The Crystal Sanctum is the biggest, and final dungeon of The World's Sword. It is full of crystalline entities, often with a dazing condition per attacking. Many debuff potions or abilities are needed. It is home to the strongest elite boss in the game, Shattrath, the Destroyer .

Many people come here for one of the most powerful non-uber weapons, [The Crown Jewel] .


  • Two floors (The 2nd is twice the size as the first)
  • 70 Agilitance to perform Leap of Faith to second floor (Shortcut)
  • Dazing Monsters
  • Almost a gem every drop



Related AchievementsEdit

  • (Destroyer of the Destroyer)
  • (Dazed and Confused)
  • (The Magic Mirror)
  • (Shatterer of the Crystalline)