Skills are a set of abilities your character can begin with at the beginning of the game, and when progressing in that skill, can reach higher levels and sometimes do better (and wealthier) methods.

The list of skills is below.

  • Alchemy - use of magic and mana
  • Fortitude - This is essentially a prayer skill, allowing you to do "godly" methods to unlock new prayers for combat or skilling.
  • Herblore - This is the usage of herbs and other vile ingredients to make potions or other helpful items.
  • Thievery - The act of stealing. Loot stalls, pickpocket other enemies and much more.
  • Crafting - Creating rings, trinkets, tanning hides, all for valuable coinage.
  • Fletchery - Building ranged projectiles and bows out of natural equipment, as well as many things for ovation.
  • Enchantry - Build weapons, enchant tools, and open many paths and inscriptions.
  • First Aid - Learn the wise skill of healing yourself, as well as others.
  • Agilitance - Climb across obstacles, go through shortcuts, perform amazing free running and parkour feats.
  • Leatherworking - Making leather armor and mount boosts.
  • Runeforgery - Build runes used for many true attacks and magic.
  • Slayer - Learn how to slay to most powerful beasts.
  • Farming - Produce food naturally from crops and grow your own vast amount of plants and herbs.
  • Construction - A pure home skill, used to make many things of help such as a toy box and kitchen. Not to mention hiring your own guards... hmm...
  • Hunting - Hunt pure animals like a true poacher and gain valuable items from it.
  • Mining - Mine ores from vast deposits and make a wealthy amount.
  • Skinning - The harvest of hides from animals using a variety of equipment.
  • Smithing - Using your previously mined ore you can make vast amounts of armor and equipment, and smelt bars as well.
  • Tailoring - making cloth armor, tabards, and shirts
  • Excavation - Dig from sites, solve temple mysteries, and embark on long trails designed for the decryption of many codes and ruins.
  • Inscription - Inscribe books and make valuable use of the knowledge of reading. You never know what's in store...
  • Fishery - Fish the animals right out of water for a nice snack.
  • Cooking - Cook the raw meat from killed beasts and make a whole variety of edible tastes.
  • Engineering - Much like smithing, except you make fine ammunition and weaponry, from smelted bars!
  • Tindering - Setting your wood in flames, lighting torches, or even providing a source of light.
  • Woodcutting - Cut down trees for crafting or tindering purposes.
  • Breeding - Own a player run farm and get exclusive mounts and livestock.