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El'naera was one of the few elves allowed into the great city of Polcro, and personal friend of Tylious. Along with Tylious he became a honorary citizen of the city. He worked his way up the ranks of the cities grandest church, just as fast as Tylious worked his way through the guard. Years later he advanced to an Imperial Paladin, the highest rank on the church. His powers were legendary, he even managed to work his way into the elite force, The Dawnbane Enforcers, thanks to Tylious. After the city fell, he stayed behind, influenced by Tylious' corruption, he has gained an incredible understanding of the elements as well as the light. He now resides in the churches crypts, controling the magical barrier between him and the rest of Polcro. His proximity to such powers cause him to steadily increase in strength.

Combat_32.gif El'naera




High Elf


??? Boss


12,440,000 (Prodigy)

20,115,000 (Master)


2.2 million


The Blood Grounds, Old Polcro






(This fight has no phases, the abilities just get signifcantly more powerful through out the fight. The arena gradually falls apart as his powers begin to consume everything, it is imporatant to defeat him before it is all lost!)

  • 32px-Spell_frost_arcticwinds.png Neverwinter: an intial frost blast, with an immense amount of AoE damage and range. Deals 25,000 - 35,000 damage.
  • 32px-Spell_frost_frostward.png Holy Immersion: Bathes a player in holy light, causing immense holy damage, but increasing resistance to it as well. Has an AoE causing the same effects but is deadly if below 90% health.
  • 32px-Spell_fire_bluehellfire.png Light Quake: The arena erupts in holy fire, causing initial damage and causing pillars of light to erupt, causing AoE damage in a 20 yd radiace. Immune to damage if currently affected by Holy Immersion. Deals 50k damage minus.
  • 32px-Ability_warlock_improvedsoulleech.png Burning Agony: Causes a fire DoT to anyone in 10 yds, 2 sec cast. While casting, anyone in range is slowed by 30%. causes a debuff, increasing fire damage taken by 40%, but increase physical resistance by 30%.
  • 32px-Spell_holy_healingaura.png Crusaders Vigil: Self cast, increases all damage dealt by 30%, Magic resistance by 20%, Physical resistance by 10%. This affects El'neara's perception however, causing him to fumble, increasing miss chance by 55%. occasionally will drop weapon, causing a disarm for 10 sec.
  • 32px-Spell_shadow_siphonmana.png Defiant's Gaze: casts 9 min into fight, increasing any and all damage dealth by 25%. causes the same affect on current aggro target.
  • 32px-Ability_warrior_shockwave.png Wind's Liberty: Removes any positive buffs from players, causing them to not be able to recieve buffs for remainder of fight. friendly or otherwise. gives them all to El'narea, stacks up to a maximum of 70% for everything. Deals 40k to 50k damage.
  • 32px-Spell_holy_aspiration.png Holy Rebirth: Casts near death, spawns waves of adds that must be downed or he will heal back to 60%. but will increase all damage taken by 25% for remainder of fight.



  • Enemies detected. These warriors today stand against the might of the greatest lord of this time. I hate to be difficult, but I will kill them here, master. This is for you.

Initial Aggro

  • Both the elements and the light bend to my will! With these powers, none can take me down!

Killing a player

  • Taste Hammer!
  • Bask in radiant DEATH!
  • Another falls!

Raid Wipe

  • And then there were none.
  • Good riddance. (El'naera spits on the ground)

Holy Immersion

  • The light is your weakness...

Light Quake


Holy Rebirth

  • NO! the light will save me! Minions of the divines, Stop these heretics, I must not fall!


(El'naera falls down, and crawls to the altar. Says one of these three quotes.)

  • I hate you... I hate you all....
  • Damn... it's about time.
  • Tylious, you were the best...

(El'naera laughs manically, his skin begins to crack apart, revealing radiant light, dealing holy damage to any players looking at him.)


Master Only[]


BFF; Defeat El'naera on Prodigy.

Friends No More; Defeat El'naera on Master.

Only missing Shadow!; defeat El'naera with no players resistance to Elemental and Light above 100.

Weird Fight isn't it?; Defeat El'naera, being hit by all his attacks, and recieving all positive effects from them.

Those Shelves from IKEA?; Defeat El'naera, with no more then 30% of the arena being consumed.

HOLY SHHH.....; Defeat El'naera after 95% of the arena has been consumed.

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