline

In the old timeline, Deathlius went after an official named Rose de Fleur, who he had deep feelings for. They would spend time together and become part of each other's lives. However, her father Hawthorne de Diaum executed her with a pistol, attempting to fracture Deathlius' life since he helped kill his family. Hawthorne escaped, and Deathlius mourned his love's corpse.

Current Timeline (After Paradox Equation reset)

  • See Wilting Flower

In the current timeline, Deathlius attempted to get Rose back (since at the time she forgot she was ever with him) shortly after hearing his parent's death, and trying to find a moment of happiness. Deathlius' parents are dead due to the equation only being reset 10 years, yet life flows normally (his parents died 12 years ago). Deathlius remembers everything, to the day they first met as kids, to when he made the move, however Rose doesn't. He attempts to get her back while knowing the same fate as he will meet in the previous timeline, where he will have to rescue Rose. He will also learn how his parents died from Hawthorne (since his memory was erased about them due to a glitch in the equation).

Rising Through the Ranks

Deathlius joined many private military corporations before he eventually enlisted in Outhria's defense force. He was a formidable combatant, already leading his own squadron after a week of training. Deathlius eventually would rise up to a rank of commander within the force but he was denied a position, due to the beliefs of the other commanders about his past.

Eventually in one bout, a horde of Val'nik Dragonkin attacked a military bunker. Deathlius used many of his throwing knives against the Val'nik and prevailed. However, he suffered, being merely stabbed by his own throwing knives over and over. As he looked around seeing the lifeless corpses of his the other defenders, Deathlius became enraged and slaughtered the remaining invaders. He pulled the knives out of his own body like they never wounded him. Later did Deathlius realized he was cursed.

The Deathpool Legion

"My entire life is nothing but a curse, one I find everything from."

Deathlius in The Silent Reflection quest.

Deathlius consulted many of the family ancestral groups about his curse. No one could explain it except the long-lost will of the Loss'end family. As a form of protection, Deathlius' father and mother, in their death, blessed Deathlius to never be struck down by his own weapons. This kinds of curses are related to ones almost non-existent in the world, this one being the "Curse of the Other Hand".

After a time, Deathlius became a liable thief after resigning from the military. He stole mostly for his own benefit from organizations he seemed weren't worthy of having them. One instance he was troubled by a rogue highwayman, who was left down with almost no life left. Deathlius stole his money and continued.

These actions would get Deathlius known by the private police forces of the Kingdom of the New Sigil. Especially the cultist thief group known as the Shard of the Sun. Deathlius' thieving capabilities were also of notice of Salvator Leonus, who was a master thief in his own right. The two became friends in what Deathlius would call a "skull bash."

With a considerable gap in between, Deathlius would come to know that Salvator has been captured and put into the high-security prison known as Cramoria Down. Deathlius would save his friend at any cost. He gathered every weapon, tactic, and smart he could find, including the ceremonial blade his father once wielded, known as Endbane (which would become hardened by Death itself, and had a curse unknownst to Deathlius at the time) and would depart from Ultim Clama'kul to rescue Salvator.

Deathlius made it to Cramoria Down. Posing as a security guard, he infiltrated the prison and used the "Curse of Letters" a form of writing using one's own blood to find Salvator. The curse had a secondary function of sensing one's wave. Deathlius eventually climbed to the bottom to find Salvator in a high locked cell, guarded by Shard of the Sun guards. Deathlius attacked all fifteen and won the battle, and freed Salvator from his cell. After trying to escape, the alarm was raised. Deathlius, to every person he passed by, told them:

"You offer me your help, I offer my leadership. I promise all of you will make it out alive and well. For the tomorrow is what we want today."

Deathlius rallied every prisoner (most of them were falsely accused) against the corrupt prison guards. Everyone made it out alive and many guards were defeated. Deathlius liberated all the men and women and took them to his private estate, Death'kul. There, he offered to teach them to fight, to stand up against false accusations, telling them they shall triumph. He taught them the "Curse of Letters" to communicate in secret as well as the Latin language. They made a costume for themselves to hide their identities, to fight for what they thought was right. Soon this became the feared Deathpool Legion.

Loss'end and Dawnbane

Main article: Brothers of Fate quest

In a brief span of time, Deathlius met Tylious Dawnbane at the Tail of the Dragon Pub. Tylious showed hostility to Deathlius at first and he returned it, but they conciled and talked. Deathlius learnt that Tylious was exiled from his lands and that he lost his former love interest, Avery. Deathlius returned saying he went there to cope with losing his love, Rose de Fleur. After a bit of chat, Deathlius told Tylious he is bent on destroying an organization known as the Shard of the Sun. Tylious told Deathlius that on his exile he wandered the world, and went on a ship to a frost land known as Glaecings and saw rogues beating civilians. Tylious then drew the symbol to Deathlius, to which he responded with a similarity. Deathlius then went to catch the last boat to Glaecings. Before he left, he told Tylious that they would "meet again, regardless of fate."

The Battle of Glaecings

Deathlius travelled to Glaecings by boat, and found the island to be riddled with members of the Shard of the Sun. Without any haste at all, Deathlius began battling the members and caught the attention of Salmoneo Eus, the supposed "king" of Glaecings. Deathlius and Salmoneo eventually fought with the latter having the upper hand at first with Deathlius taking so much damage. Later on, Deathlius overpowered Salmoneo and struck him down; Salmoneo would then use an emergency teleportation device, escaping his imminent death. Later that day, Deathlius would curse himself for not killing him. Glaecings was later removed of the Shard of the Sun influence.

Death's Demise

Making his way back to the mainlands, Deathlius was attacked by an Aspect of Death, Grimmis. Grimmis told Deathlius that now was "his time". Deathlius and Grimmis fought for a long bout before Grimmis ultimately used an ability that "shredded" Deathlius' soul. Miraculously, Deathlius resisted the powers of Grimmis, at the cost of tearing his soul in half, and later bifurcated Grimmis. Just then, Death, one of the four horsemen, arrived with Deathlius and escorted Grimmis to his realm. He lectured Deathlius on cheating death and how it is a sin with the Paradox Equation, and that he can't fully comprehend how Deathlius remains alive, despite the Equation dictating so. Death then calls him a "cheater" and says that maybe destiny has another purpose for him. However, he told Deathlius that he must not deny this "second chance", and "enchanted" his blade to act as a harvester.

Later on in the game, Deathlius says he no longer cares about the "deal" with Death, and instead kills only for reason, not because it supposedly keeps him alive. In Patch X-15: The Cheater of Death, it is revealed Death needed Deathlius to reclaim some souls Esquire stole from him.

The Maelstrom War

Deathlius would serve in the Maelstrom War as a neutral warrior, not aligning to any of the sides except the Maelstrom Armed Forces, but did work on defeating the evils of Grimmok and OMNI. Fighting alongside Tylious Dawnbane, Salvator Leonus, and Fordron Banesmite, as well as his work the Deathpool Legion, the group managed to stand above all their oppression. Deathlius was listed under the 12th Regiment of the Maelstrom Armed Forces, shortly after enlisting and explaining to his legion that they only fight if they want to make a difference. 

In the 12th Regiment, Deathlius was under the command of Captain Baron Antroth, an Undead Warrior who seen his share of battle in the final war between the Brotherhood and Confederacy. In his group he had an Elf named Afon, a Daemidar named Thragg, an Ourg named Gosh'rorg and several dwarves named Petri, Petru, Kollig and Maesof Thunderhammer. They also had a medical Akrin in their group named Kelthar. The regiment fought many hard battles that earned the MAF some hard earned victories against Grimmok and OMNI who retaliated with several rogue Drakkin and Akrin forces. These battles include the Fight for Mael Peak, The Great Maelstromium Robbery, Fall of the Giants and the Thunderhammer Detonation. The result of these battles ended in the casualties of the dwarven members and Gosh'rorg. Afterwards, Baron proposed that the rest of the group split into two factions to circumvent a huge crater left behind by the combined power of evil siege vehicles. Baron took Kelthar with him, while Deathlius took Thragg and Afon.

Deathlius led the two which Afon, a member of Deathlius' group, didn't agree with. Thragg eventually ended their argument, stating that Baron's orders are to be followed. Using his fire abilities, Thragg illuminated an underground cavern which the trio proceeded through. Deathlius and the rest eventually reached a cavern that led to a camp stocked with enemy reinforcements. Realizing it is a clever trap, Deathlius told Afon and Thragg to hide in the hole while Deathlius looked for said traps. Finding some wires, Deathlius deduced that the traps wake up nearby archers. Before he realized, archers began to fire and unload grenades into the hole. Deathlius told the members to slip out quickly and that the fight has begun. The three were under attack and fought relentlessly. Noticing Afon nearly about to be crushed, Deathlius breaks in and saves his life from a large hammer. In the distance, Thragg gets shot multiple times and drops his flaming weapons. Deathlius grabs them and throws them into the grenade pits, detonating and killing many enemy forces. Afon attacks multiple giants, but gets killed when he fails to notice one behind crush him with his hammer. Deathlius retreats and hides behind the rocks. Finding a moment to strike, Deathlius attacks and kills several members before being shot in the chest with a blunderbuss. As he is about to be executed, Deathlius kicks sand in the Akrin's face and stabs him, ending the barracks' forces. Dying and almost out of breath, he grabs supplies from the barracks and heads north, immersing into the Hubron Ponds to cleanse his wounds.

