The Lever Action Superfury is a lever action rifle that is for experienced Special Attackers. It must be checked to fire again, but this take an incredibly short time. It requires LA ammunition, which can be dropped from the same source, or engineered. It is also upgradeable by a Kingsmith, for the price of 100 Gold.png to make it into a [Lever-Action Blunderfury].


The only way to obtain this weapon is in the Mystforged Clave. It drops from monsters in the 4th and 5th rooms, specifically the Mech Leviathans and the Blunder Smasher. In the 5th room, your more likely to get these drops from a Death Tank. They can also be obtained from killing someone in PVP or the Nether Realm FFA, or through trades. The chances of getting this weapon range between 1.5 to 4.5%.