This article is about how to defeat Fujisaku in Aerous Isle. For the biography, visit Fujisaku No Sai .

Fujisaku No Sai is the final boss of Aerous Isle and one of the major encounters in A Legend's Legacy.

Combat_32.gif Fujisaku No Sai




Human Elf


??? Boss (Uber)


21,000,000 (Prodigy) 85,000,000 (Master)


1,700,000 (Prodigy) 4,100,000 (Master)


Enclave of Weaponry, Aerous Isle




285 Gold.png 49 Silver.png 48 Copper.png

To enter Fujisaku's enclave, you must have completed the Aerous Questline to first enter the isle, then defeat his own minions to further progress throughout the hollow isle. Many of Fujisaku's more powerful minions guard his domain and tank the raiders away.


Phase I: Let's Do ThisEdit

Fujisaku will have these abilities throughout the fight until Phase III, in which he just uses Akimbo Shot.

  • 16px-Spell_shadow_corpseexplode.png Summon Needle Sphere: Summons a sphere firing needles in multiple directions. The needles do 5,343 - 12,434 damage per hit.
  • 16px-Spell_frost_frostblast.png Harpoon Shot: Attacks the target with a magic-encrusted harpoon shot, dealing 34,542 - 43,211 Ranged damage.
  • 16px-Inv_enchant_voidsphere.png Magic Blast: Deals 23,879 - 29,343 damage to all enemies within 15 yards of the blast.
  • 16px-Ability_gouge.png Blade Fury: Deals 66,782 - 83,540 damage to the target, and an additional 1,450 damage every second for 20 seconds. If the target is already bleeding, Fujisaku will critically hit the target.
  • 16px-Spell_fire_burnout.png Akimbo Shot: Deals 25,855 - 31,435 damage to half the raid group. If they are hit by this ability three times, they explode, dealing 120,000 irresistible damage.

Phase II: Minions of the No SaiEdit

Fujisaku will begin to summon his minions, using his mana. Once he runs out of mana, he will regenerate more to compensate, while also using his abilities from Phase I. If his mana regeneration is interrupted or stolen, he uses Akimbo Shot.

  • 16px-Spell_shadow_blackplague.png Summon Fujisaku Wraiths: Summons five Fujisaku WraithsSummons ten on Master.
  • 16px-Spell_arcane_manatap.png Mana Regeneration: Regenerates 5% of the user's mana every second for ten seconds.

Phase III: Know My Fury!Edit

During this phase, Fujisaku's melee damage is doubled. His attacks can also critically hit very high, and he summons tougher, more durable, followers. Fujisaku will no longer use his Phase I abilities with the exception of Akimbo Shot, and will use powerful melee which hits for 35,000 - 40,000.

  • 16px-Spell_shadow_blackplague.png Summon Fujisaku Grand Wraith: Summons a Fujisaku Grand Wraith, which emits hellfire and reduces the health of nearby enemies. Summons two on Master.
    • Jade Hellfire: Emits green flames, dealing 24,000 damage to all enemies within 10 yards every 2 seconds. Movement of the Wraith reduces the range of the flames up to 1 yard.
    • Grandiose Affliction: Enemies hit by the hellfire suffer a debuff in where their maximum health is reduced by 20%. On death, the health is restored.
  • 16px-Inv_sword_48.png Final Cut: At 5% health left, Fujisaku will prep his blades and ascend before slamming down on a target, dealing 110,345 - 124,543 damage in the hopes it kills them. If the target dies, Fujisaku restores 10% of his health.


Fujisaku requires 1 tank, even on Master. A lot of status and AoE should be in position, as well as Healers. For his minions, make sure you have a knowledge of kiting around the area.


Phase 1Edit

During Phase 1, Fujisaku will open the fight with an Akimbo Shot. The tank should move into position, with the AoE on standby/support, as with the Healers and Mages on the side, dealing extra damage. When he gets to 70% health, Phase 2 will begin. At 80% he summons Fujisaku Wraiths.

Phase 2Edit

Fujisaku will regenerate his mana regularly, and summon more wraiths a 65, 50, and 40% health. When he gets to 35% health, Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3Edit

Fujisaku will summon the Grand Guardian Wraith at 20% health. The Grand Guardian Wraiths can throw players into the air and have a "charge" attack which can stun multiple people. Be careful as the damage taken is increased from their buffs. He also does Blade Fury more often. When he gets to 5% health, he will do Final Cut, which can kill even a tank in a hit. At 2-3%, he becomes enraged, dealing 2x the damage for 20 seconds.

Master DifficultyEdit

Fujisaku will have more health, and summon stronger minions than in Prodigy mode. He also uses Blade Fury more often, and the Akimbo Shot has a higher explosive rate of 55%.



  • So, more have come for my head, or the schematics of my devices of death. Shall I lay them down for you? No. Instead, all the ones who mock will face their end.


  • Come on, that weapon is futile!
  • Show me your weapon!

Summoning a WraithEdit

  • Come my followers!

Summoning a Grand GuardianEdit

  • Heh heh heh, kill these idiots...

Killing a playerEdit

  • These treasures will not be mocked!
  • Explosive results with your death...

5% HealthEdit

  • No, I will not lose!


  • No, my gun...

Killing an entire raidEdit

  • Ha ha ha, I enjoy this brawl... of stupidity.


Uber SetEdit

Fujisaku has a chance of dropping his armor pieces individually, or drop the entirety of the set.


  • Needlette Rounds
  • Choker of the Demiseful
  • Relic of the Isle
  • Longrifle of Subjugation
  • Wraith's Spirit Dust
  • Faceguard of the Needled Peninsula (cloth helmet)
  • Spaulders of Virtuous Engineering (mail shoulders)
  • Sabatons of Sai's Might (plate feet)
  • Grasp of Concepts (leather gloves)
  • Fujitru's Dying Wish


  • Needlette Rounds
  • Fujisaku's Prototype Gun
  • Ring of the Akimbo Master
  • Greatsword of Aerous Isle
  • Broad Claymore of Akimbotron
  • Crippled Girdle of Destruction
  • Tablet of Secretive Intelligence


Fujisaku No Sai awards these achievements.


  • Fujisaku was, at one point, intended to be soloable.