Helm of the Auditor

The Helm of the Auditor is an exclusive item, that is non-tradeable and for looks and achievement. It is unlocked by completing the (Mastered) achievement.

Requirements and SourceEdit

  • (Mastered) Defeat a black skulled boss on Master difficulty.


The Helmet is basically a black mask, covering your entire face like a helmet, with glowing red eyes and black aura swirling your head. Is it very popular among players, and many die or try getting it.


  • Even though it is an exclusive item, it does not have the skull icon as it's portrait, meaning it's player unlockable.
  • It provides a 50+ Critical Bonus and 100+ Absorbance Bonus.
  • It is a reference to The Auditor from Madness Combat by Krinkels. The Auditor is black coloured and has red eyes and a black flaming head, just like the mask.
  • It is exclusive, but wearing it will give a higher threat rating to enemies, so be warned.