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Jiaolin Shrine is a new raid instance released with Patch X-7. It is the domain and throne of Shifujiro No Sai, the greatest ancestor of the Sai bloodline, and dynasty. It is a giant fortress, based on asian architecture, surrounded with bountifuls of jade and ancient stone. All who dare tread across the island of Shenjqahon await the arrival of this epic castle.

IconSmall_RaidSkull.png IconSmall_RaidCross.png Jiaolin Shrine


Osiris of Jade, Shenjqahon


Human-elf hybrid



Mechanical beings


End Boss

Shifujiro No Sai (Linear)

Secret bosses (Non-linear)



Advised Level


Player Limit

10 - 25


Jade Key

Lockout Timer

1 week, 1 day


18 (6 secret)


Prodigy, Master, and Hardcore


The 16px-Inv_misc_key_07.png [Jade Key] dropped from mobs guarding the instance is the way to get inside. There are questlines provided, but they are not necessary in order to take on the instance.


Beginning of a Dynasty[]

See Sai Dynasty for more info.

At the beginning of his ascension, Shifujiro No Sai, son of Ahkdar No Sai, wanted power and promise for his people. He asked but for one gift in return, the building of a castle, known as Jiaolin Shrine. The people promised this gift to him, and he so humbly liked the amount of happiness looked at him. The castle was then built on Shenjqahon, the island of the Sai Dynasty.

The Shrine[]

Shifujiro was quite pleased with the completion. It looked perfect according to his specifications. As such, he looked over a rule of the people. Shifujiro would try and become the king his father was, even greater. This led to tyrannic beliefs from the people, and outsiders of Outhrend.

The Acceptance[]

As Shifujiro No Sai was one of the two kings of Outhrend, he had to meet up one day with the other ruler, Ancieus Uredos, who owned half of Outhrend while Shifujiro owned the other half. At the time, Outhrend was two massive continents, unnamed. They shook hands on it. Days later when Shifujiro explored Ancieus' land, he realized Ancieus possessed more resources than he did, and went to a treaty agreement. However, it failed, as Ancieus himself, in his throne, suffered a massive attack, and needed rebuilding. This led to Shifujiro's rage, and where his beliefs came from, as well as the violation of his dynasty's peace.

To War[]

Shifujiro went back to the island of Shenjqahon, and asked for men to be signed up to join him in what he called "infantry training." Secretly, Shifujiro was going to lead a war. Unbeknownst to the man, he and his commanders trained the men in glaivry combat. After Shifujiro proclaimed that the island and his people will go to war, people thought he was ballistically insane. This led to an even greater corruption. Shifujiro slew all who opposed him, and only spared those who truly believed. This outcome would be his downfall.

Shifujiro notified Ancieus that he will be fighting him at war. Ancieus used the last of his men to combat Shifujiro's forces, despite being outmanned by four times the quantity. However, Ancieus was more stronger, and killed many of Shifujiro's men single-handedly, something Shifujiro did not, as he was "observing" the battle.

Shifujiro then was defeated by Ancieus, and retreated to Shenjqahon. Ancieus literally split the island from Outhrend, making it a seperate continent, and Shenjqahon drifted away. Ancieus spared his life, knowing "he can do better."

The Blessing[]

The Sai Bloodline has a trait where they can invoke the will to speak to Jadus, the Jade God, and of Treasury. Shifujiro asked a favor from him which aligned with his birthright, the rare Paradox Sense. He asked for the power to be a well knowledged user of it, and granted it. However, he was not aloud to return ever to the world, and would become ascended to the heavens. Shifujiro, the man he is, cheated on this offer.

The Zodiac[]

Shifujiro, now a user of the Paradox Sense, changed the equation so he would return every 12 years. The island of Shenjqahon was invisible due to it nearing the Maelstrom. Thus then, Shifujiro began his powers to great use, as he, and his minions, disappeared for 12 years.

Every 12 Years[]

12 years later, Shifujiro came back from the Zodiac, along with Shenjqahon. He went to the place, known today as the World's Sword, and asked Jadus for another favor. Jadus, enraged, threw jadic blades down at Shifujiro. Unfortunately, Shifujiro deflected all of them, despite the size, and created the Sai Crater. Underneath it, lied Maelstromium, a rare ingredient allowing flight. Shifujiro took most of it back to Shenjqahon. As he returned, he fixed the Maelstromium under the island, allowing the island to fly. As he left again, he would return in 12 years. Ancieus was just notified, and mustered up his men in case he makes "an emergency comeback."

