The Arena is a giant PVP ffa or team combatant battleground, designated to show who's the best in combat with magic, melee, range or any other part of the combat circle. It is designated for agile and deadly players, and the rewards can be extremely wealthy after each month.

How do I enter the Arena?Edit

To get in the area you must visit a Realm Portal located almost everywhere in the world. It will ask if you want to choose a map to play Arena or Staked FFA on.

  • Staked FFA is where you drop everything you carry, and you get shot into the arena. Also there are temporary safe spots.
  • The Arena is to fight to see who's the best. You don't drop anything.


There are currently three maps to play Arena on:

  • The Nether Realm
  • The Abyssal Plane
  • The Aura Strom

Game TypesEdit

You can choose game variants to play as well if you have a team or just by yourself.

Free For All

  • Battle (25 kills to win)
  • Stockpile (Put 10 flags in your zone)
  • Sacred (Pick up a tome and try to stay alive with it)
  • VIP (Kill the valuable player once)
  • Juggernaut (Someone is a lot stronger, kill him/her to become the next)

Team Games

  • Team Battle (50 kills to win)
  • Capture the Flag (Capture 5 flags)
  • Decimation (Plant 1 bomb)
  • Team Stockpile (Put 25 flags in your zone)
  • Team Sacred (Pick up a tome)
  • Team VIP (Defend your VIP)
  • Team Juggernaut (Defend the Juggernaut!)
  • Territorial (Capture waypoints!

The RatingsEdit

In the Arena, you get a daily and monthly rating display your skill.

The ranks are Normal, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

  • Normal - Starting rank
  • Bronze - Average of 100 rating.
  • Silver - Average of 250 rating.
  • Gold - Average of 500 rating.
  • Platinum - 750+


Commendations are medals awarded in the game, put into your Arena Book. Getting enough will get you higher ranks in that commendation, getting EXP.

  • Perfectionist - Get 25 kills, (15 in teams) without dying.
  • Exterminator - Kill an entire enemy team or everyone on the field.
  • Multi-Kill - Goes up to 10.
  • Opportunist - Kill someone while they are casting or reloading.
  • Spree - Up to 50.
  • Killjoy - End a spree.
  • Death from Grave - Kill someone shortly after your death.
  • Legend - Survive a fatal attack.


  • Normal rankees get nothing.
  • Bronze rankees get 500 Bronze.
  • Silver rankees get 100 Silver.
  • Gold rankees get 5 gold.
  • Platinum rankees get 1 platinum.


  • Into the Arena
  • First Strike!
  • Unkillable
  • Taking the Opportunity