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Oraclos the Worldholder is a Draconic Titan, and one of the most powerful figures in Outhria's history. Residing in the Heart of the World, Oraclos remains in charge of maintaining Outhria's boundaries and barriers, as well as the domain over the entire world itself. If any events, such as tsunamis or earthquakes occur, Oraclos is said to be responsible (wholly or partially) for its cause. 

In primordial times, Oraclos as the Draconic Titan of the gold dragonfight, was engaged in a battle with the "evil" members of the Titan Order. However, Oraclos was forced into making a choice; losing control of the Val'dar, or saving the other Draconic Titan leaders from execution. Oraclos saved the Titans, but as a result lost control of the complex, thus having the Evil Titans steal several Paradox Orbs. After the battle, Oraclos, despite saving his brethren, felt a crushing amount of disparity, as a result, excluded himself in the Heart of the World. With the primordial ages affecting the balance of the world itself, Oraclos merged with the Worldheart, thus becoming the Worldholder as his wish to restore balance to Outhria.

Adventurers who are proven "worthy" to Oraclos may chance upon the powers of his weapon known as 16?cb=20080215154725 [Corvicus, the Word of Oraclos].

History[edit | edit source]

It is unknown if Oraclos had parental figures, but with the knowledge of him being a Draconic Titan, it is suggested that his "makers" where the deities known as The Creator and The Destructor. He was likely born during or after the beginning of Outhria's formation.

Oraclos was chosen to be the representative "titan" for the Golden dragonflight. This could suggest that he was once a Golden Drakkin, a Dragon or anything related to that before he gained titanic powers. He was known to be a "wise and smart individual" and helped the forces of primordial Outhria against unknown, otherworldly threats. As a Titan, he later became appointed the guardian of the Val'dar complex. 

Oraclos as a Draconic Titan, before merging with the Worldheart.

A period began where some of the Titan members, Draconic, Humanoid, and Mechanical alike, went insane, due to the presence of an "evil being". Oraclos was eventually faced into his gambit where his brethren were to be executed if he didn't hand guardianship (and by that absolute control) of the Val'dar complex over. Bound to his duty, Oraclos was morally challenged; his duty over protecting the complex, or saving his friends. Oraclos saved his friends, but lost control of Val'dar. Val'dar then became infested and wracked, and information inside began spreading to the outer worlds. He later helped in purging Val'dar of threats, though some remained clandestine within the complex's mechanical bowels.

Owing to his sense of failure, Oraclos took the Godgigum Chalice and entered the Worldgate. There, before he departed, he met with Gaidra, one of the Tyrgarde, a race of "ancient protectors" and entrusted him with the Chalice, saying never to come meet him. Oraclos then remained isolated within the Heart of the World. When primordial wars broke out again, Oraclos realized the power of the battle shook the world. Seeing the Worldheart, he made it his last, eternal duty, and merged with it, acting as a balance conduit for the world. Despite the various wars and battles the lands of Outhria acted as a battlefield for, thanks to Oraclos' efforts the world itself never faced many significant earthern effects, other than being forced such as the "sinking" of the Kingdom of the New Sigil by Grimmok and O.M.N.I. respectively.

Ancient War[edit | edit source]

During the Ancient War, Gaidra and the majority of the Tyrgarde protecting the Godgigum Chalice lost control of it when it fell into the hands of the Archtitan, one of the fallen titans. Gaidra took the gems off of the Chalice, with the exception of one of them (which he hid within himself) before the Chalice was taken, and cast them out into the world, hoping to slow the titan's efforts. Despite this, the Archtitan had a suitable amount of power, and was challenged left and right for the Chalice itself. While in its hands, Oraclos sensed a future of unhappiness.

The Archtitan was later defeated; Ancieus Uredos and the Tyrgarde recovering the remainder of the gems, and reforming the Chalice. Gaidra led them to Oraclos through the Worldgate. Oraclos, seeing the Chalice, asked Ancieus (who was heavily empowered by the Chalice) if he came to take his place, kill him, or both. Ancieus simply put the Chalice in front of Oraclos, thanking him. After this, Gaidra had the Chalice, and at his request, had it "blessed" by Oraclos before departing. After this, Oraclos remarked that his eternal duty is what is best for this world.

After the Ancient War ended, Oraclos, using heavy forms of barrier magicks, "buried" the islands of the conflict into the sea, to remind the world that the world is one that must never happen again.

A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn[edit | edit source]

In A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn, with the Great Turnback's final effects taking place, Oraclos is once again the Worldholder, and with the islands he once had below the ocean return, he now waits for whomever opens the Worldgate. Ancieus Uredos leads a team of pirates and adventurers to The World's Edge, one of the islands, and once he arrives, he hears a loud roar echo through the winds. Ancieus hypothesizes it is Oraclos, and that once again, the Godgigum Chalice is in the Archtitan's hands.

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