One of the Paradox Orbs hidden in ethereal space.

The Paradox Orbs are an item used by the Godborne to repair "glitches" in the Paradox Equation found on the planet of Outhria and the surrounding universe. They are found in many hidden locations, one specifically known as the Godvault. They are used to maintain and repair the equation and are often thought of as a "creator's tool". 

The orbs act as a control panel for the equation, with only someone who has the Paradox Sense is able to use. They are able to interact with it, detect glitches, and fix them by changing parts of the equation. Despite it's uses as repair, it can also be misused, causing significant destruction to the planet via "equational interference".

If the orb(s) themselves cannot be used to fix the Equation, dire and more drastic measures are utilized, such as a Primearch Rupturing, to restore balance.

History[edit | edit source]

The Paradox Orbs were created by beings such as the Primearch in long, primordial times. They were placed in powerful complexes, called God Complexes, that housed Titans and other celestial beings to fix the Equation within the Almighty Expanse and on the planets, such as Outhria, which experienced oddities.

Grimmok and O.M.N.I. captured orbs from the Godvault, using the energies of the Maelstrom to break in. They then used them to turn Outhria back in time, known as the Great Turnback, altering many events of the world's history. This dealt significant damage to the equation, and was fixed by the combined forces of the Godborne and adventurers who defeated the anomalies (people brought back from the Turnback) in order to fix it. Initially, a Primearch Rupturing was used to restore balance, with the champions and Godborne applying the patches. The orb used was recovered at the end of the war, though it was heavily damaged.

As per Tyurak Riften, each orb recovered is now in the Godvault, including the ones from Audita, Datta, Sacrica (the Sacred Holme), and Val'dar, as well as the other ones. However, he is still actively looking for the remaining ones, and speculates Outhesta might have the remaining ones.

In Game[edit | edit source]

There is revealed to be seven Paradox Orbs. The Titans had five complexes in total in which they were kept. The Godvault itself was known to house one, possibly two. However, the other orb's location is currently unknown.

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