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The Seven Majestics are seven venerable and powerful beings that wield powers bestowed to them by the Absolutes, chosen as their respective champions. Each one of the Majestics has a role and purpose within the Almighty Expanse and the surrounding dimensions of the universe. Besides wielding specific powers and acting as champions, the Majestics also serve as reminders, perhaps grim or hopeful, that the Absolutes exist, and in turn specialize with the powers of their respective Edicts.


When the Absolutes were founding the realms and celestial bodies of the Paradox Equation, they acted to seek out and provide champions with their powers should they need to rest or be unable to fulfill their duties. Some of the Majestics were picked within moments, others were coded into the equation, acting as potential suitors should certain criteria be fulfilled. Examples of this are the Orijin, who was a particular Chronospatian named Aedif, who was granted the power immediately, and an example of a later result was the Inxisjin, from which the equation in its latest iteration, was fulfilled by Deathlius Loss'end.

Over the years, the mantles have changed hands, some by force and others by choice. It would seem as of late that the Absolutes have no choice on current iterations as they have not been seen (with some exceptions) in many years.

The Majestics[]

Currently there are seven iterations.


The Orijin is the "builder of worlds" or the "architect" of the Majestics. They are also a founding figure in creating new constructs and items within the confines of the Paradox Equation, such as the God Artifacts. Because of this, the first Orijin, Aedif, made powerful civilizations and constructs for the Chronospatian race, heavily advancing their society.