This is about fighting the God of Outhria. For the biography, see The Creator.

The Creator, as named, is the most powerful deity and black skulled boss in the game, and the fourth and final boss of the Throne of Olympus. He deals, so far, the most damaging attacks in the game, one's that surpass even Oraclos and Grimbane. He can wipe raids instantly, as all (or most) of his attacks are Area of Effect damage. Defeating him can net you the incredibly, rare, "godly" and undoubtedly mystic [Majestics of the Creator].

The Creator




Astral/Void Elemental, Godless


??? Boss (X)


500,000,000 (Prodigy)

1,000,000,000 (Master)




Universarium, Throne of Olympus


Defeatable, Almost not on Master


No one can solo a god.

Many see him as so powerful they think that Nikk's boss fight pales slow, and he is also deemed "The Creator, Destroyer of Raids."


The Creator uses an extension of majestic aura on his arms, meleeing around 60k at most. He dual wields, so a max of 120k can be dealt in one strike.

  • Subjugation - Instant: Hits the area with imploding star explosions, causing 50-100k damage.
  • Meteor Finish - 2.5 Second Cast: Hits the area for 30-50k damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • Space Combustion - 5 Second Cast: Squeezes the space around the area, dealing 125,000-250,000 damage.
  • Time Combustion - 5 Second Cast: Stops time, hitting forward to deal 100,000-200,000 damage.
  • Continuum's End- Strikes a single target for 5,000,000 damage. Not blockable, parrable, or defendable. Uses once every 5 minutes.
  • Big Bang Theory- Instant: Disappears in the area and descends down, rupturing everyone in the area for 125,000-150,000 damage. Can be lessened by applying Defense buffs.
  • Apocalypse- 10 Second Cast: Hits the area for 10,000,000 damage. Uses at 0.5% health, before resurrecting everyone.

Special AbilitiesEdit

These abilities apply in the battle to disorientate or confuse the player(s). All are instant.

  • Active Invisibility: Remains invisible for 10 seconds and lessens damage.
  • God Lock: Strikes fist into the ground, dealing 25,000-50,000 damage to anyone in a 20 yard radius. After 5 seconds, a wave will hit all players for 85,000-100,000 in a 40 yard range.
  • Holograms: Makes 3 copies of himself, (7 on Master). Players must find the real one to make the holograms disappear.
  • Universal Shield: Blocks all attacks outside of 10 yards. Everyone inside 10 yards will be able to attack the Creator. Lasts 15 seconds.
  • Fear: Makes opponents wander uncontrollably for 5 seconds.
  • Lunacy: For 5 seconds, damage you deal to the creator will be dealt to the most aggrotic person.
  • Awe: Stops the opponents within 50 yards, not giving a Paralyze or Freeze condition. Lasts 5 seconds. All spell cooldowns will be reset.





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