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Patch X-2 is the second "expansive" patch added to A Legend's Legacy. The very giants of this instance are:

  • Witness the unbridled fury of Astrous and Voidlak , the almighty guardians of Outhrend .
  • A new uber instance, The Sacred Holme .
  • New multi-boss instances, such as RB's The Island of Lost Minds, and Nik's The Twilight Deadyard, and more.
  • Two new Godly weapons with 381 Attack.
  • Wield the power of Astrous and Voidlak!
  • A gigantic new questline.
  • Multitude of quests and a new area, Majestic's Rein and the Pinnacle of Achievement , located in Outhrend.
  • A host of new items, including two new exclusives, the [Reins of the Outhrend Jetdragon] and the [Paradoxite] slab.

List of New Instances[]

  • Island of the Lost Minds
  • The Twilight Deadyard
  • The Purged Fall
  • ...