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Salazar the Serpentlord, also known as <The Constrictor Snakes> is the fifth boss in the Jiaolin Shrine. Salazar literally is a twist, and will attempt many abilities to constrict those who dare fight him.


Like Kaolin, there are no phases, instead, just adds.

Salazar's Abilities[]

Salazar will summon these adds as the time flies by, and will barrage you with these abilities.


  • Poisonous Fel Snake
  • Deadly Boa Constrictor
  • Enraging Python
  • Armored Anaconda

His abilities:

  • 32px-Inv_jewelcrafting_jadeserpent.png Summon Snake: Summons one of the four snakes.
  • 32px-Inv_potion_19.png Inject Poison: Injects a random target with poison, dealing 15,000 a second for 40 seconds. Curable.
  • 32px-Inv_sword_11.png Rattle Call: Calls in 5 Pixie Snakes to heal him. Killable adds. Heals for 140,000 each.
  • 32px-Ability_warlock_whiplash.png Blade Whip: Whips all targets within 12 yards for 60,000 or less.
  • 32px-Ability_rogue_slicedice.png Flaming Tail: Engulfs tail in flame and smacks a target for 80,000 damage.

Poisonous Fel Snake[]

960,000 HP

  • 32px-Ability_druid_ferociousbite.png Poison Bite: Injects 3 targets with poison, dealing 56,000 - 68,000 damage and 450 a second for seconds.
  • 32px-Spell_fire_felflamebolt.png Felflame Cough: If the user takes a lot of damage, he will spurt out hot flame, dealing 60,000 to all targets within 20 yards. Deals 100 every 0.1 sec.
  • 32px-Spell_nature_guardianward.png Harass: Enrages the target. Damage doubled, accuracy reduced by 95%.

Deadly Boa Constrictor[]

1,335,000 HP

  • 32px-Spell_shadow_shadowmend.png Constrict: Squeezes the user for 6,000 damage a second. If the player fails to exit Constrict, the user will do the following ability.
  • --> 32px-Spell_shadow_shadowmend.png Spring Jump: Springs the user out over the cliff, making the enemy fall to their death.
  • 32px-Ability_warrior_battleshout.png Hissing Scream: Hisses, lowering all player's stats by 55% for 30 seconds. Stackable.
  • 32px-Inv_spear_02.png Acidic Fangs: Bites a user, dealing 70,000 damage, plus 2,200 a second for 13 seconds.

Enraging Python[]

4,730,000 HP

  • 32px-Inv_mace_15.png Tail Club: Smacks a target for 110,000 damage, leaving their speed reduced by 10% for 5 seconds. Dodgeable.
  • 32px-Spell_nature_reincarnation.png Angered Snakes: Deals 10,000 more damage to Tail Club. Stacks.
  • 32px-Spell_fire_fireball.png Flame Paralysis: Stuns the selected target. They take 7,500 Fire damage a second for 15.

Armored Anaconda[]

11,440,000 HP

  • 32px-Ability_warrior_bloodsurge.png Encoil: Encoils the user. They take 6,000 poison damage a second. If they escape in less than 10 seconds they take an additional 2,000 a second for 15.
  • 32px-Ability_creature_poison_04.png Force Entangle: Grabs the target forcefully. They cannot escape unless they take 1,000,000 damage.
  • --> 32px-Spell_shadow_demonbreath.png Drown: After 10 seconds, drowns the player for 40,000 damage a second.
  • --> 32px-Spell_shadow_shadowfury.png Swallow: After 20 seconds, swallows the target. Uses only if Drown fails.
  • 32px-Spell_shadow_deathpact.png Flatten: Jumps, and flattens enemies within 5 yards for 120,000 damage or less. If no targets are hit, the user is stunned for 15 seconds.
  • 32px-Spell_fire_blueflamebolt.png Napalm Exhale: Exhales Napalm flames, dealing 20,000 to all targets within 40 yards.
  • 32px-Spell_nature_nullifypoison.png Lacid Bite: Deals 5,000 damage a second. Stackable. Lasts 3 minutes.