Quests are a step in the journey of your character, with each and every quest supplying a reward, no matter how small.

They are sorted into groups, depending on skill level and length.

Beginner QuestsEdit

These quests are usually killing small creatures or giving a delivery to someone.

Normal QuestsEdit

The average quest. They involve killing many monsters, as well as finding various things.

Intermediate QuestsEdit

This is where questing becomes fun. It involves killing, but more better creatures, as well as exploring small dungeons.

Hard QuestsEdit

These quests require killing strong fighters for many quest items, as well as gathering a huge amount of resources. These quests require high skill levels.

Experienced QuestsEdit

These quests involve killing very powerful creatures, and have considerable length. They require exceptional skill levels.

Master QuestsEdit

High skill levels and powerful armor are needed for these quests. They involve going through dungeons to killing a certain amount of a very powerful monster, as well as getting a hard to get item from them.

Almighty QuestsEdit

Quests that only the brave can undertake. Skill levels here range well above 75+, and most monsters are Level 80+ and some Elite. These quests sometime involve a lot of exploration, groups, and defeating a very powerful opponent.

"Elite" QuestsEdit

These are a sub-category to killing Elite monsters that appear in a certain zone and must be defeated. There is no skill requirements, but there is a level requirement and the rewards range well. You can usually get your first Elite Quest at Level 10.