The Jewel Dragon Enclave is a Godly ranked, non-Uber instance located in Dragonjaw in Outhrend. It is located by Cripple Mountain, from which a glowing staircase will lead you to. This dungeon is mainly popular because of it's large source of gems. However, you must beat The Dragon's Roar and Thieves of the Crown to get in.


This enclave was discovered by Kalgerith, the great explorer.

He went in to see the inhabitants, but failed. Luckily alive, he was discharged to the hospital, with a warning sign placed: "Demons, dragons, and trinkets."

Many adventurers have gone in, but some haven't come out.

It is very dangerous, as many enemies can attack and kill you at once.

The nearest Spirit Guardian is out of the instance, about a 5 minute walk.

Quest GuideEdit

The Dragon's Roar and Thieves of the Crown must be completed to access the enclave. There are some quests available to you inside:

Quest Name Quest Giver Zone Location
[85] The Crown Jewel



Inside the Enclave
[85] Gems in Your Head Noble Knight Tallian Cripple Mountain View
[87] Crystal Bomb

Explosives Expert Guile

Mines of Sha'Nora
[92] Slaying of the Rich


Drake Warlord

Drake Outpost Deux

Notable Quest RewardsEdit

[85] The Crown Jewel

5 Gold.png

[85] Gems in Your Head

10 Gold.png

[87] Crystal Bomb

5 Gold.png

[92] Slaying of the Rich

10 Gold.png , [Talisman of the Ancient]


The Enclave itself, is one giant dungeon with a single floor. The beginning is full of demons, with the Dragons in the very middle. The wraiths inside wander wherever. Val'Nikraus is at the very end.

Remember, there IS a lava pool, don't go jumping in it, there's nothing to be found in there except for the burnt remains of adventurers who discarded this message.

Dungeon EnemiesEdit

  • Demons
  • Jewel Dragons
  • Val'Nik Drakes

In FormEdit

Enemy Size Level Health Mana Max Hit Modifiers Elite?
Black Demon L 112


618,045 (Elite)

Wrecker Black Demon VL 120


768,361 (Elite)

Mana Demon L 98


553,780 (Elite)

Aurafic Wraith M 87
Sapphire Dragon VL 145
Emerald Dragon VL 187
Ruby Dragon VL 221
Diamond Dragon VL 260
Pearl Dragon VL 260
Platinum Dragon VL 264
Amethyst Dragon VL 292
Onyx Dragon VL 302
Garnet Dragon VL 314
Val'Nikraus, the Jewel Keeper L 250


There isn't much to be picked up in the instance, except Jewel Shards for Runeforging.