The Sai Dynasty             is a long-life span of an elven population that live now today in the present, that date back to ancient times. The population are strong believers of the Old One of Treasury, Jadus.

At times in history, the dynasty's age has been heralded with righteousness and prosperity. As well as the good side, the dynasty has went through times of corruption and chaotic ordeal. The rulers over the years utilize battle or control dominantly to rule. The Sai Dynasty however, has been thought of as a democracy.


Not much is known so far in terms of history except from quests on Shenjqahon, and within the instances Aerous Isle and Jiaolin Shrine, which both contain important members of the dynasty. It is unknown who formed the dynasty to start off at a point. However, most members believe in Jadus, the Old One of Treasury.

One of the rulers, Shifujiro No Sai, has been known to do conflict with Ancieus Uredos over control of Outhrend in the past when it was unnamed. Another, Fujisaku No Sai, wishes to do a chaotic weapons race within the Crippled Edge, escalating a war, however his plans are foiled.


Shifujiro No Sai made a pact with Jadus for fortituous powers, which he then have cheated, stealing his power into his weapon, Drakrast.


The zodiac is an ability utilized by the Sai Dynasty, which can bind all their spiritual power within it to restore peace, or use it as a means of advancing time.


The list of rulers is incomplete, however these are the known ones.

  • Unknown <???>: The creator of the Sai Dynasty.
  • Unknown <???>:
  • Unknown <???>:
  • Unknown <???>:
  • Shifujiro No Sai <Leader of the Sai Dynasty>: The elder of Fujisaku by about ten generations. Shifujiro No Sai was able to procure dark magics, and made Shenjqahon, their island, a chaotic enterprise.
  • Daiyara No Sai: A former living being, know a Godborne, Daiyara was the brother of Fujisaku who ruled over Shenjqahon before fleeing to Outhrend. He was murdered by his brother for control over the throne.
  • Fujisaku No Sai: The latest "ruling" member. He murdered his own brother for control of Shenjqahon, but lost it due to the war that resulted of the Zodiac returning.
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