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Gunnbjorn is the Grand Titan and Master Guard of the Cronian Court, where Tylious Dawnbane resides. He is the 14th boss in the raid, and is a huge challenge, constructing various bits of tools to assist him.

Combat_32.gif Gunnbjorn, the Grand Titan




Giant, Mechanical


??? Boss


24,500,000 (Prodigy)

51,750,000 (Master)




The Court of Cronia, Old Polcro






In Phase 1, he will begin to use his effect attacks. Phase 2 he will construct various mechs.

Normal Abilities[]

  • 32px-Inv_helmet_96.png Glory Strike: Absorbs 15,000 mana, and deals around 53,700 to 61,995 damage. Also can daze a target other than the one striked.
  • 32px-Spell_holy_excorcism_02.png Glowing Steel: Gives an infinite burn until Gunnbjorn is defeated. Deals 15,000 damage every 12 seconds.
  • 32px-Spell_holy_restoration.png Shining Light: Attacks all enemies in the area for 60,400 to 83,000 damage. This attack can also deal an extra 3,300-4,500 over 4 seconds every 2 seconds.

Phase 1[]

  • 32px-Spell_holy_auraoflight.png Grand Slam: Hits an opponent for a 30 second Daze. Deals 78,500 to 82,000 damage. Uses every 2 minutes in this phase.
  • 32px-Spell_holy_purify.png Titan's Beam: Hits enemies in a straight line for 150,000 damage minus. Must recharge for 15 seconds.
  • 32px-Spell_holy_sealofvengeance.png Two Swords: Sends two weapons in the air, hitting enemies for 34,200 to 39,110 damage.

Phase 2 - The Construct[]

After a while, Gunnbjorn will run south and open up an amassment of enemies to fight.

  • 32px-Spell_holy_avenginewrath.png Build Engineer: 10 Second Cast. The engineer, who has 5.7m health, will heal all other constructs. He can be built only once.
  • 32px-Inv_shoulder_37.png Build Shieldmaster: The Shieldmaster (11.4m health) will constantly boost Gunnbjorn's defense every 10 seconds. The Shieldmaster can be killed quite easily, as he has a - (x2) resistance, meaning weapons will deal twice + the stats and critical hits on him.
  • 32px-Spell_holy_greaterblessingofkings.png Build Midas Warrior: A Midas Warrior (6.1m health) comes into battle. He can throw light attacks at players, dealing a maximum of 30,000 damage. Once he is dead, the last construct will commence.
  • 32px-Spell_holy_heroism.png Build Death Leviathan: Summons a Leviathan (70m health!) into play. Four cannons will appear on the battlefield. The Leviathan fires shots dealing up to 85,000 damage, and causes burn effects. People can jump onto the back to deal 100,000 damage a hit, but he will push you off 10 seconds afterward. This can happen only once. Once he has died, Gunnbjorn will use his Phase 1 attacks and his other attacks to finish you off.


  • 32px-Ability_paladin_divinestorm.png Fire Golden Sword: Fires a Golden Sword Cannonball, dealing 125,000 to 250,000 damage to the Leviathan. These activate during when he is constructed. Each cannon can take 3 shots from the Leviathan before it falls.


On any mode, be ready for anything Gunnbjorn will be ready to build. He deals strong light damage, so wearing an elementally good resistance armor is beneficial.


Throughout the Battle[]

The Abilities he uses in the beginning are proficient, except for Glowing Steel. Glowing Steel should be carefully nullified with burn potions. If you do not have that, be wise about shifting raid positions.


As soon as the Engineer is built, it will take another 30 seconds before Gunnbjorn deploys the Shieldmaster. Deal as much damage to the Engineer as you can.

Once the Shieldmaster is built, Gunnbjorn will take no damage, but cannot attack. Attack the Shieldmaster continously until he reachs 5m health. Gunnbjorn will build the Midas Warrior, who will pretty much FORCE your aggro to him. His light based attacks almost never miss, but he is no big deal.

Once he is defeated, go back to the very front of the room. 10 seconds later, the Death Leviathan will arise. Position your tanks and healers on the Leviathan. The melee should take control of the four turrets in the area. Luckily, the tank can hold enough aggro to keep the cannons from being destroyed. The Leviathan has a twitch aggro system, once a cannon shoots on it, it will attack the respective cannon. Moves that will draw aggro will be beneficial.

If you defeat the Leviathan with at least a cannon intact, it will be beneficial in finishing off Gunnbjorn.

Attack the Shieldmaster with the tanks and healers, then draw him to the middle of the court. The cannoneers can deal loads of damage to him as well, and HE WILL NOT ATTACK CANNONS. This will be helpful.

Keeping all four cannons alive will net you an achievement. But it will be VERY hard.

One bad thing is that Gunnbjorn will not drop his godly drop or some legendary items if you use cannons on him.



  • You shall not pass. My master resides here, and he will not be tampered with.
  • Do not force me to crush you, mortals. (Says if you get closer)


  • By the power of the Titan himself!


  • Taste obsidian!
  • Eat rocks!
  • Face the power of the Grand one!

Killing a Player

  • Crushed in the hands of the titan...
  • The Spirit Guardian calls for you...
  • Cleave away with your remains...


  • My master...
  • Uh....


Master Only[]


82 Gold.png 18 Silver.png 56 Copper.png


  • Commin' through! ; Defeat Gunnbjorn, the Grand Titan on Prodigy.
  • Lemme' In! ; Defeat Gunnbjorn, the Grand Titan on Master.
  • O2 + 4 e- + 2 H2O → 4 OH- ;Defeat Gunnbjorn, the Grand Titan, with no player dieing to any construct during the entire fight.
  • Not So Grand; Defeat Gunnbjorn, the Grand Titan, with no player dieing at any point during the fight.
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