Many people have asked, many have answered. Here's 5 answered questions to enjoy!

Fujisaku, how's Shattrath, the Destroyer?Edit

From The Purged

Fujisaku: This is an HP reference again? God darn it, not again. Well seeing as my guns could *cough* BEAT HIM ANY DAY he sure lacks mechanized knowledge.

Shattrath: Shut up, I'm the DESTROYER!

Fujisaku: Yeah, but no tagline is needed.

King Nikk Shadius, you have a nice blade.Edit

From Happy Little Troller

King Nikk: Well thank you! I made it from absorbing aura.

Nikk, I'm coming to solo you. Hope your ready!Edit


King Nikk: Okay, but this time we play by my rules. No private servers.

The Greg, where did you get such an epic name?Edit

From R.B.

The Greg: It was derived from my power as a child. Actually I stole it from RB copyright infringement. Hmm...

Why is there a Troll Face equippable helmet?Edit

From a contributor

???: Well you see, you can tick off guards. Problem, contributor?

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