The Player Tab is a useful and mandatory tool in the game. It displays your important need-to-know, such as health, mana, and the adrenaline bar. Below are the contents listed:


This displays the face of your character. It can be changed by getting a hairstyle, face color change, or wearing a helmet.

Adrenaline BarEdit

See: Adrenaline Bar

This is the Adrenaline Bar. It is represented by the two half circles surrounding your face picture. The Adrenaline Bar has many abilities, and by clicking it when full, can unleash an attack learned every few levels.


See: Health Bar

The critical part of the Player Tab is your health. When it is low, you will possibly die, so keep a good tab on it while in combat.

Secondary SourceEdit

See: Secondary Source

Mana, Energy, Focus, Rage, etc. This will all be here in the secondary bar under your health.

Mana- This amount is for spellcasters. When it runs out, you'll have trouble casting spells.

Energy- Exclusive to the Assassin Class, Energy is your source of special attacks, and... if low, fatigue.

Focus- For the Hunter (Or Trooper Mecha Class) this is your tool for special atatcks with your weapons.

Rage- A buildable source, this is generated from Warrior attacks, and when high can do some impressive attacks.


See: Leveling

This little black tab displays your level in white.

Personal EmblemEdit

See: Emblems

This little tab displays your personal emblem, or guild tabard.