As Deathlius continued his battles alone, he fought several Drakkin and Akrin, including the destruction of two barracks sites, stealing several elements and supplies to heal himself. He was reunited with Tylious Dawnbane at one point and the two fought back to back against several foes, before contuining their separate ways. Tylious needed to find Fordron for several siege weaponry (as the two obtained many at this time) and Deathlius stated he had to find the rest of his regiment, as well as see to it that his men of the Deathpool Legion haven't perished. Deathlius got closer to the Maelstrom, killing several rogue dragons and a Forgotten Dracomancer, who summoned dragons to attack Deathlius. He managed to kill him before proceeding north to discover six soldiers under attack.

Deathlius would then meet the Killa Brothers, who were under fire by groups of dragons, and needed a distraction to slip through and plant a "magical bomb" that would open a breaching path. Deathlius offered to stall the dragons while the brothers slipped through, as Endbane was immune to dragonbreath. As the dragons were stalled, the six brothers planted the bomb which opened a vital pathway, but this also got the attention of Protoklast, who defeated the six brothers and corrupted them. While this event occured, Deathlius slayed the last of the dragons that were stalling the brothers before.

Eventually, Deathlius reached Maelta Point, a pinnacle sight of the Mael Isle, to see a dead Kelthar and a dying Baron Antroth. Kelthar was stabbed to death by multiple Akrin assassins, with Baron telling him how he killed every last one at the risk of being stabbed multiple times himself. In his dying breath, he told Deathlius that the Golden Oculus had readied a superweapon over the last couple of weeks, and are using it as a final playing piece to end the war. He asks him with a "please" to do what he can't; defend the cannon and the people escorting it. Proceeding with his objective, Deathlius was then attacked by several Drakkin elite assassins and an Akrin heavy grenadier. Deathlius engaged them in his last stand, suffering many wounds and finally engaging the leader of the assassins in a fist fight. Deathlius won the battle, beating the Drakkin senseless, before proceeding east to defend the cannon.

At the brink of the Mael Isle (known nowadays as Endwar Point), Deathlius saw with his bare eyes the Skullion Particle Accelerator being transported using heavy amounts of arcane energy. He saw many rogue forces and catapults attacking the cannon, damaging the cockpit. Deathlius leapt over a cliff and engaged many foes alone, killing them in a cesspool of flames and bloodshed. Tears erupted from his face as he killed the last enemy, and hearing the cannon destroy Grimmok, OMNI, and a nearby mountain side. Seeing the war as over, Deathlius stood a changed man, never before having to kill so many just to end the bloodshed that he wished he didn't become a part of.

After the war, Deathlius went home to Death'kul without seeing anyone, shocked over the amount of losses on the battlefield and was unable to cope with the tragedies. The memories of killing so many enemies haunted Deathlius for long periods of time, with his will being the only thing to repress them just enough.


Deathlius, after the Maelstrom War, began having visions of the death of his love Rose de Fleur (as this event was in the past) and went insane, unable to cope with any form of matter to his mind. Several members of the Deathpool Legion attempted to help him to which he only stated to "leave him alone".

In the past timeline, Esquire went to Death'kul to fight Deathlius to which he would lose most epically in a small sword battle. In the new timeline, Deathlius was weak from his insanity, and Esquire defeated Deathlius and locked him in a "shell" where he would suffer like never before.

A Legend's Legacy

Deathlius was a late character, appearing later in the game, before establishing his role as a main character in subsequent expansions.

End of the Legacy

Deathlius made a cameo in the Omegaheim raid, appearing only as a "Incorporeal Spectre". At the end of the Grimyre encounter, Deathlius appears on the Hardcore difficulty if players stay for about 15 seconds after looting the chest of Grimyre. He only says one quote then disappears. This is only the first of two appearances he makes in the raid.

I envy you all...

Deathlius will then disappear until the raiders fight Endnarok. When he prepares to unleash his nexus cord, the "Incorporeal Spectre" appears, and with one slash of it's blade, a red mist envelops the nexus cord, shattering it. Tylious Dawnbane looks on at it, and then says "he, he is... alive?". This only foreshadows where Tylious begins a quest to find him within Death'kul.

After completing the Death'kul instance, Deathlius states that while he was trapped in Esquire's shell, he was able to manifest an incorporeal form (with a corporeal weapon) and went to find his comrades in Omegaheim. Using the last of his willpower then, he severed the nexus cord, giving the adventurers the advancement they needed to finally destroy Endnarok.

The War Reincarnated

Deathlius appears after being liberated from Esquire in Death'kul, before assisting the players in some quests in Ultim Clama'kul. He later aids the players in the Klast Halls and Rise of the Godforged.

The Cheater of Death

In Patch X-15: The Cheater of Death, Deathlius' rescue is the pinnacle achievement of completing Death'kul, from defeating Esquire. He would in the Loss'end Questline direct the players through the use of Latin and the Die language to aid them in recovering fragments that would open Death'kul's doors and get past Esquire's barrier. Deathlius' creations within Death'kul also served Esquire, except for minimalist Clastrum, who fought only out of defence. Deathlius would also get into the mind of Tylious Dawnbane during the Madness of Tylious encounter, attempting to save him from his loss of sanity. Esquire used the "dark" areas of Deathlius' mind to create the horrors that the adventurers encounter within the walls of Death'kul.

When Esquire is partially defeated, Deathlius breaks out of the shell and helps the adventurers fight Esquire in the final phase, dealing tremendous amounts of damage. Later, he fights Esquire again, and defeats him in a reminiscent fashion similar to before. Deathlius warns him to never return, angry that Esquire forced his comrades to come to his aid. After Esquire vanishes, Death's enchantment on Deathlius' blade vanishes. Later on, Deathlius talks with Tylious and Salvator, before going on a look for the Shard of the Sun, and after remembering the past timeline disrupted by the Great Turnback, embarks to reunite with his lover, Rose de Fleur.

Reminisce Brothers

Deathlius returns in Patch X-18. There, along with Tyurak Riften and Wajadovia, discover the Klast Halls where Protoklast rests. While the former two are there to defeat Protoklast, Deathlius wishes to put the spirits of the Killa Brothers at rest, but also shows excitement towards ending the life of Protoklast for his evility.

In the ending of Protoklast's encounter, Deathlius repays the "favor" he promised Tyurak Riften by taking the bullet that would kill Tyurak for him, which almost ended his life. Tyurak called him a "fool" and to never do it again, and healed Deathlius of his wounds before Aejor ultimately disintegrated Protoklast.

Prelude to the Rise

In Patch X-20 Deathlius and Tylious Dawnbane aid the raiders in defeating the entities within the Rise of the Godforged. At the end, the two use themselves as a shield to repel Zarkath'Modan's crippling eye beam of hatred, while the raiders destroy the foul creature. Deathlius and Tylious talk for a while, where Deathlius claims that despite the war being over, his personal war continues.

Rise of Grimbane

Deathlius aids in the retribution and restoration of Glaecings which fell under control of Salmoneo Eus, similarly like in the past before the Great Turnback. With a combined Deathpool Legion and White Scarves, the lands are attacked in retaliation. Afterwards, Deathlius secludes himself to Death'kul, in hopes of uncovering the fifth glyph's meaning on his prestigious blade

A Cold Regime

Deathlius and Tylious will lead a Deathpool Legion/White Scarves offensive on the island of Glaecings to end Salmoneo Eus' reign due to the Great Turnback bringing him back to existence. They are located on the Revenge's Front, a small outpost built for the downfall of the Glaecings regime. The two of them will appear in the final encounter of the raid, providing buffs for the raid. They'll add more buffs on the Master or higher only phase of Salmoneo's boss fight.

Deathlius, Tylious, Salvator, and Fordron storm Glaecon, but only appear in the final boss encounter, just before the doors to the final room. Deathlius sneaks up to the door and eavesdrops on the conversation, before Hawthorne de Diaum points out that the two have visitors. The group and adventurers break in, prompting Hawthorne to teleport away to safety. Salmoneo however, is confident in his abilities and says he can end the Shard's threats here and for all. Salmoneo is subsequently defeated, and before Deathlius and Tylious can kill him, Salmoneo teleports to safety, prompting the two to clash weapons. Deathlius later punches the ground in disgust of his actions, angry that Salmoneo got away, again. Tylious states a moral quote about how the third time is the charm, and Deathlius agrees, changing from angered to satirical, saying how Salmoneo better enjoy the chance of life he has left.

Afterwards, Deathlius states he is going back to Death'kul, knowing that Glaecon is safe, and the evil influence there is destroyed. Asking why he does so, Deathlius replies with words saying he needs to find out "all the secrets" while looking at his weapon. It's speculated here that Deathlius is interested in figuring out what the fifth glyph on his blade does. After exploring Nordrasith for a little while (as he states), he will then goes to the Death'kul library to study and reflect.

He tells Rose de Fleur that her father is still alive, saying he teleported the instant him and Tylious reached Salmoneo Eus. Rose angrily says she will never call him her father again.

Stone on the Mountain

Deathlius doesn't appear in this patch. Players can visit the Revenge's Front (provided they beat Glaecon, the area will be phased) and find out the progress of Deathlius' studies. According to Salvator Leonus, Deathlius' studies with Endbane are increasing and he is finding more secrets about Death'kul at the same time.

Shadows of a Ravaged Paradise

Going to Revenge's Front after beating the Fjellkarna instance, Dromar will instead report on different news after asking Salvator who hasn't heard anything; Dromar will instead say that Deathlius visited the Edge of Sacrifice recently.


Deathlius returns to the Revenge's Front, but is also located in the Evernight, noting that the beautiful scenery of the land is vivid in building harmony within oneself. After talking to the adventurer, he tells him to see if they lend a hand in saving the tree, and he begins to meditate just south of the zone. Later on, if one finds Deathlius' spot where he meditates, he tells the adventurer that he needs to reflect on his "next battle", but that while he was at Death'kul, he was asking some members of the Deathpool Legion if they want to be something more, hinting at a new style of combat which he says starts with the Kul Visage demons found within the castle.