The Second Return[]

Shifujiro returned to Outhrend, seeking more resources, such as Maelstromium. He would ascend to the place known as Majestic's Rein, where Ancieus was waiting for him. Ancieus then fought Shifujiro in a one on one duel. Ancieus had the upper hand, braking Shifujiro's twin katanas in half with his berge. As Shifujiro used his Paradox Sense, and violated the God Council conduct, he was able to call jadic lightning from the sky. The attack just missed Ancieus, but it created a crack now known as Kalgerith's Canal. Realizing his new powers, Shifujiro attempted to call down the bolts again, but it failed. As such, Shifujiro fled, with Ancieus barely holding on.

The Last Return[]

Shifujiro arose a third time, which is today. Now at the ready, Shifujiro plans to lead a new assault on the brand new Outhrend, in hopes of conquering it from Ancieus, and then expands. As the two begin to fight in earnest, adventurers who wish to put an end to his plans will be able to make Shifujiro's return his last.

The Instance[]

The instance is currently under siege, as Ancieus led a secret force into Shenjqahon to attempt to overtake Jiaolin Shrine. Outside of the instance, players can fire napalm fireworks at the enemy mobs outside to make a breakway for the shrine.


Jiaolin Shrine has many places to fight.

  • Jiao Courtyard (Siege entrance)
  • Arch of the Sai King (Entrance, trash mob area, unsiegeable)
  • The Corrosive Area (1 boss, Vi'kez Morrdor)
  • Jade Pool Area (Tumosa event)
  • Hall of War (2 bosses, Warcharger Rok'dar and Dante Mo're)
  • The Blade Gardens (2 bosses, Kaolin Verkut and Salazar the Serpentlord)
  • Impdan Heights (3 bosses, Dali's'clyde, Vor'kalt the Corruptant, and Taranis the Blooddrinker)
  • Heir's Heim (1 boss, Prince Zulun Epek)
  • Slayer's Court (1 boss, Ronin, Slayer of the Night)
  • Bomber's Aerie (1 boss, Porvura)
  • Jadic Crypt (Underwater swim)
  • Throne of the Black Dragon (Final linear boss, Shifujiro No Sai)
  • Eclipse's Nova (6 secret bosses, accessible after statuette event)

Eclipse's Nova contains:

  • Tumosa's Rest
  • Jade Shrine
  • The Discarded Area
  • The Hall of Salutes
  • Domain of the Serpah
  • Noble's Domain


Available soon!

Bosses and Denizens[]

Here is a list of all bosses in Jiaolin Shrine.

Bosses Denizens

Jiao Courtyard

The following cannons are not bosses, but instead commendeered cannons for a siege area.

Dragon Firework Cannon

Turtle Firework Cannon

Serpent Firework Cannon

Eagle Firework Cannon

Lord Oni

Jaden Ronin

Misted Maiden

Sai Warrior

Sai Archer

Sai Magician

Jadic Gunsmen

Arch of the Sai King

Lord Oni

Jaden Ronin

Jadic Gunsmen

Jadic Glaivist

The Corrosive Area

Vi'kez Morrdor <The Plaguebringer>

Biled Creation

Infested Slob

Jiao Blob (Elite)

Jade Pool Area

Tumosa <Leviathan of the Dragon> (Cameo only here)

Jadic Glaivist

Hall of War

Warcharger Rok'dar <The Unstable Baron>

Dante Mo're <The Beautiful Tigress>

Lord Oni

Jaden Ronin

The Blade Gardens

Kaolin Verkut <The Aware>

Salazar the Serpentlord <Constrictor of Snakes>

Sai Gardener

Jadic Ent

Impdan Heights

Dali's'clyde <Treader of Cavalry>

Vor'kalt the Corruptant <Enraged Corruptor>

Tanaris the Blooddrinker <Bloodhand>

Sai Horsemen

Jadic Cavalry

Sai Ninja

Jadic Assassin

Heir's Heim

Prince Zulun Epek <Heir to the Throne>

Jadic Wraith

Slayer's Court

Ronin, Slayer of the Night <Lone Wolf>

Jadic Glaivist

Lone Executioner

Bomber's Aerie

Porvura <The Bottomless Pit>

Observation Balloon

Sai Gunsmen

Jadic Glaivist

Jadic Crypt

Kar'puk'n Fighting Fish (Elite)

Fighting Fish

Throne of the Black Dragon

Shifujiro No Sai <The Black Dragon>

Jadic Wraith

Imperial Warguard

Jadus Disciple

Eclipse's Nova

Tumosa's Rest

Tumosa <Leviathan of the Dragon>

Jade Shrine

Jadic Avatar <Jade Incarnate>

The Discarded Area

The Trembler <Scrapmetal>

The Hall of Salutes

The Mekhrin <Council of Wisdom>

Domain of the Serpah

Serpah Brothers <Twins of Highborne>

Noble's Domain

Carbinus <The Noble Messenger>

Resources and Loot[]

See Jiaolin Shrine Loot.