The End is one of the many pinnacles of A Legend's Legacy, and is home to the almighty King Nikk Shadius.


The layout of the instance is rather intriguing, and contains the following:

  • 4 floors, 7 boss encounters
  • Teleporters will be available to use after each floor of enemies has been cleared. If the raid is defeated, all the teleporters must be unlocked over again for use.
  • The first three floors you fight two bosses.
  • The fourth and final floor is where you'll face off against King Nikk.

The BossesEdit

There are 7 bosses, all with challenging ways to fight and defeat them, as well as many strategies to be used.

Hall of the ChampionEdit

  • Divinus, Heroes' Champion
  • Val'Reign, Noble of One

Reins of the HydraEdit

  • Dracous, The Draco-Legend
  • Skull, King Nikk's Hydra

Rise of the FallenEdit

  • Slifer and Uria
  • Almighty Angel Xenon

Maelstrom of EndEdit

  • King Nikk Shadius

Related AchievementsEdit