The Maelstrom is a swirling wormhole located in the middle of the Outhria Sea. It was created during the Maelstrom War, when Grimmok and OMNI arose from under the depths from OMNI's domain. Since then, Dragundeath Temple was constructed above it, and the energy between the two domains has been stabilized.

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Middle of Outhria Sea

Level Zone


History[edit | edit source]

24px-A_Legend%27s_Legacy_Icon.png This was released with the game.

This takes place before the game begins.

During the Maelstrom War, Grimmok and OMNI came from the Maesltrom from OMNI's domain to wreak havoc and ensue the most cataclysmic event in Outhria. When they lost however, they retreated back, never to be seen again.

This doesn't.

The Maelstrom is merely for looks before Patch X-10. When Patch X-10 was released, Omegaheim can be found between the Maelstrom and Outhrend's Pinnacle of Achievement.

24px-The_War_Reincarnated_Icon.png This was released in The War Reincarnated.

The Maelstrom will get a brand new zone added to it, Mael Isle, where the Hall of Heroes and the Hall of Foes twin towers will be on. Players can visit them anytime if they have a flying mount and have unlocked special achievements. In addition, one raid instance can be found on it.

Grimmok and OMNI will feature as the "majestic" bosses in the expansion. They will be like King Nikk Shadius and Lord Spetzraiz Ressurecion, they will be Majestic bosses. The duo's respective lairs will be found under and above the Maelstrom. They will be fightable after raiders complete X-20 uber.

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