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Outhesta is the name of one of Outhria's largest continents, and is located far north of Archonos and Chronica. It is briefly mentioned in the games, its first mention being from the monks on Jadewind Beach, and later on from Vezan, the book Rooks, and Dromar.

Currently, Outhesta is under protection, the Shard of the Sun's unnamed leader has put safeguards around it, barring entry nor exit, due to the upcoming evil coming after the second Ancient War. The safeguards are left in the hands of "Nova", one of the commanders.


  • One of the "Jadewind Monks", Katon, says he is from a shelf of islands off the continent north of central Outhria. He says its name has changed over the years but believed it is now called Outhesta.
  • Vezan mentions his ancestors came from a land located on Outhesta but fails to remember where exactly.
  • In Rooks, Deathlius' brother, Daedros Loss'end, says he will journey to Outhesta to continue his studies in combat and philosophy, saying the trip by air would take several days.
  • Dromar, an experienced archaeologist and scribe, mentions that Reliquiae, the Unknown Gift, a device dropped that was once held by Salmoneo Eus, has runic inscriptions of that of Outhesta.
  • The Flower de Wilt, the necklace that Violet de Fleur wore, is made of an element from the "far North".
  • Deathlius Loss'end comments that Outhesta is a difficult obstacle to reach, by air or sea.