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Patch X-7 is the seventh content patch for A Legend's Legacy. It will be headed by Shadius. It was released on November 3rd, 2011.


  • Brings new tactics to thievery and agilitance, as well as brand new herblore potions.
  • A new uber instance, set in a jade shrine, known as Jiaolin Shrine. The shrine is the home of Fujisaku No Sai's greatest ancestor, Shifujiro No Sai, also known as the Black Dragon.
  • Lore update, settled about Ancieus Uredos and Shifujiro No Sai in the ancient Outhrend War. Join Ancieus and defeat Shifujiro before he blazes Outhrend once again!
  • A new uber weapon, delicated to being a two piece, where if combined become a battle glaive of monstrous power. The first piece drops from Shifujiro, while the other one rests with bosses in the vicinity. The glaive, feared by many, is 16px-Inv_weapon_shifujira.png [Drakrast, Abrogator of Dynasties]
  • The new island of Shenjqahon, where the beginning of the Sai Dynasty was born.
  • New quests for experienced parkourists, thieves, and herbalists!
  • Brand new engineered items, and mounts!
  • Epic new mobs, such as the Observation Balloon, and even the "demi-god" of the sea, the Sea Leviathan.
  • A new mini-game, dedicated to skillers in Shenjqahon, dubbed Shrine Trek. Get higher levels in skills and discover more items in the shrine, rewarding Excavation experience. You need an Excavation skill of 50 to attempt this.
  • Two brand new questlines. Take part in the forging of a blade for Arcos Redfang, lost warrior of the former Hayabusa Legion. Also, take part in the Jade Chest questline, finding some of the greatest jade items in the island of Shenjqahon.
  • Three new five mans! Uldec, the storeroom of Jiaolin Shrine, The Sea Leviathan's Lair, where the fabled Mekosa rests, and the Jade Treasury, where peace is scarce.
  • The uber set, Shifujiro's Set of Jade Blessings
  • Two new exclusives: [Yin Yang Cape] and [Jade Amulet]
  • Refurnish of Aerous Isle, added questline associated!