The Maelstrom War was an extremely and highly (if not the most) destructive conflict in Outhria's history. It began in the year of 149 XD and ended just over a year later. The war began by the likes of Grimmok, a Drakkin anarchist, and O.M.N.I., an Akrin evilist, after they gained a source of unimaginable power, and was waged amongst Outhrend most notably, and the Kingdom of the New Sigil before it became ripped apart from the continent itself.

Both the factions of The Brotherhood and The Confederacy were involved in the conflict, and multiple forces from Outhrend such as the Killa Brothers and the Val'Nik fought against the two masterminds. The majority of the war was waged on the Kingdoms. Each authoritative leader on the Kingdoms (Crudor Leviathas, Rodath, etc) participated in the war in terms of resources, war itself, or just for the benefits or of their malefic wishes they sought out. The resources of the Kingdoms were rich in power and benefit and were used by Grimmok, OMNI, and the Kingdom's powerful figures for their own wishes. The war ultimately caused several events such as the tearing, warping, and desolation of the Kingdom of the New Sigil, teleporting the whole of the land into another part of the Almighty Expanse (an act which required a portal made by the most potent arcanists in Outhria to access), and other fuelled conflicts such as the Val'Nik Civil War and the ruination of Cramoria. The last, powerful event of this war was the creation of the Maelstrom, which was a product of Grimmok and OMNI utilizing the Primearch's powers manipulated in a Paradox Orb.

A brilliant effort made by the combined forces of The Brotherhood, The Confederacy, and the underground organization The Platinum Hand resulted in the ending of the war itself with Grimmok and O.M.N.I.'s defeat. Despite this victory, the populace of Outhria look upon the Maelstrom War as the most deadliest conflict one could ever imagine, and pray it never happens again.

However, fifteen years later, the use of a stolen Paradox Orb by Grimmok and OMNI (who were thought to have disappeared) resulted (albeit on a smaller scale) in another bloody conflict, bringing about the Reborn Maelstrom War from the event known as the Great Turnback, altering a timeline where only "events" repeat themselves and not existence. The reborn war is now fought on only the Kingdom of the New Sigil, and Outhrend is free of evil influence from it during the conflict, yet forces from there remain altruistic to help end the wrath of the opposition.

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