The End of Death

Deathlius returns to Nordrasith. He wields Endbane, its bottom covered in black bandages, and his arms glow with essence of the Kul Visage demons. Upon meeting with the adventurer, he tells them to aid the Nova's March into destroying the Blackened Gate and assaulting Deathheim Fortress to stop Grimbane. He mentions that he, Tylious, and Salvator will take care of the "puppetmaster", while the adventurer lends a hand in saving Nordrasith.

After Grimbane is defeated, and Lucius Avaros mourns his dead father, Sergeant Grimjaw and Sergeant Rapturos appear before him, proclaiming that in the names of the Brotherhood and the Confederacy that the two kings apologize for their impotence, after breaking free of the Abyssal Prison that Esquire and Grimbane placed them in. Deathlius appears before them, and asks where Esquire is. Grimjaw and Rapturos state that the matter of Esquire's location is now in the hands of them, to where Deathlius asks if they are challenging him. Lucius, not wanting more blood to be spilt, tells him where Esquire is, sensing him by connecting through his father with the light. Deathlius thanks Lucius, heading to the pinnacle of Mount Malum. Before he departs, he tells him that if anyone asks where he is, that they not be told, even going as far as to put Endbane at Lucius' throat to confirm his seriousness.


Deathlius, after having learnt of Esquire's location from Lucius Avaros, ascends Mount Malum. In his mind he is brought to a flashback, in which he argues to Tylious over fighting Esquire. Deathlius tells him he must do it alone - so that both of them may not fall if it were to happen. Tylious retaliates, saying that he refuses to lose Deathlius to solitude once again, and that they should do it together. Deathlius tells Tylious he learned of something during his time in Death'kul, and that he would hate for Tylious to get caught in his effects. Tylious, still furious, asks Deathlius if he thinks he couldn't help him. Deathlius replies that he never said that, and begins to leave. Tylious grabs his shoulder, forcibly, and tells him that he'll let him go just this once, and that the next time they fight something "this big", he better not object to Tylious' request in that Deathlius will stay out of the fight. Silently, Deathlius leaves, Tylious, under his breath, says "Sometimes I hate him." 

After an hour long trek up upon Mount Malum, Deathlius discovers Esquire trying to absorb more power with the Scepter of Stolen Death. Esquire senses his approach, asking if Grimyre sent him, and Deathlius replies that he came alone. Esquire then says that his "friend" will enjoy Cruentus, who apparently has become an amalgamation of absolute hatred that even he can't control him anymore. Deathlius proclaims his purpose - that he will destroy Esquire using the new power he has discovered with Endbane. The two spar off, and Deathlius gets the upper hand quickly, using his newfound powers, sending a horde of Kul Visage demons at Esquire, asking if he remembers them. Esquire tells him not to get too ahead of himself, saying that without him, he would lack any purpose. Deathlius retaliates and slashes Esquire's chest, exposing his soul. Before he can finish him off, Esquire blasts him away with magic, severely burning Deathlius' sword arm. Esquire laughs at Deathlius, saying that even if he is successful, it will amount to nothing. Deathlius states that he doesn't care about killing Esquire, since he coldly reminds him that after his defeat, that "he won't even remember it".

Esquire asks what Deathlius means, and Deathlius retaliates that he should find out. The two spar again; Esquire breaks Deathlius' ribs, and Deathlius breaks the Scepter in half with Endbane. Esquire, enraged, uses a strange, colorless magic and throws it at Deathlius, saying he has had enough of his interference. He then reveals his Aspect power, Nothingness. Esquire states that he controls the absence of matter, and that he can make something inexistent, as he points to Deathlius' armor. Deathlius's armor disintegrates, to his shock. Esquire reveals that his power is an absolute one, and that nothing can stand against it. Deathlius states that this power cannot last forever, and Esquire goes into a fit of hilarity, saying that those words are of a person that fear death, mocking Deathlius' will. As Esquire continues to berate him, Deathlius rips his armor off and thrusts it towards Esquire. Esquire knocks him aside, leaving Deathlius heavily injured and unarmored, barely able to hold his blade. Esquire asks what he can do without his armor, and Deathlius, grinning, looks at Esquire and says he just gave it to him.

Esquire asks what Deathlius has done; Deathlius states that if Esquire's power is absolute, that he would attempt to decipher his 'paradox'. As he points at the armor inside of Esquire, Esquire realizes that his own power is being used against him, and he starts to wither away. Esquire states that Deathlius is being deicidal, doing an action equivalent of spitting on a deity. Deathlius laughs at Esquire, stating that it is he who fears Death. Deathlius then goes in for a strike, and Esquire tries to dodge. He fails, and Deathlius slashes Esquire, with the bottom glyph of Endbane glowing. Deathlius then reveals Endbane's new ability, as he says "Remove my evils".

After doing some research, Deathlius reveals that in ancient times, his weapon was one that even Death feared, having powers that made even it jealous. The ability, as Deathlius proclaims, removes someone from existence. It isn't simply to end an entity's life, but rather to make the Paradox Equation itself erase that being from ever being existent at all. In doing so, Esquire will not be remembered, and Deathlius says he will never remember this battle, something he says he will deeply regret, but he won't even remember regretting it. Esquire tries to impale Deathlius, but his arm begins to fade away. Esquire, in his final moments, begins to feel emotion, thanking Deathlius, because he feels as if he finally felt something; the "bittersweet feeling of the end". As Esquire fades away, the world begins to shake; the Paradox Equation stabilizing itself from the various paradoxes that just occurred, involving making Esquire not exist and also the coding that made his removal a success.

Deathlius falls to the ground, Endbane in hand, and falls asleep from exhaustion. As the story ends, Tylious Dawnbane and Salvator Leonus find him on the mountain, uttering "that crazy bastard has been found" and "what was he doing up here?"

A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn

"Though Deathlius won't be heavily featured in At World's Turn, he will have a side story which will explain remnants of his past in the grand scope of discovering a missing link in his reality."

Six months later, Deathlius wakes in Sigillatica's hospital, under the care of Rose de Fleur. Tylious Dawnbane, Salvator Leonus, and Sera arrive to tend to his waking. Tylious asks Deathlius what happened, and Deathlius states he does not know. Deathlius returns the question, and Tylious says he killed Cruentus and met with Grimyre, which is how they found him. Deathlius tries to figure out what he did, but he says that there is a blank in his memory, leading Rose to think he is suffering from amnesia. Sera points out that Deathlius' blade is leaking energy, and Deathlius sees that the glyph on Endbane is glowing from his forgotten battle with Esquire. Deathlius states he doesn't have amnesia, and states he did something with Endbane that he wasn't supposed to remember. All he remembers is that the Paradox Equation glitched upon his fall. Rediscovering Endbane's ability to completely erase an entity from existence, Deathlius tells his allies that he used that power, but he can't recall whom it was used on. Salvator tries to guess and says he hasn't the slightest idea, leading to the truth that Endbane's ability was a success to completely remove Esquire from existence.

Deathlius, having lost his Death'kul armor, now wears blackened robes made of a thin steel variant, and it is revealed he didn't lose his infamous hood or cape, which he still wears. Notably, after being discharged from the hospital and going back to Death'kul, Deathlius stumbles and collapses, barely holding onto a sense of awakening. He tells Rose that "my soul burns", and Rose questions if it had to do with what he did to "whoever he killed". Deathlius, knowing that the ability sacrificed half his life, chooses to lie to Rose and say that her suggestion is the case.

Later on, Deathlius calls up Salvator, suggesting that he is hiding something from him. Salvator, although knowing of what he is talking about, tries to lie, but fails. He reveals the symbol he found in the Reignic Crucible, thinking it may not have much significance despite it being in a Shard of the Sun meeting area. Deathlius takes the symbol back to his mansion's library, and does some digging around. He mentions to Salvator that it belonged to an organization known as the "Peacekeepers", who were operating around the time that his grandfather, Rafael Loss'end, passed away. He then makes a trek to The World's Edge, thinking the Shard of the Sun may be on the move. Before leaving, he asks Rose if she will accompany him, as he wants to be with her, instead of away from her, and that she may be able to save her father, Hawthorne de Diaum.

Benthal Village

The Shard of the Sun forces led under Overseer Arkroth assault Benthal Village, threatening to steal the Manawell in the area, and to capture the orphans to turn them into "super soldiers". Deathlius, hearing of their appearance, heads to the Village with Dromar. Dromar and Deathlius are successful in killing the forces with the help of adventurers. Moments later, an orphan is seen hanging off Benthal Castle, trying to escape the fire. Deathlius runs up the building and saves the child. Noticing the child is freezing from fright, Deathlius puts his cloak on him, telling him not to worry. Meeting up with the Benthal guardsmen, they tell him that they will take it from here and thanks Dromar and Deathlius for their assistance. Before Deathlius leaves, the child grabs his armor, asking him his name. Deathlius replies that he is better off not knowing his real name, but says his alias, Thorn.

Perdititum City

Further investigating Shard of the Sun activity at the Kulpost, Deathlius is greeted by an unknown visitor, an elder sage named Alariel. Noting the name is familiar, Alariel reveals herself to be Deathlius' grandmother-in-law, which Deathlius is overjoyed to hear. Asking for why she wishes to see him, Alariel, as a Fableweaver, wishes to tell Deathlius the tale of his grandfather, Rafael Loss'end, since he states in conversation he barely heard anything about him.

