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"The sun has set on this world. Let its imbalance commence!" 

Neutral_32.png Sinseid


Envoy of Sin, Leader of the Scarred, Leader of the Fallen Sun, Sunfallen






Fallen Sun, Legion of the Scarred, Shard of the Sun (formerly)


Leader of the Fallen Sun and Legion of the Scarred








Neutral Evil

Sinseid is a Lich necromancer, mage, and summoner, and is one of the most powerful of their number known throughout history. He was a devout member and leader of the Shard of the Sun in the past before the Great Turnback, where because of unknown events he met his end by the powers of the Archtitan. After the Turnback, Sinseid is reborn as a Lich and leads both the Fallen Sun, a Shard remnant, and his own Legion of the Scarred for control of the Godgigum Chalice to bring about an imbalancing of the world through the disruption of Oraclos the Worldholder. While he wishes for chaos and destruction, Sinseid may have other clandestine plans in his sick, twisted mind.

During the Ancient War, Sinseid was known for his role in causing chaos, but also quelling insurrection made through the elementals and the beings that lived there. His role within the Shard of the Sun was as a master arcanist, and a tactican that earned notability from his associates. He is also known for his small, unknown role with the Peacekeepers. During the story of Sin and Blood, Sinseid was revealed to be responsible for stealing the Glyph of Xan Blood from the Archtitan, depriving him of a large source of power, while also giving Hawthorne de Diaum and Salmoneo Eus the power to control Ultim Clama'kul, though he died doing so.

Sinseid acts as an antagonist in A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn. After the victories by the adventurers over the War on the Black Crag and the Archcore, Sinseid makes his first appearance, challenging the "world" for the Chalice and who can earn power over its imbalances, before cackling that the "fall is coming". After his defeat at Sinmanor, Sinseid retreats, meeting up with his "former" associates in their matter regarding bringing the leader of the Shard of the Sun to Outhria. He is eventually defeated at the Worldgate, dying to the efforts of the Uredos brothers and the adventurers, before cackling that the world is doomed.




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    • Hahaha. Interesting. First, a victory upon the Darkened Spires, and now over the Archtitan, who was behind my fall so long ago!
    • Sinseid levitates and spits on the fallen titan.
    • Pitiful. And I see he still has those crimson fires of his, or his "master". Well now...
    • Ancieus Uredos: SINSEID!
    • Ah, Ancieus Uredos! What a pleasant surprise. I never got to see much of you back then.
    • But I understand you're fighting for the Godgigum Chalice. To ease the tensions of Oraclos. Haha!
    • In that case, I challenge you, the world of yours, to a contest over it! The Archtitan may have been felled by your ire, but I am no such easy foe.
    • The fall is coming, and there is nothing that any of you can bring about to quell my threats!
    • Sinseid vanishes.