Skull Star, as drawn of an impression.

Skull Star is an orbiting rocky satellite, or "moon" soaring around Outhria. It is classified as a moon, yet it is three times bigger than Outhria itself. It is a giant circular structure with the scar of a skull on it, giving a sense of fear to people who look at it during the hollow nights.

History[edit | edit source]

Outhria was once a bigger planet. All that is known is that the Creator and Destructor remade a fragment of it into something as a sign that maybe war on Outhria may be lessened with it's projected image. However this was not the case, it was merely a "blunder" of being made. Outhria was once three times it's size, but with the Primearch decreeing that it's mass was too big for a "first" planet, it was made smaller and as such Skull Star was made.

Future[edit | edit source]

Some forms of life are from Skull Star, and in the future, it may be possible to explore it.

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