Almighty Quests, the truly powerful and incredibly hard ones that require well over 90 to succeed. Below is the list of the 7.

They can be undertaken in the Maelstrom, Eye of the Storm, Outhrend, and the Pinnacle of the Almighty.

Quest Name: Quest Giver: Location:
[X] A Grim Destiny Skull Lord Xerxos Eye of the Storm
[X] Eyes of Kalgerith Kalgerith Outhrend
[X] The Dragon's Roar Dracolus Outhrend
[X] Thieves of the Crown Prince Des Outhrend
[X] Fate's Despair

Dragon Whisperer


[X] Deathic Theories

The Subjugator


Pinnacle of the Almighty
[X] The Godhand Xaaru Pinnacle of the Almighty