Upon reaching the citadel from where his grandfather, Alariel reveals to Deathlius that it is "stuck in time and space" relating to the Great Turnback. As she summons her magic to tell the story, Deathlius jumps through her portal to relive the events, most notably how Rafael saved many lives, and about the mysterious organization known as the Peacekeepers. Learning of his grandfather's attempt to save the city, his combat and eventual alliance with Ancieus Uredos and the destruction of the Perdifiend, Deathlius retires to the Kulpost along with Alariel to process his answers. He begins writing down what he knows on a wall, and then states he will attempt to find Sinseid to get some answers as to why he died in the past, seeing something missing, a "link" of sorts. Alariel tells Deathlius not to be foolish, as Sinseid has more power than the one he unknowingly defeated.

Shadows of the Fall

After Dromar reports his findings to him, Deathlius and Rose make a goal to discover the plans of Salmoneo, Hawthorne, and Sinseid. They, along with the adventurer, who is with Ancieus Uredos on his plans to assault the island of Singarde, sneak in one of Ancieus' ships heading there. After doing some stealthy operations, Deathlius and Rose manage to find Salmoneo, Hawthorne, and Sinseid having a grand discussion about the Fallen Sun, and the future task of summoning their leader, the "Lord" to Outhria.

Sinseid then reveals that Deathlius and Rose have been listening the whole time - before telling Hawthorne and Salmoneo to stay so they can finish them off together, he obliterates the cliffside, but is shocked when they have survived. Deathlius first engages Salmoneo, forcing him to drop the device, and Hawthorne chastises him, before being suddenly attacked by Rose. Sinseid says he will leave them to this battle, saying they don't deserve to fight him, before telling Deathlius that "I was crucial in killing your parents". He then drops off a golden box shaped device before departing. Salmoneo teleports yet again from Deathlius, knowing of the box's power, and both Deathlius and Hawthorne call him a coward. Rose manages to gain the upper hand on Hawthorne, using strange and dark magics to Hawthorne's bewilderment. Hawthorne, happy with the progress, says Deathlius has taught her well, before saying "hope you enjoy the box". The box then summons exploding energies, inflicting high amounts of damage on the two - the adventurer then goes and disables it. Salvator Leonus later tends to their care, saying Deathlius is in no condition to chase after Sinseid after barely escaping with his life.

As The World Turns

Deathlius works with Dromar and Rose to decipher Reliquiae, the Unknown Gift. Doing this, Deathlius finds out about more history of the Ancient War thanks to Dromar, who had met with Gaidra, and goes uneasy from the conflict. After Dromar says he did some look at history with the Tyrgarde, he states the Archtitan was deprived of a power in the past which ultimately caused his downfall - losing the power of Xan flames, the same flames that destroyed Death'kul and killed Deathlius' parents.

After the adventurers defeat Sinseid at the Worldgate, and listen to the transmission, Deathlius hears the "Lord" of the Shard of the Sun speak for the first time, and says he feels nothing but a powerful presence from it. After hearing of Sinseid's objectives and putting several pieces together, including clarification from the adventurer, Deathlius figures out the role Sinseid played in his parent's murder. He deduces that Sinseid's role was to steal the Glyph of Xan Blood from the Archtitan in the past, which led to Sinseid's death, and the titan's defeat to Ancieus, and ultimately granted Salmoneo, Hawthorne, and Varo the power to destroy Death'kul. After nearly succumbing to his internal rage, Deathlius thanks the adventurer for their actions and tells the Deathpool Legion that they are returning to Ultim Clama'kul, and that he had much to ponder about, specifically the upcoming battle, and the arrival of the Shard of the Sun's leader in due time as he heard from Reliquiae, the Unknown Gift.

A Legend's Legacy: Inferno

Deathlius, during the three years between the Second Ancient War and the Inferno, has married Rose de Fleur, and fathered two children, Tueor Loss'end and Lucy Loss'end. Salvator Leonus, Tylious Dawnbane, and Sera were known to be in attendance. While he had been doing secretive training with the Deathpool Legion, Deathlius obtained a scar over his right eye which periodically changes its color to blackness.

His continued efforts to investigate matters on the Shard of the Sun have stopped him due to his yearning to defend his family. Ultimately, his goal to travel to Outhesta has become a somewhat difficult obstacle, as it is on the other side of Outhria.

Deathlius is involved with the  16px-Inv_jewelry_ring_67.png [Aq'richt, the Augur's Nugatory]. An adventurer tracks down sources of the ring's power, one of which is near Deathlius' estate. Deathlius sees what the adventurer does and brings out a sealing scroll containing celestial magic (likely a gift from Tyurak Riften) and demands they tell him their plans before he threatens any kind of action. After the adventurer explains themselves, Deathlius tells them (or reminds them, if they have completed the Archcore and defeated Sinseid) that the flames are from some "malevolent, evil beings". He then ushers them to ask Tylious Dawnbane on the matter, since he knows more about the Outer Old Ones than he does, though he believes the flames come from something else, as a belief to himself. He then warns them to tell Alythmkys (who he calls the adventurer's "contractor") to be wary of their search before the entire planet gets burnt down. [4]

Rose de Fleur has noted that Deathlius has been "colder" while undergoing his training.

After hearing of Tylious Dawnbane's death during The Celestial Path, Deathlius becomes saddened, remembering his words when Deathlius defeated Esquire (though he doesn't remember it), that Tylious said the next time he fights alone, he fights by himself. After Fordron Banesmite leaves him, Deathlius shatters the lighthouse in Majestic's Rein.

Deathlius: Tetsujin

Deathlius began a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and battle since the loss of his friend, Tylious Dawnbane, whom he wishes could've fought alongside, but remembered he couldn't, as it would disavow one of his final wishes. With the world seemingly at peace, though still pondering imminent threats from the Shard of the Sun due to Reliquiae, the Unknown Gift, Deathlius sought inner peace, thinking that, despite these threats, it would leave him insane and bewildered to keep dwelling on it, even if he was correct in their notions.

Discussing events, Dromar and Salvator Leonus opined together to help in Deathlius' soul-search that he visit the monks on Jadewind Beach. Dromar stated at times he went there for relaxation, communing with spirits, and appreciating the beauty of nature through meditation, but also warned not to get on their bad side, though he suspected Deathlius would do no such thing. After going back to Death'kul, Deathlius began reading some texts from his library, when Rose appears, saying that in her free time she discovered a blackened text, with pages nearly blank, having runes barely visible to the naked eye. Hearing about Deathlius' quest for soul-searching, she tells him to follow the advice of his friends, but come back in time, as she states "you're missed more when you're fighting." He takes the text before he leaves, imploring Rose that he believes he hadn't discovered all the secrets of the mansion still.

Making his way to Jadewind, Deathlius speaks with Katon, who to the former's shock, asks if he is here for soul-searching. Katon implores that meditation and communing with nature is not what he needs, but the desire to know more. When Deathlius asks what made him think of such, Katon merely replies he has a feeling. With the help of the other monks, Katon weaves a jade current, enchanting the vessel near the docks. After following the current and going what appears to be a second of space-time, Deathlius lands ashore on the remote island of Tetsuqahon, and is greeted by practitioners of martial arts similar in appearance to the Jadewind monks.

Being escorted to the precipice of the island, Deathlius walks into an old bazaar, empty and without individuals. As he turns around, he is greeted by a mysterious monk, youthful in appearance and surrounded by tiny bursts of lightning. The monk asks of Deathlius' purpose; Deathlius states he came to do some reflection from the monks of Jadewind. A few seconds later, the monk, lightning in his hand, challenges Deathlius to a duel. Having an odd feeling, he accepts. Raising their fists, they battle using martial arts - Deathlius utilizes his brawler style from his youth, the monk using a clean, refined style dodging most of Deathlius' attacks. After some time, Deathlius gets slammed, defeated in close-quarters combat. He then asks who he is; the monk, revealing himself as Kaijin No Sai, states he is the one he had been looking for.

After waking to Kaijin's wife, Sakura Windstorm, giving him herbs and remedies, Kaijin asks Deathlius about who he is. Lamenting on his history, Deathlius explains himself and what drives him; ultimately to keep his family safe, protect the planet he calls home, and to destroy the Shard of the Sun. Kaijin mentions at a time he knew of his brother - Daedros Loss'end, and that he was once a ventured visitor to Outhesta. After learning about Daedros, especially after hearing he was the Grandmaster of Soltopia Academy, Deathlius makes it a goal to find him as he hasn't heard from him in years. Kaijin warns him that Daedros is likely deceased, since his battle with Ghost Iron had unfortunate consequences, notably since Daedros tasked Kaijin with safeguarding several of their students. Saddened by this hearing, Deathlius begins a sense of turmoil. Kaijin offers to train him in the ways of the Tetsujin to help ease his pain - the only requirements are that Deathlius keeps the location of the island a secret, and to trust Kaijin completely. He accepts.

Over a period of several months, Deathlius undergoes Tetsujin training, refining his fighting style. He becomes more resilient, and studies severely, all the while writing letters to Salvator Leonus and Rose de Fleur. Kaijin teaches him how to manipulate Solium, otherwise known as Sol energy, the same energy his brother utilized, but also what the Shard of the Sun uses. He cites that Outhesta was rich in using it. At the same time, Deathlius' understanding of the Paradox Equation heightens, greatly increasing his capabilities with the Paradox Sense. At several moments, he tries to use the sense to decipher the mysterious scrolls he found in the Death'kul vaults, seeing if he can clue into the primordial powers his ancestors wielded.

