The Greg is a Level 200 Elite Boss located at the end of the Hall of the Forgotten, with two of his guardians, and Achgon Trueblade. He is one of the toughest Level 200+ in the game, but is soloable. He is mostly sought out for his incredibly powerful axe, 16px-Inv_axe_107.png [Knowing] .

The Greg






200 Boss (Elite)


15.5 million




Greg's Hall, Hall of the Forgotten





Lore[edit | edit source]

The Greg was an incredibly powerful warrior as a defender of the Maelstrom Paradox. After he fell to his death, he rose as one in the Hall of Forgotten.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Greg has one phase, with a few attacks:

  • 32px-Inv_axe_107.png Rage of the Greg: Deals 65,700 to 78,300 damage. Can cause a daze or fear effect.
  • 32px-Inv_axe_108.png Multi-Axe: Attacks twice in succession. Deals 31,450 to 37,100 damage.
  • 32px-Inv_axe_116.png Rampant Storm: Runs through a straight line, shocking the ground for 110,000 - 123,785 damage.

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Loot[edit | edit source]

This is a list of all loot The Greg drops.

Item Quantity Drop Percentage Wealth
32px-Inv_axe_107.png [Knowing] 1 2.5%

61 Gold.png 66 Silver.png 28 Copper.png

32px-Inv_potion_04.png [Brewed Greg Strength] 1 50%

7 Gold.png 245 Silver.png 198 Copper.png

32px-Inv_misc_book_11.png [Tales of the Greg] 1 45%

13 Gold.png 24 Silver.png 89 Copper.png

Wealth[edit | edit source]

5 Gold.png 25 Silver.png 30 Copper.png

Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Killing him with Knowing will make him say: "WTH!"
  • His max hit is 125k.
  • It takes 45 kills to get the above wealth.
  • He drops one of the "Known Tools" weapons, the Swiftslash, a powerful dagger that is upgradeable.

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