The Glyph of Xan Blood is an extremely volatile and malevolent source of magicks, known for its devastating and highly destructive qualities. Its use is banned by the God Council; even if it were to be used the Godborne would halt the efforts of it immediately, as it can only be countered with celestial magicks. The Archtitan and Kromlord, as well as Sinseid are known for using minor amounts of power from the glyph, and from it they can create the Flames of Xan Blood, which is said to burn anything out of existence, to the point even the Paradox Equation can't remember them. The glyph is the reason why Hawthorne de Diaum and Salmoneo Eus were able to nearly destroy Death'kul, killing Aldaron Loss'end and Lamaria Val'kyra in the process.


It is unknown how it was made or discovered - it is theorized it was created by one of the Makers.

Sin and BloodEdit

After Varo Bartholomew deduces that the Glyph of Xan Blood exists, and discovers the Archtitan may have it, he, Hawthorne de Diaum and Salmoneo Eus make a deal with Sinseid after Project Desire to steal the glyph, and in return they will ensure Ultim Clama'kul, known for its high source of magicks, will belong to him. Despite knowing of the risks, Sinseid agreed. Little did he know, that his partners didn't expect him to return, but that knowing of Sinseid's magicks, the glyph would come to them.

Sinseid eventually discovered Kromlord, and engaged in a duel to learn of the Archtitan's location. After losing, Kromlord revealed the location of the glyph, before Sinseid killed him. Sinseid approached the titan, using teleportation, and managed to recover the glyph. However, Sinseid's magicks, having used more mana than he realized, could only teleport the glyph to his partners, or stop the Archtitan's attack. He chose the former, and before he could retaliate, he was destroyed by the Archtitan's weapons.

While Varo left the original plan to work on the Sun Harmonizer, Hawthorne and Salmoneo overloaded the glyph with magicks to cause it to explode outside of Death'kul. The mansion fell apart in flames, killing Aldaron Loss'end and Lamaria Val'kyra. Deathlius Loss'end survived, though barely. Tyurak Riften appeared and destroyed the glyph's remains, and cleansed the flames with celestial magicks.

Second Ancient WarEdit

Sinseid siphoned the last of the glyph's power from the Archtitan upon his defeat at the Archcore. Though this time, the Archtitan didn't have as much power as before, but it was enough for Sinseid to gain large amount of power at the Worldgate. With him dead, it seems the last of the glyph's power is vanquished, for now.