One rainy day, in particular, Deathlius meets with Xin No Sai, who, whilst on a walk with him, tells him about the scrolls he wished to decipher. He says the powers as Deathlius learns of, are those of the Kul Reaper. When Xin is questioned how he knows of such things, Xin remarks he has seen it in action, as the Sai Dynasty has existed for eons. Later when he talks with Kaijin, he remarks that Xin is an "odd fellow", and Kaijin states the same, believing he isn't a true member of the dynasty. Additionally, Kaijin tells him the story of the Seven Majestics, who, long ago, defended the cosmos with their abilities. He tells him of two in greater focus - the Inxisjin and the Vryllux, both wanting the same objective, but their means and methods lie in difference. He believes the Shardlord, the leader of the Shard of the Sun, represents the Vryllux, to Deathlius' dismay. Kaijin then believes Deathlius could be the Inxisjin, seeing as he is the Shard's most wanted enemy. Finding it hard to believe he could represent a majestic, Deathlius questions Kaijin's belief. He reflects that his father was Jin No Sai, the first Inxisjin. After some time, Kaijin says that he'll challenge Deathlius himself to see how far he had come, as he wishes to certify his belief.

The day comes where Deathlius and Kaijin duel in the Dragon's Grounds. Deathlius, recognized as a master-rank Tetsujin at this point, is recited the tradition of Grandmaster Tetsujin, where masters may duel the residing grandmaster at a chance for the title. After announcing sacred vows, Deathlius and Kaijin duel. Kaijin says if Deathlius doesn't express the same tenacity he would against the Shard, he stands no chance of defeating him. After a half-hour of continuous fighting, the weather begins to change, forming lightning storms. Deathlius recognizes this as unfortunate, as the Tetsujin has an affinity for lightning. Readying an attack with what he read through his scrolls, Deathlius steps through the darkness repeatedly to avoid Kaijin's lightning strikes, though not perfectly as he is shocked several times. Kaijin then readies his attack which he deems finishes most of his opponents, which translates to the strike of gods. Remembering that Kaijin states most dodge the attack, Deathlius does something Kaijin expects him to be foolish to try - he takes the strike. Kaijin, realizing that Deathlius took the brunt of the attack, locks him in with his broken arm, and deals a vicious strike to Kaijin's temple, knocking him asunder. As Kaijin recovers, he sees the strike broke more than just his arm, it also severed several parts of his legs, but Deathlius stood, ready to go. Kaijin ends the bout, saying he is "royally impressed". Taking a belt woven out of pure jade energy, he weaves it around Deathlius, calling him an honorary Tetsujin, but that he is rash and careless, as he could've died from that strike. 

A Legend's Legacy: Risen Sun

Shortly after his teachings from Kaijin No Sai, Deathlius returns home, and began teaching his Deathpool Legion the ways of his ancient familal ties - the ways of the Kul Reaper. In addition, he also teaches a select few of his allies the ways of the Sol Reaver, but to limited success as they cannot draw the solium from around them as he could. After a few months of training, Deathlius summoned his forces to the gates of Death'kul, and renamed the legion - Deathrook.

After finishing training the remainders of his soldiers into Reapers, Deathlius was overcome with grief at the disdain that followed the failure of binding Kul Vigil aberrations to one's soul, and seeing the repercussions because of it. He would have to leave a large gathering of forces behind, and teamed up with Glaidra Crimsha and Jase Tetsufury along with some adventurers and forces, to invade Solgarde, a highly defended prison under the [[Shard of the Sun]]'s eye. They rescue several prisoners with the promise of potential, such as Abel Strom, who Deathlius feels some familiarity to, and Jerome Vankrist, who Deathlius had not seen since his younger years, during the events of Rooks. He later has adventurers dispatch the Sol Reavers who trailed them to success.

The next task, while Deathlius entrusts Jase with training Jerome and Abel, is to break into [[Malholme]], a dangerous, malevolent prison, which can only be uncovered with the Paradox Sense. Rose de Fleur and [[Dromar]] begin deciphering a forbidden Kul Reaper codex to find its location, which they then reveal. Deathlius, Rose, Glaidra, and Dromar with the Kul Reapers go to Malholme, which is hidden far beneath the seas far south of Outhria.

Within the prison, the Reapers sense a highly malevolent energy stalking the grounds. Deathlius tells them to keep stern, as that was what their training was for. As they break through several puzzles and traps, they feel the presence get closer and closer. Deathlius reveals in the text they are there for the [[Codex of Xan]], as it creates ripples in the Paradox Equation and that someone must have turned its pages; their goal is to destroy it. After some more climbing, unearthing, and killing aberrations, they find the Codex. Deathlius asks an adventurer to assist him in destroying it, which causes the codex to explode.

Later, the malevolent presence they felt makes itself known - a [[Xansha]] by the name of [[Malevolus]]. The Kul reapers, not following Deathlius' orders, perish in the conflict. Behind them, aberrations start forming from the aftermath of the codex's explosion. Deathlius has the survivors and Glaidra fight the aberrations, and the player assist them before calling them back for the Xansha. After a hefty battle, in which many Reapers lie dead, Deathlius manages to subdue the Xansha, impaling it with Endbane and bifurcating it, but not without wounds. In the death of the demon, a spectre appears, saying that the reapers will be cursed, and there is nothing they can do to stop it. Deathlius feels a sense of familiarity with the spectre before they return to Death'kul.

During their return, Deathlius recuperates, and sees that Jase is training Jerome and Abel quite faster than expected. He joins them, seeing to their training. Meanwhile, Rose sends the adventurers to defeat the Shard of the Sun at select areas, and to report any intelligence they find. Later, Dromar hears rumours that a bunch of "sneaky" Sol Reavers were spotted near [[Jadewind Beach]]. Deathlius calls upon Salvator Leonus to investigate, and the adventurer offers to join them later. A surprise Sol Reaver assault besieges Death'kul, and the reavers are all defeated with an amazing display of magic from Rose wrecks their entire platoon.

Later, the player joins Salvator and crew, tracking their movements starting from the beach, to the location known as Miria Point. They see dead reavers, dying to the same energies used against them, and come to a consensus that there was a "mishap", and believe it was an act of betrayal. One of the reapers spots them, and they stealthily walk around to attack them. Salvator demands to know why they are here and asks why they would attack their own, and one of their members, [[Janki Moroda]], speaks up that they are to lead a revolution against the Shardlord in that they don't agree with their beliefs. Salvator takes them to meet with Deathlius, threatening that they will kill them if they try anything. At the gates of Death'kul, Deathlius is shown training with Jase Tetsufury, remarking about the earlier Sol invasion. Salvator brings the Sol Reavers to Deathlius, who asks why they haven't been killed. They attempt to make true their purpose, though he finds it hard to believe them. He calls in Glaidra Crimsha, who is masterful in detecting lies, and she says they aren't lying, rather quivering because they believe they've walked into their own demise. Deathlius laughs, and asks what they want. After a hefty discussion, Deathlius shares that they've gone through several Sol Reaver attacks, and that they are everywhere on the Kingdoms, and some on Outhrend. If they are to prove who can lead the attacks and kill them, he explains he will hold no doubt that they are on their side. While the options seem limited, they are unsure of who can be leading the invasions for sure, but they suspect it could be [[Solus Deathlich]], one of their former leaders, and one of the Seven Sols.

Speaking of the devil, Solus attacks Death'kul, saying his failure to kill Deathlius in [[Majestic's Rein]] will now be a victory as he tries to rip his Solium energy from him. Claudrien, one of the Reavers, severs the tendrils, earning Solus' ire. Deathlius readies to enter his Kulforme, which Claudrien steps in and says the Reavers will "take care of it, and earn your respect". Meanwhile, the Reapers are tasked with defeating the "super" Sol Reavers, and after a hefty battle, defeat them, right as the reavers finish off Solus.

Afterwards, Deathlius explains his gratitude, and that they are happy to have allies. He tells his new Kul Reapers to join either the Brotherhood or Confederacy, along with an envoy before they head to Outhesta. He also mentions a rumored attack at [[Majestic's Rein]], which comes clarity as the Reavers and Deathrook head there to witness the Shardlord's attack, besting the Two Kings in the process. Now with an idea of what the Shard leadership looks to be, Deathlius' resolve thickens.

Using the Jade Current that Kaijin mentioned, Deathlius managed to travel, along with groups of his forces, to Outhesta. There they set up battlements while avoiding the Shard's influence. They met with survivors of drop pods from the Golden Oculus' BLINK drop vessel, as well as Sol Reaver allies. They discovered a powerful solium weapon that when charged, could incapacitate and destroy the looming Soliath that was deployed on Luxor Reach. The Soliath was eventually destroyed, and Deathlius sent Reapers to assist in the construction of their camps for both the Brotherhood and the Confederacy.

He was later working behind the scenes in the Reach. He did assist the adventurers with destroying the Soliath Sigma, cleaving through Solwalkers in the process. At the same time, he was in cohorts with other faction leaders about building a neutral hub in the middle of the Reach.

Once adventurers made way into Thestica, Deathlius makes himself known when rumours surface of Varo Bartholomew being in the area. He, along with adventurers, work to track him down. Making their way to the Sepulcher of Resolve, they discover Varo's works in other realms, and of their use to the Shard, along with restarting his Harmonizer project. Believing it to be in the hands of chaos now, Varo makes himself known and challenges them, using barriers to keep them contained. Salmoneo Eus, Hawthorne de Diaum, and Verona Nova join the fray as well, and the battle becomes weary. With no choice left, Deathlius uses the CODEX to ask Rose for a teleport out, making it out just in time back to the Flayed Clutch. Wounded from the battle, Jase offers to go in his place to claim Varo's life. Jase successfully (along with the adventurer) goes to Varo's various domains, defeating his holograms one by one until he finally perishes. Once news arrives that Varo has perished, Deathlius is pleased to hear the news, but bitter towards his inadequacy in combat and that his most hated enemies still live. He also senses something bad within Jase, but refuses to comment on the matter.


