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Combat_32.gif Shaziya'dire




Solium elemental


??? Boss


Adventurer: 380,000,000

Standard: Scales

Master: Scales

Hardened: Scales

Rising: 420,000,000




Sanctum of Light and Darkness, Vryllon Citadel




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Shaziya'dire is the second encounter in the Vryllon Citadel raid. It is a one-phase encounter with intermissions that features a second phase exclusive to Rising difficulty.


Dungeon Guide[]

After traversing the infinite expanse of Destiny, the solium elemental known as Shaziya'dire sought salvation, harnessing multiple forms of solium energy that contributed significantly to the Shard's war efforts. Now, manipulating the forces of light and darkness, it wanders the halls of the citadel in hopes of ensnaring the various hostilities that dare tread upon its hallowed sanctum.

Encounter Design[]

The Shaziya'dire fight looks at a theme we've tackled all expansion - opposites. The raid will have to utilize differentiation between light and dark to stay in their attributes and nullify the other, but also be wary of each other. We've decided to use light and darkness as they both reflect solium energy, and condense it into a being that greatly represents these attributes with deadly consequences.


Shaziya'dire takes the motif of light vs. darkness seriously, having deadly attacks to do with both mechanics. Players start by being infused with light or dark solium energy, having to avoid the opposite - sometimes with other players! That being said, there are intermissions where players must focus on mobility as well as positioning to avoid wipes and to give Shaziya'dire benefits as the boss room gets actively more dangerous. The Rising only phase heavily extrapolates on these dangers.


Shaziya'dire will afflict raid members with Novum (Light) or Shade (Darkness) at the start of the fight.

Phase I: Light and Darkness[]

  • Solium Infusion: Dependent on infusion, you deal 25% more damage to your opposite, but also take 25% more damage from your opposite.
  • Light and Darkness: Divides the raid into spectres bearing either light or dark sol energy. If there is an unequal number of bearers of energy (after determing number of raiders), Shaziya'dire activates Refractive Relapse.
    • Refractive Relapse: Deals 87,465 - 88,995 damage per second to all enemies.
  • Destablized Momentum: Upon treading across energy corresponding to an afflicting counterpart energy, the user takes 85,000 - 88,000 damage per second whilst in it.
  • Incompatible Assault: If Shaziya'dire is engaging an enemy with a different state of its own, it gains a 20% damage increase every 3 seconds. This stacks and lasts five minutes.
  • Glassing Beam: Calls down a pillar of condensed sol energy, dealing 110,565 - 120,983 damage to all enemies initially struck, and then 76,984 - 81,435 damage per second to enemies within the space.
  • Cosmic Conduit: Activates a conduit that fires off celestial sol energy, dealing 54,123 - 58,993 damage to all enemies hit within 10 yards, and then 23,454 - 25,654 damage to all enemies within 20 yards.
    • Celestial Explosion: Destroying a conduit deals 250,000 damage to all enemies, decreasing in damage equal to distance from the conduit.
  • Solium Spectres: Shaziya'dire conjures solium spectres to attack the raid. The spectre has stats equal to that of players remaining. On Rising, Shaziya'dire summons two.
    • Solium Smash: Deals 100,000 damage to the target, and an additional amount of damage on opposite entities.
  • Solium Dance: Shaziya'dire draws in all enemies, dealing 50,000 damage to them that pierces all absorption effects and immunities, and then begins to unleash powers of untold capability.
    • Unleashed Light: Unleashes a powerful solium wave of light, dealing 1,300,000 damage to all enemies of opposite infusion, and 75% less to the same.
    • Unleashed Darkness: Unleases a powerful solium wave of darkness, dealing 1,300,000 damage to all enemies to all enemies of opposite infusion, and 75% less to the same.
  • Looking Glass: Looking Glasses launch beams of either light or darkness throughout the fight that must be avoided. When Shaziya'dire activates Solium Dance, players must go through a glass to avoid the unleashed energy.
    • Solium Paradox: While through a looking glass, you bear the opposite infusion for 15 seconds, and gain an additional 10% damage boost to Shaziya'dire.
    • Overloaded Incompatibility: Overexposure to the looking glass dimension deals 200,000 damage every 2 seconds to the user.

Intermission: Falling Stars[]

Shaziya'dire is unattackable during the intermission.

