The Hall of the Forgotten is an instance located in the Champions Guild in Outhrend. It is home to ten legendary heroes, who were once guards of the maelstrom, but no longer. Most people come here to fight these enemies for their special weapons they carry.

It is a sub section, along with Crusader's Call , of the Risen Spire .


  • One floor, 11 rooms for people to fight.
  • Treasure Chest at the end


There are eleven bosses in this battle, and the next can be unlocked by beating the first.


See Hall of the Forgotten Loot .

Related AchievementsEdit

  • (Overweight)
  • (Called with Suffering)
  • (Cunning Kill)
  • (Silent, but Not Deadly)
  • (Quick Speed)
  • (Magical Bust)
  • (The Hunted)
  • (Totally Demonic)
  • (Summoned Filth)
  • (The Greg!)
  • (Falsebladed)
  • {Held Power)
  • (Hall of the Forgotten)

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Achgon has the most HP, but the Greg hits the highest damage.
  • The chances of getting any of their weapons is 5%.