Deathlius is an individual that has two distinct personalities that differ between being in and out of combat. Outside of combat, he is a laid back individual who specializes in good humour, joking around with friends and teammates about the essence of the world. At first due to the Shard of the Sun having a bounty on him, Deathlius maintained a hidden image to remain away from the world before revealing himself, as it goes against the sense of freedom he wishes to achieve. He plays many strategic games such as Chess, Checkers, and Tetsujin, and focuses on this to adhere his skills. Deathlius is also very philosophical and believes society maintains constant problems that the mere populi fail to attempt to change. Deathlius himself states he could do it himself but knows he can't do it alone. 

Deathlius as he appears in game, as he is in combat.

When Deathlius enters in combat, he adopts a powerful, dominant persona. This does not mask his feelings, but he gets more serious and constrained towards combat. All his life, Deathlius has proven to be as brutal as he is deadly which is extremely proficient. Smart with his commands, he is a natural leader, which he has inherited from both his parents, as well as an undying resolve. In battle, he is highly honorable, courageous, and analytical, always trying to have the battle resolved although he initally wishes not to battle in the first place and prefers to talk it out for a short period of time. However, if it can't be helped, Deathlius will enter it without hesitation. He prefers to understand an opponent's abilities before he acts on them, and never charges in first into battle. 

In terms of his personal life, Deathlius, before he met Rose de Fleur was an avid woman-chaser, who stopped after seeing that the love there was "near meaningless" and wanted to find someone besides his friends he could stand up for. He despises the law almost entirely into society, stating as he wishes for them to "piss off" but doesn't remain individualistic. He holds his friends dearly and wishes them to have no misfortune. To an extent, he wishes for them not to die because he states he would go insane. Deathlius has an indomitable will which he accumulated through relentless training in his youth, he fears so far, nothing at all. In things like the Paradox Equation, Deathlius finds it interesting, sometimes betraying, such as when Rose died in the previous timeline and alive in the new one that he had trouble comprehending the reality behind her existence.

When it comes to certain individuals, such as Tylious Dawnbane or Salvator Leonus, Deathlius enjoys fighting alongside them, but he finds himself liking to fight some of his battles alone, such as with Esquire above Mount Malum. Because of his "lone wolf" personality, he was berated at times, such as during the Maelstrom War where he didn't adhere to the "we are a team" ideology wholly, or when he refused Tylious' help against Esquire because he didn't want them to die if the chance happened; he in turn was known to be reprimanded as "a selfish fighter".

As a father, Deathlius originally wished not to be, due to the history of his cursed bloodline. Despite this, he is highly protective of his son and daughter, to the point where he would do anything, regardless of the consequences. It has brought him a peace which he has said hasn't existed since he met Rose.

Weapons and Armour

Deathlius carries the blade known as 16px-Inv_sword_131.png [Endbane, Vestige of Judgement], along with his uber set known as the Visage of Death'kul. The set itself is extremely durable plate armor. His cape carries a skull which appears animated, which appears to laugh at Deathlius' helpless victims. Deathlius also carries a shield, but he barely uses it, stating that he prefers to wield his weapon instead, although he can do both. However, he uses the shield when he deems so as necessary.

A rendition of Endbane, without the black aura or reaper cloth that encloaks the blade.

The armor is made of an extremely durable medal and glows with an eerie light. The metal is also lighter than most, allowing increased mobility. Lastly, he wears an obsidian black hood, laced with red trim. The hood grants the wearer with a skull in front of the wearer's face to strike unending fear. Deathlius has shown to manifest the skull by will, often when he goes into battle. He hides it whenever he is struck into conversation or is to remain undercover.

After reading lore of his ancestors, Deathlius discovered that Endbane had powers he never thought of, and he would later use these powers on Esquire.

Abilities and Powers

Deathlius is often characterized as having an extremely potent will, being described as "all but afraid".

Deathlius is an extremely skilled combatant, having been trained extensively by his parents. He excelled in magic, ranging and swordsmanship, with the latter being his favorite. He could wield two-handed blades in one hand and a shield in the other, though prefers not to use one. His mana capacity is recognized to be extremely high, such as that members of the Violet Crusade are curious he didn't pursue a career in magicks. Deathlius also has been known to have an extremely high tolerance for pain, particularly in some battles, like the Battle of Glaecings, where he got greatly ambushed, being stabbed multiple times in his chest. He overpowered the assassins and killed them all with his two-handed sword, which is known as Endbane, his father's blade. Later on when Deathlius was known throughout the world, his blade received the title of the Vestige of Judgement.

With the blade, known as Endbane, Deathlius had central powers in it derived from it, such as when the blade was created. When Death met Deathlius for the first time, he converted the weapon into a "harvester" which made the deaths caused by it heal his wounds from Esquire. While in its "harvest" state, Deathlius was able to drive his opponents insane, deprive them of natural sustenance, infect them with mental destablization, or to do catastrophic damage. However, since Esquire's defeat, the weapon has since lost its "harvest", though Deathlius found a lack of use for them anyways other than the deal he made with Death, as the power was not his own. Deathlius also inherits some family curses, the essence and origin of these are unknown; but they allow him to manifest knives to wield out of his own blood, as long as he is carrying one "material" knife.

He is able to reach out of dimensions and make himself somewhat incorporeal, an ability granted to him by his father's experimented body. He did so in Ultim Clama'kul during the Loss'end Questline to direct Salvator, Tylious, and the adventurer to his aid. Previously, he managed to do this during Omegaheim, even going as far as to replicate a copy of his blade to slash Endnarok's nexus cord, which bound him (and a large source of his power) to the Maelstrom. After the events of Death'kul, Deathlius has managed to reach into the nightmare-twisted version of his home and control the Kul Visage demons there, who now "obey him" and serve as watchers in his home. He later used these demons in a battle against Esquire, and was the one who "enslaved" the Fear Visage after finding it in his home. Another of his abilities he inherits from his father is "shade-walking" where his shadows literally run behind him. Deathlius has also known to levitate, albeit briefly. This may be a trait inherited from his mother, since he did not grow her wings.

Deathlius is also known to be an exceptional martial artist and thief, and possesses analytical intelligence. At the same time, this stems from his indomitable will, and that currently, he fears absolutely nothing. An example of his intellect was during Raven Down or in Cramoria Downs where he made two flawless escapes involving all the prisoners. Considering him being a human, the youngest humanoid race, his feats are acknowledged to be impressive.

The Paradox Equation is known to Deathlius, but it has been stated he has not inherited the Paradox Sense. When he does, it is said that "things will change."


After learning about Endbane while he was away in Death'kul via a secret library, Deathlius learned of one of the blade's powers, which resonates from the fifth glyph on the blade itself. Although he believes it isn't the only power contained in the blade, Deathlius was able to focus enough to learn of one of the blade's abilities, which took him several months.

By proclaiming wither away... Endbane becomes sharper and darker, and energy is found emanating from the fifth, hole-like glyph on the blade. In addition, this allows Deathlius to use the secret powers found within the blade that he learned from his training. By doing so, Deathlius becomes extremely strong, and an aura emanates from him that is known to make beings even like Esquire feel fear.

"Remove my evils"

The first ability of Endbane, done by saying Remove my evils... sharpens Endbane and make the blade itself glow. For a short period of time, if Deathlius slashes a target, which he can supposedly do once, the blade itself disintegrates into the target before reforming as it once was, and the target experiences an "existential crisis".

Deathlius can utilize this ability to completely "remove" someone from the Paradox Equation, eventually making it as so they have never truly existed. Although the equation writes in itself that it removed someone through unknown means, the equation surrounding the existence of the "removed" individual causes a paradox, causing the equation to tear itself apart for brief moments. Eventually the equation fixes itself, but it leaves a permanent tear, though small in comparison to the universe. Deathlius used this against Esquire, removing him from the equation forever.

After-effects of the weapon's ability involve dealing heavy internal damage, whereas Deathlius became exhausted, as he felt "his soul tearing apart". Secondly, those who have ever witnessed the victim cease to remember them - when Deathlius was recovered by Tylious Dawnbane and Salvator Leonus, Salvator asked why Deathlius was there all by himself. Later on when he was in the hospital, and recalled what he was doing there, he said he used Endbane's ability, but he couldn't recall who he used it on, and Lucius Avaros, the son of Grimbane, failed to remember who to curse after giving his father his last rites. 


Deathlius has earned a few titles and monikers in his life.

  • Champion of Outhria (for deeds in Outhria, specifically Outhrend)
  • Death's Demise (for killing Grimmis)
  • Lone Wolf (referred to as this by the Noir Blades)
  • 12th Regiment's Wolf (while participating in the Maelstrom War)
  • Highlord of the Deathpool Legion
  • Supreme Commander of the Deathpool Legion
  • Landwaster (this is subjective, though he somewhat participated in Omegaheim)
  • Escaper of Fate (Esquire calls him this in a quest)
  • Cheater of Death (Patch X-15)
  • Friend of the Killa (for his aid in the Klast Halls)
  • Worldbreaker (for defeat of Zarkath'Modan in Rise of the Godforged)
  • Last Son of Loss'end (presumed)


Deathlius plays in some quests.