  • Falling Stars: Falling stars bombard the platform, dealing 120,000 - 125,000 damage to all enemies struck by them.
  • Celestial Specter: Summons a Celestial Specter who calls down an additional set of Falling Stars as long as it remains active.
    • Brimming Constellation: Deals 100,000 damage to all enemies every 20 seconds.
    • Star Smash: Sunders the targeted area, dealing 100,432 - 119,432 damage and doubling the damage and range of any Falling Stars that land there.
  • Last Dance: Shaziya'dire unleashes horrific beams of light and darkness on specific areas, dealing 185,322 - 193,221 damage to enemies struck, and 50% less to enemies on the correct spots with their infusion.

Phase II: Enter the Twilight Zone (Rising)[]

  • Incompatibility Redux: Players with Light Infusion or Dark Infusion deal 50% less damage to Shaziya'dire.
  • Twilight Dance: Unleashes a barrage of twilight energy, dealing 300,000 damage split amongst all enemies within 30 yards.
  • Specters of Twilight: Summons a Specter of Twilight, with stats and strength equal to how many enemies are alive.
    • Twilight Devastation: Channels explosive twilight solium energy, unleashing it, dealing 805,434 - 810,321 damage split amongst all enemies within 10 yards.
    • Siphon Infusion: Siphons all Twilight infusion from nearby enemies within 100 yards, gaining a 1% damage boost and haste for each successful siphon.
    • Cudgel of Felling: Smashes the target, resetting threat, and dealing 94,321 - 94,554 damage to them and to two nearby targets.
    • Twilight Empowerment: Having an another active specter empowers the other, increasing damage by 50%.
    • Collapsing Solium: Upon expiration, the specter detonates, dealing 100,000 damage to all enemies, and granting enemies within 10 yards Twilight Infusion.
      • Twilight Infusion: Nullifies the effects of Incompatibility Redux. Damage and haste increased by 15%. Lasts 20 seconds.
  • Refractive Beam: Beams encircle Shaziya'dire, dealing 272,453 - 289,109 damage to all enemies every 0.5 second for 5 seconds if hit.
  • Twilight Celestial: Channels energy into a latent solium construct, infusing it with celestial and twilight solium over 10 seconds, dealing 84,321 - 85,432 damage per second, decreasing from distance. The damage goes up by 10% each second.
    • Collapsing Stars: Rains down celestial stars on random areas, dealing 35,409 - 45,322 damage to all enemies and 134,321 - 145,432 damage to enemies within the blast. Uncovered stars summon Volatile Soldust.
      • Volatile Soldust: Adds that explode for 50,000 damage when they die.
    • Infuse Shaziya'dire: Once the Celestial reaches 25% health, it infuses Shaziya'dire over 10 seconds. If successful, Shaziya'dire will instantly unleash a Twilight Dance.
  • Solium Bombardment: Bombards an area with sol energy, dealing 350,654 - 356,542 damage to all enemies within 50 yards of the blast.
  • Flow of Solium: Shaziya'dire at specific intervals will change the ground to that of light or darkness, and at spots, twilight energy.
  • Unleashed Twilight: Shaziya'dire unleashes torrential twilight solium energy, dealing 1,700,000 damage to all enemies within 50 yards.





  • Abel Strom: This area is rife with solium elementals of all shapes and forms. Fitting considering they are used as weapons in the Shard's arsenal.
  • Kaijin No Sai: Yes, but they have a will of their own. Despite the Shard's capabilities of harnessing them by force, it seems several of them are bound by servitude. Honor, respect, perhaps.

Shaziya'dire rises from its fountain, summoning an army of light and dark solium elementals to assault the enemy forces.

