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Combat_32.gif Kaiser Iron




Syndreth (Undead)


??? Boss


Adventurer: 550,500,000

Standard: Scales

Master: Scales

Hardened: Scales

Rising: 780,870,780




Crucible of Fallen Iron, Vryllon Citadel




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Kaiser Iron is the sixth encounter in the Vryllon Citadel raid, serving as the second encounter of the Vryllon Core wing. He is, supposedly, the lost son of Ghost Iron, and the last living commander of the Ghosts of Iron forces, which some had seceded to join the Shard of the Sun. His efforts however, lead to speculation, due to his essence of undeath that he is a sleeper agent, and that he seeks to restore Syndra to its 'undying glory'.

The battle consists of three phases (four on Rising), with intermissions every two minutes. The fight is essentially a battle of survival that focuses on mitigating several of Kaiser's abilities but also avoiding adds that spawn in the fight that deter the raid that can lead to wipes. Each phase, Kaiser gains one artifact of Ghost Iron's to use against the adventurers. Within the intermission, he invokes the Iron Lament, similar to the River of the Fallen in the Skull-Lands. His fourth and final phase that is featured exclusively on Rising allows for an interesting battle where Ghost Iron finds his way back to the mortal world, and requires two tanks, as well as the raid, to survive simultaneous assaults and prevent raid-wide damage.




Kaiser Iron has three (four on Rising) phases along with an intermission period every two minutes that lasts one minute. Each phase he adds new abilities to his arsenal and keeps powers from the previous phase.

Intermission: Requiem for the Fallen[]

  • Spectral Bulwark: Reduces damage taken by 99% while channeling the Iron Lament.
  • Iron Lament: A song of sorrow, pain, and respite that increases damage taken by double. Stacks every 6 seconds.
  • Lament's Anguish: Kaiser unleashes a pulse of psionic energy that shatters his enemy's minds, dealing 25,850 - 31,980 damage.
  • Ghostreaver - Knights of Kaiser who revel in the Iron Lament.
    • Spectral Slash: Deals 26,985 - 31,322 damage to all enemies in a 10 yard cone in front of the user.
    • Dying Wish: Killing a Ghostreaver removes a stack of Iron Lament to all enemies within 20 yards, but reduces healing done by 10%. Stacks.
  • Fallen Iron - Fallen members of the Ghosts of Iron that seek vengeance upon the living.
    • Deathshock: Contact with a Fallen Iron deals 40,000 irresistible damage and stuns the enemy for 6 seconds.
    • Sorrowsong: A sorrowful wail that deals 12,500 - 15,000 damage to all enemies every 3 seconds for 30 seconds.
  • Spectres of Death - Dangerous beings that seek nothing but the death of their enemies. (Rising)
    • Fatal Grasp: Contact with a Spectre instantly kills the target, and adds a stack of Iron Lament to all other members of the raid.
    • Agonizing Defiance: Reduces movement speed of enemies within 50 yards by 20%.

Phase I: Visage of the Ghost[]

Kaiser dons the Visage of the Ghost, granting him ocular capabilities.

  • Pain Spike: Launches a spike of grave energy, dealing 83,432 - 85,432 damage to the target.
  • Afflict: Corruption seeps in the chosen target, dealing 23,432 - 26,543 damage every 3 seconds and increasing the damage of Pain Spike by 25% for 30 seconds.
  • Soul Volley: Deathly souls pour out of the helmet every 3 seconds, dealing 78,982 - 81,983 damage to the main target, and 50,688 - 53,211 damage to the closest two targets to the main target.
  • Vengeance Aura: For 10 seconds, Kaiser Iron reflects damage equal to 20% of the damage dealt back to corresponding enemies.
  • Gaze of Syndra: Channels a powerful ocular beam, dealing 626,985 - 630,221 damage over 3 seconds to all enemies in a 15 yard cone.
  • Mindgame: Selects a random target, swapping their damage and healing for 6 seconds. After this ends, the user takes 20% of their health in damage and are stunned for 6 seconds.

Phase II: Tome of Iron[]

Kaiser dons the Tome of Iron, allowing him to beckon powerful spells from its pages.

Phase III: Halberd of the Black Table[]

Kaiser dons the Halberd of the Black Table, adding in deadly melee attacks into the mix.

Phase IV (Rising): Twin Sorrows[]

In the final phase, Kaiser's plan to resurrect Ghost Iron takes center stage, duplicating each other's abilities while preparing a Reconstitution.










  • The jumpscares during the fight nearly didn't make it out of the beta.