  1. [100] Deathlius' Freedom (Quest to defeat final boss of X-15 expansion)

Outside Death'kul

  1. [100] Shard of the Sun (Help Deathlius recover an ancient gem for good this time, also requires 108 Agilitance and 107 Thievery, as well as 100 Fortitude)


  • "I envy you all." - Said during the Omegaheim encounter.
  • "Death's a game to me. I've cheated it. But was it worth it?" - After the Battle of Glaecings.
  • "Hey you, yeah you, I'm out here busting my ass, while you're on a chair sitting on yours?" - Deathlius breaking the fourth wall in his Hall of Heroes story.
  • "Super majestic, sl-la-ash". - Said in the Hall of Heroes.
  • "You can't put a deadline on a slaying assignment." - Random appearance.
  • "There's only one way to not fear. It's to be fear."
  • "Listen to the sounds of your own extinction." Said during Death'kul encounter.
  • "You can't hold both life and death in your hands."
  • "Let me tell you something. No one is above the other. No one is better. No one is higher up. Watch yourself now as I'll undermine your incompetence." - Said during Wilting Flower.
  • "Death's plight no longer matters to me. I fight and kill not to provide me with a sense that it keeps me alive. I do it because of the danger that threatens the world I live in. I relinquish his "blessing" now, to the dust that fills the air."

Maelstrom War Quotes

  • And here I stood, ready to fight in the biggest conflict I would ever hope to see.
  • It's up to us to clear the way, because I don't see another regiment taking the mantle!
  • They have their gods on their side, and the lot of us have someone up there watching us. I'm up for Lady Luck, but whatever you believe, someone is going to be disappointed, because their gods aren't going to help them!
  • The dead that lie before us have seen the end of this war...
  • Whether you like it or not, Baron chose me to lead you, and I'm going to uphold that to his honor.
  • I had only wished they weren't so clever; wars don't start with stupid foes though.
  • Has this blade seen more blood than before?
  • It was up to me now... the last survivor of the regiment... a lone wolf. A war is much scarier when you're the only one fighting the battle.
  • Was that a sign of mercy right there? Frick you. (In response to a Drakkin telling him he'll earn a slow death should he come out)
  • The last one always dies in the flames... (After killing the Akrin grenadier)
  • The sound of that cannon, the accelerator, whatever it was called. The round slips into the chamber, and the blast goes off. I saw it. The end. The end of it all. Four weeks ago, I entered a war that escalated to be the most bloodiest conflict the world has ever seen. You join the fight, people see you as a soldier, one who could make a difference, but you don't in the eyes of the leaders. If you're too scared, they look down on you. Screw that. Some people have to carry on our legacy by seeing what we fought for. When you enter a war and win, you see yourself as a hero, but you couldn't think of it yourself. You have to be recognized. Every step you take and you risk your life. If you see the end of it, you only see what the dead have, but the only difference is that your eyes are open as you see the final moment of it. War is nothing more than fear, and only the ones with any willpower are the ones who bury the fright. Because that's what having a legacy is. Defining what you want for the future. Fight for the future. Don't let it be buried in the flames it summons. As I walk away, the survivors cheer, rant about their victory, before assessing their losses and thinking of it as a symbol of peace, but forget what came just for it. Peace is... a paradox. It's the absence of war, inner turmoil, depression caused by conflict. Yet you have to fight to get it. But deep down inside in the hearts of those who fight, it's what's worth fighting for..... I've put more blood on my hands than a mass murderer in this conflict, and I wish I never do it again. As I walk away from the broken pieces of a once great memory, I walk away a lone wolf, and a changed man. Sorrow sleeps, but not forever. (Final soliloquy)

Meeting the Brothers

  • Deathlius: You six! What are you doing?
  • Gunthar: We're fighting off dragons, you pesky bastard!
  • Deathlius: You! Holding the bomb, are you making a breaching path?
  • Shiryuu: Yes, by the perimeter!
  • Deathlius: These dragons will stall you. I'll take care of them, you need to plant that device!
  • Gunthar: What the hell do you know about dragons?
  • Deathlius flashes his blade.
  • Gunthar: Ah! Thank you, Mr. Loss'end!
  • Deathlius: Come on, drakes!

Blood Bounty, Blood for Blood, Blood Awakens

Blood Bounty

  • Deathlius: So you're here to kill me?
  • ???: The money's green. And you're quite the adventurous one.
  • Deathlius: Fine. If you're going to kill me, allow me the honour of knowing your name.
  • Salvator Leonus: Salvator Leonus.
  • The two fight, where Salvator gets tricky attacks in before Deathlius overwhelms him.
  • Deathlius: Well that wasn't a very good assassination.
  • Salvator remains silentDeathlius grasps Endbane and points at Salvator.
  • Deathlius: Do you operate under the Shard of the Sun?
  • Salvator: No.
  • Deathlius: Then I have no reason to kill you.
  • Salvator: What are you doing? I just tried to kill you! You're not going to kill me?
  • Deathlius: I don't have a reason to. Why? Do you want to die?
  • Salvator: You don't make any sense.
  • Deathlius: You're right. Well, I'll probably see you again.
  • Deathlius puts Endbane back into the holder. Salvator clenches a knife in the snow beside him, ready to throw, but throws it down instead.

Blood for Blood

  • Salvator finds Deathlius staring into the city of Socia'kul, while Deathlius places a hand over Endbane.
  • Salvator: Deathlius.
  • Deathlius: You again. Are you here to kill me?
  • Salvator: No. (puts his blades back into the hilts)
  • Deathlius: You don't look like you're lying; what do you want?
  • Salvator: To apologize.
  • Deathlius: An assassin, apologizing for trying to kill me? (laughs)
  • Salvator: No, it's... I don't know what to do.
  • Deathlius: We all don't, Salvator.
  • Salvator: I quit the organization. The Noir Blades. One of their assassinations was on me. To which I evaded. The money was great, easy enough for me. But... I can't.
  • Deathlius: Because I'm the first target you failed? That's why you want to quit?
  • Salvator: No, it's their business that sickens me.
  • Deathlius: Many out there will do that.
  • Salvator: I'm going to do a personal vendetta tomorrow.
  • Deathlius: On the leader of the Noir Blades?
  • Salvator: If only I could trace him. He's off the grid. I went to their headquarters, he wasn't there, his things gone.
  • Deathlius: Then who?
  • Salvator: Let's just say the guys who had a bounty on your head. I'm going to frisk them.
  • Deathlius: You're marching into defeat.
  • Salvator: The Shard of the Sun...
  • Deathlius: They're the ones? I'm coming with you.
  • Salvator: No you're not. This is my vendetta alone.
  • Deathlius: Well, I'll take care of other businesses. In the mean time-
  • Deathlius stabs Salvator in the arm.
  • Salvator: What the hell? Are you-
  • Deathlius: No. Just in case you change your mind about killing me. I'll see you Salvator.

Blood Awakens

  • Deathlius jumps down a crevice in Cramoria Down, knocking out a guard (Shard of the Sun)
  • Salvator: Deathlius? What the hell are you doing here?
  • Deathlius: Freeing this prison.
  • Salvator: You don't even have the keys.
  • Deathlius: Keys are for the beginners.
  • Deathlius cuts the bars with Endbane.
  • Deathlius: Everyone, "You offer me your help, I offer my leadership. I promise all of you will make it out alive and well. For the tomorrow is what we want today."
  • The prisoners cheer. "For Deathlius"
  • Salvator: You're out of your mind, you know that?
  • Deathlius: It's taken a lifetime of practice. It's time for redemption. Let's scar the Shard of the Sun.
  • Salvator: What are your plans?
  • Deathlius: We're going to make a legion.
  • Salvator: Got a name?
  • Deathlius: Deathpool Legion, meaning to rise and be free.
  • Salvator: Sounds promising.
  • Deathlius: You're going to be my right hand man.
  • Salvator: Right hand?
  • Deathlius: Yes. The day you free me from prison will be the time you will be the leader.
  • Salvator: Hah. Let's break out of here.
  • Deathlius: Know that, my friends, as we break out of here, the chains that sealed your fate and binded your destiny to it's long waiting execution are nonexistent. Today is the day we taste freedom again, and win it a million times over, for what's right all along.

The End of Death

  • Deathlius: I request the location of this "puppetmaster".
  • Grimjaw: Who are you?
  • Deathlius: That isn't your concern. Where is Esquire?
  • Rapturos: That is our concern, not yours.
  • Deathlius puts one hand on his blade.
  • Deathlius: Are you challenging me?
  • Lucius sighs.
  • Lucius: We don't need more blood being spilt here.
  • Lucius makes a fist, clenched, and looks down on his father. Using his connection to the Light, Lucius feels Esquire's essence fading away from his father's body.
  • Lucius: Mount... Malum, it is only that cold there.
  • Deathlius: Thank you.
  • Lucius: What will you do?
  • Deathlius stops.
  • Deathlius: We have some... history.
  • Deathlius looks back.
  • Deathlius: If anyone asks, do not tell them where I am...
  • Deathlius unsheathes Endbane and puts it near Lucius' throat while Grimjaw and Rapturos unsheathe their battleaxes.
  • Deathlius: ...at all.
  • Deathlius jumps off the platform.

