The Paradox Sense is an ability developed through knowledge and exposure to the Paradox Equation. It arises in individuals who have developed heightened forms of awareness, and as such is considered as a sixth, or seventh sense. It is the first of the "abilities" that can be gained from the equation itself, and is succeeded by the abilities of Paradox Vision, and an unnamed third ability.

It allows the user to develop a greater sense of awareness that allows them to sense if something is right, wrong, true, or false. In addition, it briefly allows one to see into the past and into the future, granting them an increased prowess in combat and travel. The extent to which they can sense this depends on the users competence.

Known Users[edit | edit source]

  • Kalgerith Salumos, Argyn Salumos and Maljuris Salumos all have the sense, and are able to use it in combat prowess, such as within Ruin Fyjorn where they were able to sense traps. Kalgerith was also able to use it to find the weak point of Nexfel, which was in his core located at his upper right breast.
  • Tylious Dawnbane has a vast knowledge of the sense, and with each time he has died, his ability of the sense has increased to the point where he can detect hidden magic, and see into the future to dodge an attack.
  • Deathlius Loss'end is rumored to have the sense, despite it being said he doesn't have it. What suggests the notion - is that he is highly skilled in determining if someone is lying or telling the truth, and that he is very good at dodging objects that are barely perceptible to the naked eye.
  • The Aspect of Death all possess the sense. Doing so is required to utilize their ability.
  • Ancieus Uredos is considered a master of the sense - he could tell where one of his nemesises - Kromlord would strike and when despite Kromlord remaining hidden during the Ancient War.
  • In the story Rooks, Daedros Loss'end, Deathlius' brother, was said to be "highly skilled" in the sense. He could tell that danger was afoot in Ultim Clama'kul and would know where it would begin, despite it happening three days later.
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