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The Deathpool Legion is a faction associated with Ultim Clama'kul, Death'kul, and Miria Point as an enemy. It means "to rise up (from the clenches of hardship) and be free". Their goal is technically to stop all rogue operations within the Kingdom of the New Sigil, and defeat enemies such as the Shard of the Sun, most notably, any enemies that exist as part of their group. Players may join them or the Miria Shard group, it can be one or the other, however, for the legion, they are situated within Laeg'kul. They are neutral at the beginning, and can only be hostile or hated by killing members or starting brawls. However, this is NOT recommended. The leader is Deathlius Loss'end (only appears after completing Death'kul once); Salvator Leonus remains as temporary leader, and the several other division commanders.

Neutral_32.png Deathpool Legion

Main Leader

Deathlius Loss'end (after instance) Salvator Leonus (support)



Base of Operations

Laeg'kul, Ultim Clama'kul


Neutral at start

Notable rewards

Mounts, high level weapons, fabled weapons, new techniques


The Deathpool Legion was created by Deathlius Loss'end shortly after he raided Cramoria Down in order to rescue Salvator Leonus from the clutches. In the prison, Deathlius broke into it and defeated several guards who operated under the Shard of the Sun (although it was operated by Purple Heart). Once he reached Salvator's cell, he noticed a lot of civilians beaten or struggling, and then came to the decision he could liberate them all for a second chance at freedom, and that the majority of the reason they're locked up is for wrong or unnecessary reasons. All Deathlius asked if that they pledged their trust into him, and he promised to have everyone survive and break free of the prison.

Deathlius broke everyone out, which included over 100 members. They fought and knocked off the guards, and this forced military intervention (though the military was privately controlled) to fortify near the front gate. The team cut the door and used it as a barricade, using it to push away the guards while the rest fought them off. Eventually, the guards would fall before them and Cramoria Down was classified as Code Red, meaning it is open and dangerous. The prisoners all pledged loyalty to Deathlius, and thanked him for a second taste of freedom. Deathlius then asked if they would join him in conquering the world's hatred, and they all accepted with their weapons in the air. Thus, the Deathpool Legion was born.

Deathlius took the remainder of his members to his home of Death'kul, and converted the floating tower and underground base into a headquarters, named Laeg'kul. Deathlius then taught the members close combat and weapon skills over considerable lengths of training, and told them to perfect their abilities by training regularly. Over time, the legion became the most potent fighting force, having strategy and tactics that echoed high ranking military organizations. Deathlius selected Jeremiah Redwing, Raphael Tutem, Conworth Rester, Amadius Molara, Salvator Leonus, and Dromar as his right hand commanders, with Salvator being the head commander and Raphael a lead field agent.

In the present, the legion operates to destroy all Shard of the Sun influence and destroy injustice, especially found in modern society under hidden sight. Their operations are in Kingdom of the New Sigil, but have been seen in Outhrend.


The Deathpool Legion offers the following quests.

  • Pools of Death
  • Order of the Legion
  • You Wish To Be Whom
    • Sacred Treasures
    • The Tear of Ultim Clama'kul
  • False Worship
  • When the Sun Sets
    • When the Sun Arises
    • When the Sun Sets Again
    • Sunshatterer
  • Escapades of Greatness
  • Tower of Terror
  • Operation Red Blade
  • Invoke My Wrath
  • What Goes Up Must Come Down
    • A Matter of Balance
  • It's Very Stable
    • Sign of Anger
    • Sign of Depression
    • Sign of Tyranny
    • Sign of Obliterants
    • Dragonfight at Dawn
    • Raise Your Flag
    • It's Only A Matter of Time
    • Incomplete
    • The Faults in our Soldiers
  • Deathlius' Steal

Daily Quests[]

  • Tag! You're It!
  • Hide and Seek
  • Burning Bridges

Ranking Up[]

Neutral to Befriended[]

Getting to Befriended can be done in a single day. Only a few quests are required to gain access to Befriended (unless one decides to kill Shard of the Sun members for rep or complete Death'kul). Completing the available quests as well as the dailies once will net you a gain.

  • [110] 16px-Neutral_32.png Pools of Death: Visit the four pools of Death (Pool of Visions, Pool of Existence, Pool of Despair, Pool of Deathics) and claim their gems. (+500 Rep)
  • [110] 16px-Neutral_32.png Order of the Legion: Retrieve the Shard Barracks Papers from the Miria Point Scout. (+500 Rep)
  • [110] 16px-Neutral_32.png You Wish To Be Whom: Speak with Dromar found near the Sigil Portal near Mael Isle. (+1000 Rep) This quest is required to get past Befriended.
    • [110] 16px-Neutral_32.png Sacred Treasures: Retrieve 5 Ultim Shards. (+500 Rep)
    • [110] 16px-Neutral_32.png Tears of Ultim Clama'kul: Visit the Tear of Ultim Clama'kul and find someone who can explain it's creation. (+500 Rep)
  • [110 Daily] 16px-Neutral_32.png Tag! You're It!: Tag 5 Miria Point Flags with explosive charges. (+500 Rep)
  • [110 Daily] 16px-Neutral_32.png Hide and Seek: Deathpool Legion Edition: Find 5 hidden members. (+1000 Rep) See quest for locations of the hidden members. This quest can take long times.
  • [110 Daily] 16px-Neutral_32.png Burning Bridges: Seize the Miria Point chokepoints. (+500 Rep)

Befriended to Honored[]

Honored to Revered[]

Revered to Exalted[]

Exalted and Above[]

Majestified: Final Challenge[]

Once players reach EXACTLY 249,999 rep from quest gains, Deathlius Loss'end will assign you a brutally (we mean it) long and hard Adventure-esque quest that will require the gathering of some items and defeating two bosses (one for the quest, and one for finding as a world boss) that grants you +1 rep, making you Majestified. This unlocks the incredibly sought mount for purchase 16px-Ability_mount_twilightdrakemount_red.png [Reins of the Deathpool Dreadnaught].

  • [110 Solo/Group] 16px-Neutral_32.png Deathpool Legion Challenge: Miria Tablet of the Sun: Find a tablet known as the Miria Tablet of the Sun, use it to unlock the secrets, and furthermore, hunt down the boss carrying an item, and defeat one nobleman who will gladly pass on a good word.

This quest involves finding four keys which are highly rare drops, and finding rare sun obelisks to harness their power which disappear all over Miria Point. They then must forge a tablet unlocking a temple, go through it to defeat a certain captain, then find the travelling wanderer who previously defeated him to gather the real tablet the Legion seeks.


There are many members, this lists all the monsters and NPC's.

Name Role Condition Location
Deathlius Loss'end Founder and leader of the legion, and master of Death'kul. Alive Various
Salvator Leonus Second in hand to the legion, a black lettered assassin. Alive Various
Jeremiah Redwing One of the commanders. Alive Laeg'kul
Conworth Rester One of the commanders. Alive Laeg'kul
Amadius Molara One of the commanders. Alive Laeg'kul
Rose de Fleur Becomes a future commander. Alive Various
Dromar Deathlius' scout in Majestic's Rein, near the Sigil Portal. Alive Laeg'kul
Deathpool Dux High ranking soldiers.
Deathpool Praetor Second highest ranking soldiers.
Deathpool Curator Second lowest ranking soldiers.
Deathpool Kalator Low ranking soldiers.