A Remnant of the Past

  • Deathlius: So then my grandfather and Ancieus allied together, destroyed the Perdifiend, creation of the Peacekeepers.
  • Deathlius grabs a quill and ink and writes on a board.
  • Deathlius: Which would become the Shard of the Sun. If I were around then... what I could have changed.
  • Alariel: Time and space are something we cannot necessarily control.
  • Deathlius gives his grandmother-in-law a mocking look.
  • Alariel: I didn't control anything in that story, Deathlius. Only retold it.
  • Deathlius: You don't know why Sinseid died? Why would he even fight the Archtitan alone, there's gotta be something there I don't know of.
  • Deathlius: I'm gonna find Sinseid. If he's alive nowadays, with the equation changing.
  • Deathlius grabs Endbane.
  • Deathlius: I need some answers.
  • Alariel: Don't be foolish Deathlius. Sinseid back then, and if alive now, would be more powerful than the one you defeated on top of that mountain. Don't underestimate his power. He most likely brought that fiend into the picture in Perdiditum City.
  • Deathlius: Then what would you have me do? I'm grateful for you unearthing the past for me, but I need to enact justice on them. They killed my parents. YOUR children!
  • Alariel: You have better things to attend to than your own self-interests. You have a woman who would die for you, who was afraid of never seeing you again on that mountain.
  • Deathlius: She said that?
  • Alariel: Please, Deathlius. I can go back in time and space and bring out memories. You think I can't sneak off to her for a little while to ask her about you?
  • Deathlius: You're right.
  • Deathlius sits down.
  • Deathlius: I do owe her though. I told her if we find her father, we would try to bring him back.
  • Deathlius then adopts an angry expression.
  • Deathlius: Know this, grandma. That man also was behind my parents' death. For her sake, we'll try to save him. But if he tries anything else...
  • Deathlius grabs a throwing knife and throws it into a drawing of Hawthorne on the board.
  • Deathlius: ...he's dead.

Farewell, Old Friend

  • Deathlius: Fordron.
  • Fordron: Deathlius. You know why I'm here, don't you?
  • Deathlius: I do. The Inferno is dealt with, then?
  • Fordron: Not without loss, I'm afraid. But it is gone.
  • Deathlius: I see...
  • Deathlius begins placing his hand on the lighthouse. He tries to hide his grief, but can't.
  • Fordron: Deathlius... I...
  • Deathlius: Save it. I couldn't save him. I couldn't do anything for him.
  • Deathlius: When we were in that citadel, years ago. I left to confront that... thing. Told Tylious to stay, and that I would deal with it by myself. But together, I feared that if we failed we would both lose, and both of us dying would be bad, in our efforts against evil.
  • Deathlius: We both could've beaten it together. Me and my stupid ego.
  • Deathlius: We could've fought the Inferno together. Tylious has more ire than I... but... maybe, we could've won without losing him.
  • Deathlius: The Inferno would've died, and he could've come home. But... that was one of his final wishes. To fight it by himself. I would be a fool to dishonor that. He didn't want both of us to fall either.
  • Deathlius: Leave me Fordron. I am happy that you are safe, but I need some time.
  • Fordron: He wanted the best for you. I hope you know that.
  • Deathlius: Always.
  • As Fordron walks away, Deathlius looks again at the lighthouse. With one strike, Deathlius punches a hole, collapsing the lighthouse as its stones fall and tumble aside.



  • Greetings, adventurer.
  • All time is meant to be meaningful.
  • Never stand down.
  • The meaning of existence is to be found by ourselves.
  • Don't fear my friend, become fear.


  • Until the next time we meet.
  • Farewell, and great fortune to you.
  • There shall be a next time.
  • Stand for what you believe in.
  • Lady Luck watch you now.


  • For fuck's sake.
  • Is that a challenge?
  • Sorry I exist.
  • Do not do something you'll regret.
  • You're becoming my enemy.
  • Stop clicking on me! (On the third session of being pissed)


latest?cb=20061019212216&format=webp This contains speculation.

Deathlius' Brother

It is unknown where Deathlius' brother is, whom who he is. The devs have stated that he will be added sometime in the future. The only thing that is mentioned is when one asks Deathlius where his brother is, but it is probably not Nordrasith.

  • latest?cb=20070607020201 What happened to your parents?
  • I lost them in a fire many years ago, champion. It was done by the Shard of the Sun who I am sure you are affiliated with. All but my brother and I perished in that fire, for he was gone and I forced my escape.
  • latest?cb=20070607020201 You have a brother? (If chosen)
  • That I do. Last time I saw him I was but a child. He went to the far north for his studies in magic. I can't recall the name of the continent. He was extremely gifted, and by that I don't mean just "extremely gifted" but he was definitely a "one in a million" person. I miss him dearly, and I have no contact with him.
  • latest?cb=20070607020201 I am sorry.
  • All is well, adventurer. I will see him one day.


Back in the original LL, The R.B. had a titular character designed, and I did not. He had Tylious and I was still left on who I wanted as a "main" to run through our series. Originally I was going to go after Kalgerith Salumos, but I decided that "he's not that big of a player in this game" though he is of a decent significance. That's why I went with Deathlius. It started off with the name, it had to have "Death" in it. Death, Deathy, Deathic, Deathly... Deathliest - Deathlius. There we go. Originally I had him start as some anti-hero, then I realized I need more background; how about just making him a character who gives no shit, takes no shit, and gets shit done? The finished product was a man built off what I've learned about philosophy and human spirit, melded into a man who fights for what he believes is the truth.  - Shadius


  • "Deathlius" was a name that Deathlius took, his original name is Daedric, as revealed in Rooks, and in A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn.
  • Deathlius was born in 120 XD, at the beginning of the First War, making him 32 during the events of A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn.
  • He is the only one of the 12th regiment of the Maelstrom Armed Forces to survive the entirety of the Maelstrom War.
  • Shadius has stated that Deathlius' capture in the Omnusali Asylum was ultimately what made him more angry and hateful, and that he would like players to see this soon.
  • During the Maelstrom War, Deathlius' killcount was over one thousand. His final kill was Drakroc, who was responsible for wiping out over half of the 12th Regiment.
  • He carries exactly seventy-two throwing knives at all times, and he knows when he is missing or has broken one.
  • Tanin Starkfaust "hates Deathlius with a burning passion" at times, but says he is one of his favourite customers on the days he "doesn't feel like starting something".
  • His favourite game is Godvault': 'Secrets of Outhria. He played it a lot in his youth. He is one of the only people in game to have beaten Shay Starkfaust, creator of the game, in a duel.
  • After Tyurak Riften helped him out of Death'kul in his youth, Deathlius gave him a Kul Rose (one of Ultim Clama'kul's rarest flowers) as a gift years later to return the favour. When he took a shot from Protoklast, that wasn't the "returned favour", it was due to Tyurak having a greater importance to the world of that of the God Council.
  • If you go to the Sancturia Wishing Well with Deathlius' Coin, the well proclaims that Deathlius misses his brother.
  • He enjoys cheating life itself, but absolutely refuses to cheat in love, chess (or games in general), or combat.
  • In his young life, Deathlius states he has done "a lot of stupid shit" which he doesn't share with a lot of people.
  • The R.B. states Deathlius is "a crazy bastard". This is reflected in game with The R.B.'s titular character Tylious Dawnbane saying the same quote in the Brothers of Fate quest.
  • Deathlius will be in a story called Wilting Flower. This story is played through in Deathlius' Steal, a grandmaster quest.
  • Deathlius has worn many disguises, fooling many people. Unbeknownst to people, he sometimes uses his members' name of the Deathpool Legion, by mixing up their first and last names and rearranging their letters.
  • Throughout the Loss'end Questline, Tylious and Salvator refer to Deathlius as him.
  • He breaks the fourth wall many times. Some examples are given below.
    • In Wilting Flower, Deathlius states that the readers should know what love is like.
    • When combatting the Kul Vigil and Kul Oculo, a voice, seemingly Deathlius' tells you to click on them after their defeat to banish them in Death'kul.
  • It is unknown how Endbane was named, but Deathlius believes it had something to do with stopping Death.
  • In Shard of the Sun and lores, Deathlius' first skillcapes were in Thievery and Agilitance. He says he has three others but they are currently unknown.
  • Both Deathlius and Tylious have glowing eyes.
  • Him and Tylious didn't get well along when they first met, now however, they are friends during the Maelstrom War.
  • The four shards imbued in his blade (except Obsoletion) are references to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyspe in biblical terms. Strife is war, Paucity is Famine, Contagion is Pestilence, and Ending is Death.
  • Deathlius named the Deathpool Legion in honor of their survival, since they were all to be executed by members of the Shard of the Sun, resulting in "a death pool".
  • His blade and Tylious' share multiple properties, they are both encrusted in shards, they are both two handed, and both have a "variant" of orchestrating death. Deathlius' can determine how the death will finish (Obsoletion), and Tylious' can choose how they will die (Demise).
  • Rose de Fleur is the catalyst of Deathlius' life up to an extent, in both timelines, as in the past and the current one where Grimmok and OMNI manipulated the equation. If Deathlius never met Rose, his family would've never been killed and his mother never would've blessed him with his dying gift, nor would he join the military or wield his father's blade, thus, he would've never met Salvator Leonus, and rescued him from Cramoria Downs and created the Deathpool Legion. Furthermore, he never would've met Tylious Dawnbane at the Tail of the Dragon Pub in Majestic's Rein, and would never know about the "recently-established" ship travel to Glaecings. In addition, he would then never know Salmoneo Eus was part of the Shard of the Sun or killed him (since his family wasn't killed). Deathlius also wouldn't run into an Aspect of Death and lose his soul, and then become Death's first "harvester". However, Esquire would've defected regardless, but he wouldn't sap his powers in Death'kul. Even though he wouldn't be a target, Deathlius would never be able to stop Esquire at his highest degree, thus, he would become the "next Death" and cause the world a great pain of undeath, causing the end of the world. This also means Esquire wouldn't be defeated at Death'kul nor would he be a boss. The loss of Rose was the reason Deathlius went to the bar in the first place, to cope with his sadness. In the current timeline, since Rose is saved from being killed by Deathlius, he becomes stronger and they form a relationship. If she was killed however, nothing would change except he wouldn't be able to defeat Esquire. In the current timeline, Deathlius went through a state of "rampancy" (occurring from the two timelines where Rose is alive in the current, and dead in the previous) causing Esquire to capture him after defeating him.
    • Unknown to Deathlius, Rose wishes she never met him at times, because of what she caused in the past timeline. However, she represses these thoughts in the current timeline.