  • Abel Strom: Lovely. Just what we needed.
  • Rouge Noir: A large construct has just been finished within the citadel! We're going to-
  • Rouge Noir: Oh, we're surrounded.
  • Kaijin No Sai: By this being, nonetheless. Regroup with Salvator and Deathlius and press towards the machine. We'll keep these forces occupied, heroes. Looks like that elemental is going to put up a fight.
  • Shaziya'dire: I am no mere elemental, jade son. I am Shaziya'dire, the eternal of solium brethren. My kind has lived for eons before your own.
  • Shaziya'dire: The Shardlord has shown me a way. The Shard uses the solium of this planet, and of Destiny to create their infinite armies. But they have saved mine. And for that, I owe them everything.
  • Abel Strom: The Shardlord saved this thing?
  • Rouge Noir: In my time as a Reaver for the Shard, we encountered several planets containing these beings. It must have come from them.
  • Rouge Noir: The Shard has... saved planets. But of course, not without intention. The planets rich with energy were for the taking.
  • Shaziya'dire: I AM MY PLANET'S ETERNITY. The Shardlord has given me purpose, and I will not allow any intruders to interrupt his grand design. Step forward, mortals, if you so eagerly await the underlayers of Destiny.


  • Light and darkness are my two sons, my two daughters. Together, they are what you lack in twain in your hearts.

Cosmic Conduit

  • The universe around me comes to my assistance.


  • With this energy, I can illuminate or darken your reality.
  • Children of light and darkness, arise.
  • My reach is endless.

Solium Dance

  • You cannot escape destiny!
  • It is time for you mortals to pay the price!
  • Feel the power of a primal world!


  • One by one, your lights will cease to flicker.
  • I am the dark parts of this realm. Fear its shadows.

Killing a player

  • Your intrusion ends here.
  • Your resilience was admirable, if not worthless.
  • You dare attack a prime of solium?
  • Mere rabble.


  • Shardlord... these mortals are stronger than I anticipated.

Phase II (Rising)

  • Your tenacity is exquisite. But now... I will show you my true power. A power beyond imagining. The blending of light and darkness. Welcome to the twilight side of reality, mortals. The dawn and dusk of your deaths begins!

Twilight Specters

  • They will waste away your pride. Your strength. Your source of indomitability.

Twilight Celestial

  • Solium energy is infinite. You should be grateful to see it as such.

Solium Bombardment

  • Become scorched by the might of my fury!

Twilight Unleashed

  • Feel the power of infinity!

10% (Rising)

  • I will not yield... to the likes of you!


  • Stay your hands... I... have been bested.


Shaziya'dire rests, heavily wounded, solium energy seeping from its wounds.

  • Rouge Noir: Reavers! We need you to mend the wounds of this being!
  • Shaziya'dire: What... are... you doing?
  • Rouge Noir: If you are a prime of solium, then it would be a great loss to this realm if you died.
  • Shaziya'dire: I failed the Shardlord. The one who gave me a purpose after travelling through the infinity of Destiny. I do not deserve this pardon.
  • Rouge Noir: The Shardlord and I may not be allies anymore... but I know this. You belong back on your world once we are done here.
  • Shaziya'dire: I can't let you kill him.

Shaziya'dire tries to channel energy, but is stopped by a combined barrage from Abel, Kaijin, and Rouge.

  • Rouge Noir: I'm sorry.
  • Abel Strom: This thing just tried to kill us. Why are you sparing it?
  • Kaijin No Sai: Not everything needs to die, young Abel.
  • Rouge Noir: It belongs back in its own world. Not as property of the Shard of the Sun.
  • Rouge Noir: Reavers of Acheron. See to the lockdown of Shaziya'dire. We must press on. It is only getting worse on this level.
  • Rouge Noir: Kaijin. What is the status of the other Blades?
  • Kaijin No Sai: A large construct has just finished assembly. The Blades are taking heavy fire. But they're going elsewhere down the corridor. It seems they have more than just us as a threat.
  • Rouge Noir: You mean-?
  • Kaijin No Sai: The Shard and us could have a common enemy we both have to vanquish.


  • Pillar of Light and Darkness (Staff)
  • Spectre-Infused Wristwraps (Cloth Wrist)
  • Twilight-Clenched Wristguards (Plate Wrist)
  • Pauldrons of Glassed Hides (Leather shoulders)
  • Cosmic Chain Pauldrons (Mail shoulders)
  • Solium Collapsers (Plate legs)
  • Dancers of Shaziya'Dire (Cloth legs)
  • Shaz'dir, the Fallen Star (Shield)
  • Refractive Greatcloak (Cape)
  • Celestial Flow Girdle (Plate Belt)
  • Vryllcrown Memoria


  • Shaziya'dire
  • Master: Shaziya'dire
  • Hardened: Shaziya'dire
  • Rising: Shaziya'dire
  • Stuck in the Mirror