Gems are rare items encountered in the game. They can be used for increasing the effectiveness of many items, or for making valuable items from other resources.

They can be looted from monsters, or mined from rocks.

Here is the list of currently available gems.

The List of GemsEdit

  • [Opal]
  • [Jade]
  • [Topaz]
  • [Peridot]
  • [Tourmaline]
  • [Sapphire]
  • [Citrine]
  • [Yellow Topaz]
  • [Blue Topaz]
  • [Tanzanite]
  • [Turquoise]
  • [Moonstone]
  • [Emerald]
  • [Aquamarine]
  • [Bloodstone]
  • [Agate]
  • [Jasper]
  • [Ruby]
  • [Diamond]
  • [Pearl]
  • [Platinum]
  • [Amethyst]
  • [Onyx]
  • [Garnet]
  • [Dragon's Eye]


  • They can be made into various pieces of equipment and trinkets with a high enough Crafting skill.
  • They can be used to make bullets with a high enough Engineering skill.
  • If you want many jewels, the Jewel Dragon Enclave is the number one resource, but the creatures there are not so... friendly.