The weapon known as Knowing, is a two-handed axe was belonging to the great warrior The Greg. After his slain victory, the axe currently rests with his most loyal followers and his undead himself. It is very powerful, able to have a special ability of dodging an attack. It is very rare, having a drop rate of 2.5%.

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You must fight The Greg (Level 200 Elite) in the Hall of the Forgotten dungeon. He is the last enemy you have to face in the free-realm dungeon. His two guardians, the Greg Arcanists, have a chance to drop it as well, at 0.75%. Your better off killing Greg instead.

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Facts and Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Knowing was originally planed on being a sword.
  • Knowings name came from the song "Knowing" by The Slackers, in which it is sung. "Knowing is a two edged sword, of what you learn, and whats ignored."
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