To not be confused with shards.

Onyxes are the third rarest gem in game and are a wealthy source if enough can be obtained. They can be cut at 80 Crafting, and mined from Gem Rocks with Level 72 Mining. They are worth a gold a gem, and are good money makers.

Ingredients in CraftingEdit

  • [Onyx Crown]
  • [Onyx Platebody]
  • [Onyx Platelegs]
  • [Onyx Blade]
  • [Onyx Shield]
  • [Onyx Gloves]
  • [Onyx Boots]
  • [Full Onyx Set]

Each armor requires 5 Onyxes, total for the full set, costing 35 Gold.

They can be crafted at 81 Crafting, the crown 84.


They are dropped at 1/250 in any gem dropping creature. Onyx Dragons drop them at a 1/25 rate.